House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1211: Xixi found a way in the sound of raising the bar (two/…



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The next day, also Tuesday morning’s big break, Xixi gathered up her courage and ran to the podium. ┏Ⅹ④③⑨⑨┛ However, when she wanted to learn from the teacher, she had a little lack of confidence, and she cried softly and weakly: “Everyone, everyone, please be quiet for a while, okay?”


Obviously, the little girl’s voice was a little too low. When she called out, the students in the first few rows raised their heads curiously, while the students in the back almost didn’t respond at all. , still loudly clamoring!


Seeing this, Xixi was a little anxious and a little helpless standing on the podium.


Fortunately, at this time, the squad leader Cao Ruolin stepped forward. Even though she was wearing glasses and was as thin as a bean sprout, she stood up and shouted: “Don’t talk! Yang Xiyou I have to discuss things with you!”


Cao Ruolin’s voice and prestige still had an effect. The classroom of the second grade and third class suddenly became quiet, and everyone looked at the podium in unison.


“Well, that’s right!” Xixi gestured to the monitor gratefully, and then quickly talked about the “big things” to be discussed, “That is, won’t we have an open day next month? Mama will come here, and then yesterday the teacher also said, we will strive to perform for Baba Mama…”


Because of nervousness, Xixi’s voice was a little weak at first, and the students at the back were a little disturbed because they couldn’t hear clearly. Chen Yuxuan even ran to the front, huddled with his friends and sat together, looking at Xixi, They laughed softly, you poked me, I pushed you, and they kept making noise.


But after talking, Xixi entered the state, and her confidence began to rise, and the students behind her also heard clearly what she said.


“I want to discuss with you now what program we are going to perform.” Xixi still lacks in language organization, but fortunately, she has a good memory, and immediately corrected herself, “It is Let’s see what talents everyone has, and then what show do you want to play!”


“What is a specialty?” Liao Qianqian, Lan Xin’s roommate, asked curiously.


Lan Xin immediately answered Xixi with her loud voice next to her: “What do you know! Like my specialty is swimming!”


Xixi stood on the podium. Although her lips were no longer nervous, her body was still a little nervous. The little girl’s two little hands were inadvertently intertwined in front of her, and she gently pinched the hem of her clothes to play with, However, her standing posture is very ladylike, standing there obediently, with a sense of quietness that I still feel pity for.


“Yeah! However, it’s not about swimming, because there is no swimming pool! Let’s see if you can do other things, such as dancing, singing, playing the piano, those specialties.” Xixi carried her father on her back. He taught her the words softly.


Lan Xin giggled below: “I know, you can know all these Xixi, but I can only sing!”


“I don’t sing well, but I can dance, just a little.” Liao Qianqian scratched her head and said a little embarrassedly.


“I can’t dance, I can sing…” Xiaopingtou Wang Leilei was very positive, he raised his hand and said, after a while, he added, “Forgot to say, I can’t play the piano Eh…”


Maybe it’s because Xixi’s popularity in the class is usually very good, and everyone responds very positively. However, everyone has a different situation. Let Xixi listen to it all at once. Got a little dizzy.


The little girl stood on the podium stupidly, looking at this classmate for a while, and the classmate for a while, her two beautiful big eyes were very confused.


Dad didn’t tell me how to deal with such a situation!


At this time, the head teacher Li Ruolan just happened to walk over, wanting to see if these little guys were playing crazy during the big class, but what surprised her was that in the corridor outside the classroom, other classes were crowded by a group of children The only noise outside was that the corridors of their second grade and third class were empty.


Where have everyone gone?


Li Ruolan curiously walked past the back door and looked into the classroom from the window.


“Huh?” Li Ruolan stood outside the classroom with interest, wanting to see how Xixi organized this small class meeting.


When everyone was talking about the same, Cao Ruolin raised her hand and asked, “Yang Xi, what show are we performing? If it’s dancing, I also learned a little bit, if it’s singing, then Yes!”


Xixi’s delicate eyebrows wrinkled slightly, and she also said very distressed: “Oh, I don’t know! Everyone is different…”


In order to show his presence, Chen Yuxuan jumped up from his chair, stretched his waist, and smiled hehely: “What else do you need to think about? Yang Xi, just go and tell the story! You tell the story! What a great story!”


I can’t tell if this sentence is a compliment or a joke, but these naughty boys rarely pull down their faces to compliment a girl, so when Xixi heard it, she felt that Chen Yuxuan was talking bad about herself, and she couldn’t help but feel wronged The shriveled small mouth.


However, Xixi was not so angry or sad that she shed tears. She is full of responsibility now and she is thinking about getting ready for this show!


“It’s not like this, it’s everyone’s show, I want everyone to perform together, how can I do it myself?” Xixi resisted the grievance in her heart and defended in a low voice, “I want to perform for Baba Mama, Everyone’s Baba and Mama are coming to see, they will be happy for us!”


Xi Xi’s remarks had a bit of a motivating effect. The students who were laughing and joking at first were calmed down this time.


“I want to perform because I want my dad to praise me!” Wang Leilei stood up and said.


“I want too!” Cao Ruolin raised her hand high.


Lu Xiaoyu in the back is sure to cheer for Xixi. She also raised her hand excitedly and said, “Xixi, I’ll accompany you to perform!”


Everyone agreed, and Xixi suddenly felt that she was not alone, and her mood suddenly improved. She nodded happily, and then asked crisply: “But, what show should we perform? Do you have any? No show?”


I asked everyone to make suggestions, and the classroom suddenly became quiet again. Classmates, you looked at me, I looked at you, and looked at each other. After all, they are at an age when they have no ideas of their own!


Xixi also thought anxiously, and suddenly, the little girl’s mind flashed: “We, we can sing and dance together! The students who can sing sing, and then the students who can dance dance!”


Yes! Why not just sing or dance? In fact, Xixi’s thinking was a bit rigid just now, but now there is a string on it, and all of a sudden, the little girl has an idea.


But at this time, there were always a few troublemakers who wanted to do something, so Jiang Chen deliberately shouted, “But what if I can’t sing or dance?”


Xixi was stunned for a moment. She didn’t think that Jiang Chen was deliberately raising a bar with her. The little girl was very active in trying to help Jiang Chen. She hoped that everyone could perform the show, so that all the classmates could Happily on the stage, just like in kindergarten!


So, Xixi asked in a soft voice: “Then, what are your specialties?”


Before Jiang Chen could speak, Chen Yuxuan, who was a little uncomfortable with Jiang Chen, shouted, “ I can’t sing or dance, so let him tell the story!”


The two little boys stared at each other with their heads held high like an anxious rooster.


Li Ruolan, who was standing outside the window, felt that something was wrong, and she was going to go in to mediate.


But I didn’t expect that at this moment, Xixi burst into inspiration. She clapped her hands together gently and said happily: “Hey, this is very good! We, we can use a story, Then everyone sings, some classmates dance, and some classmates can stand on the side and read the story! That is, in the middle of singing, read the story when not singing!”


“Is there such a program?” The Buddhist girl Lan Xin couldn’t help but asked curiously.


“Yes! Baba and Mama, I have seen it when we were in the United States!” Xixi nodded solemnly, and responded crisply, “It seems, what is the name of opera!”


Isn’t it an opera…


Of course, the children certainly can’t perform such a large-scale show as an opera. What tricks will they play?


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