House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 261: Arriving from the Military Region (2/4)



Wednesday finally arrived. After sending Murphy to work and Xixi to school, Yang Yi started to get busy.


He first went to Xiao Ai, took the birthday gifts that Mo Xiaojuan had secretly hidden and sent to Murphy in the traffic jam, then pulled out the flowers, ribbons, small buntings and other materials he had bought before, and began to arrange them living room at home.


This is not easy. Although the venue is a little smaller than Xixi’s birthday, Yang Yi still tossed it all morning to complete 60% of the layout in his plan, and the remaining 40% will be done at night, because Balloons that are deployed too early will leak.


The ribbons hanging from the sky in a twisting manner attracted the attention of the little guys, and these little guys ran to make trouble when Yang Yi started to arrange them.


Although the five-month-old boys are still a little childish and cute, their limbs and muscles have developed very well. Even the smallest boys can jump up high with a sudden jump. sofa.


So they messed up the streamer Yang Yi put aside with great interest, and when Yang Yi pulled out a streamer and was about to hang it, they swooped up, slapped the end of the streamer, and were so excited that they were going to play in the playground with Xixi Same…


Fortunately, Yang Yi is not the chick he was when he first raised cats. He took out a few catnip dolls with ease, and successfully distracted the three little guys.


However, in the afternoon, Yang Yi went to pick up the cake and was not at home, so they jumped on the sofa, stepped on the armrest, stood up, and slapped the hanging ribbon.


They couldn’t catch them either, but they swung the ribbon with one paw, and then all three squatted there, looking up, their heads swayed, and they had a lot of fun.


Recently, it is normal for Murphy to work overtime at night. Mo Xiaojuan shoulders the responsibility of sending her home, and Yang Yi picks up Xixi and goes home directly.


“Today is mom’s birthday! Dad bought mom a big cake.” When Yang Yi went upstairs, he said to the little girl, “What gift do you want for mom?”


After being surprised for a while, the little girl began to worry. She didn’t know what gifts to prepare.


“Baba, can I give my little red riding hood to Mama?” After struggling for a while, the little girl ran over, tugged at the hem of her father who was playing balloons, pouted, Yiyi said: Shedi said.


Xixi can treasure her doll. Every night she goes to bed, she has the baby bear by her side, and then she can sleep with Little Red Riding Hood in her arms.


“Why are you giving that gift? Mom won’t ask for your favorite thing.” Yang Yi put down the balloon and rubbed the little girl’s head dotingly.


“What should I do then?” Xixi looked at her father for help, her eyes were pitiful, “I don’t even know what birthday present to give!”


“You can draw a picture for your mother, she will definitely like it.” Yang Yi said with a smile.


Xixi pouted her mouth, still not satisfied: “Well, what am I going to draw?”


“Draw whatever you want, and use your imagination to the fullest!” Yang Yi waved his hand and said boldly, “Don’t worry about what you’ve painted, when the time comes, Dad will help you polish it up. Beautiful!”


Yang Yi and Xixi played this game, and the little girl nodded happily, then ran to flip through her colored crayons and drawing paper, and began to prepare a birthday present for her mother on the small desk.



About the same time, a jeep drove into the Jiangnan Military Region Barracks on the outskirts of Jiangcheng City and stopped in front of the Military Region Guest House. Before the people in the car got off, several people were already waiting outside the guest house, and a large banner was hung at the entrance of the military area guest house.


“Welcome the champion of the special forces competition of the whole army to come and guide!”


However, because of the strict discipline in the military region, although this big banner is hung, no one is watching.


“This is where Yang Yi gave a speech?” Before Shen Xinyu came down, the lazy voice came out first.


“Shen Xinyu, pay attention to the occasion!” Luo Zongsheng’s stern voice also came over.


The door opened, and in addition to the driver, three figures with luggage walked down one after another. From the outside, they looked like ordinary soldiers, unremarkable, but they exuded a sturdy aura. , just like encountering a dormant wolf in the jungle


People from the special operations force of the Jiangnan Military Region, Vipers, came up to them, including the captain Lao Li, who I met last time, and Guo Dabao, who had a history with Shen Xinyu.


“Welcome, welcome, I’ve finally hoped for you! Although it is said to be in the light of Yang Yi.” Old Li smiled brightly and came over to shake hands with Luo Zongsheng.


“Where, we are honored to communicate with Viper. Brothers, let’s learn and progress together.”


The two of them chatted for a while, while Shen Xinyu and Guo Dabao didn’t have so many twists and turns. The two people who had a fight sympathized with each other, and then came up with a fierce bear hug.


“Shen Xinyu, I lost to you last time, and I practiced for another month when I came back. When will we fight again?” Guo Dabao was so excited that he could not wait to fight with Shen Xinyu in the martial arts field now.


“I’ll accompany you at any time, but no matter how much you practice, you’ll only be my defeated general.” Although Shen Xinyu had a good relationship with Guo Dabao, she was not forgiving.


“Hmph, okay, let’s talk after the fight.” Guo Dabao said reluctantly, “but not right now, the leaders are all waiting above, and they want to catch the wind and dust for you.”


“Isn’t it just drinking? I’m good at this!” Shen Xinyu patted her chest.


“Hey, you two came together, who is that? I don’t seem to have seen it last time?” Guo Dabao pushed Shen Xinyu and pointed to the little man standing behind them like an invisible man.


He’s not too small, he’s in his early seventies, but compared to Shen Xinyu and Guo Dabao, two big men of about one meter eighteen, his body is “petite”. Moreover, his character is also very restrained and quiet, unlike Shen Xinyu who likes to babble.


“He? I stayed behind and didn’t go to the competition last time, but you must know his name! Have you heard of the No. 1 God Spy in the Southwest?” Shen Xinyu gave a thumbs up and said proudly for her brother.


“Yu Xiaotian, the No. 1 sniper in the Southwest? Yu Xiaotian who won the International Sniper Competition?” Guo Dabao, of course, had heard of it.


Of course, winning the championship is nothing. Yu Xiaotian’s most powerful thing is to provide cover to his teammates on the battlefield. His elusive and extremely accurate bullets will pop up at any time to harvest the opponent’s The opponent caused the suppression of firepower, and greatly protected the safety of teammates during the exchange of fire.


But these wolves are rarely given to Yu Xiaotian to publicize. Everyone knows that he is the number one sniper in the southwest, just because he has won awards.


Feeling Guo Dabao’s gaze, Yu Xiaotian turned his head and smiled at Guo Dabao, but those eagle-like eyes still made Guo Dabao shudder.


The leader took the wind to wash away the dust, and there were people from Viper to accompany them. The three people of Zhanlang were given a lot of water, and they were helped back to the house of the guest house drunk. After taking a bath and lying on the bed, Shen Xinyu woke up a little.


“Master Luo, when are we going to see Yang Yi?” Shen Xinyu asked Luo Zongsheng, who was on the next bed.


Yu Xiaotian also turned around and looked at them intently.


“See Yang Yi… don’t worry.” Luo Zongsheng drank more than the two of them, and now he still has a big tongue, but his consciousness is clear, “Since we are here to communicate, we must do a good job, and then there will be a day off. “




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