House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1210: Xixi’s small task (1/3)



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In mid-October, Huijia Primary School will hold a one-day open day for parents. At that time, parents will be invited to the school. On the one hand, they will visit the campus to gain a deeper understanding of the environment in which children study and live. On the one hand, it is to accompany the children in class, experience the teaching situation at close range, and understand the children’s learning situation. ┏Ⅹ④③⑨⑨┛


In addition to one or two normal classes, the school will also arrange physical education classes, music classes, etc., so that parents can see the lively figures of their children outside the classroom.


However, the most anticipated finale is the theatrical performance held in the school gymnasium in the afternoon. The children will bring their parents a wonderful show!



Of course, this is a month later, and the children don’t have to worry about whether the arrival of their parents will lead to the discovery of some of their little secrets. But the cultural performance of the Parents’ Open Day is about to start preparations now!


Going home from school that day, Xixi was in the car and started talking to her father.


“The teacher said, we have to prepare a show, a good-looking show!” Xixi said to her father excitedly, “In this way, we can perform for Baba next month!”


But the little girl scratched her head again and said with a bit of distress: “But the teacher said that we have to be selected. If our program is not good, we can’t be selected, and we can’t perform for Baba!”


Yang Yi smiled and asked, “Then what program are you planning to prepare?”


Lan Xin laughed beside her, and said, “Hey, Dad Yang, you know that too! Yes, the teacher also said that Xixi wants to prepare the show because she is a literary and art committee member!”


“I’m not the only one performing the show, the teacher said, the teacher said that everyone should actively participate, Xiner, you should also participate!” Xixi said quickly.


“I can’t dance, it’s too difficult!” Lan Xin shouted.


“But you are the person in charge, right? Because this matter falls within the responsibilities of the art committee. You have to help the teacher and organize students to participate in various cultural and recreational activities.” Yang Yi said with a smile.


Xixi nodded and said with a small mouth: “But, Baba, what should I do with this show? It’s so difficult… Can you think of one for me?”


When encountering difficulties, Xixi is the first to think of her father. The little girl knows that her father is almost omnipotent, and she will definitely be able to help herself and everyone to come up with a great show!


However, Xixi is expected to be disappointed today. Dad didn’t plan to help her, or in other words, didn’t plan to directly help Xixi find a way.


Because Yang Yi feels that this is a good exercise opportunity for Xixi! Although Yang Yi does have countless novel ideas that can help Xixi directly think of a good program that can pass the selection, Xixi will not grow in any way.


So, Yang Yi thought about it, and when he got home, he brought Xixi to the side hall.


In addition to the piano in the side hall, the small table used by Xixi to do her homework is still preserved, and the original large whiteboard is still hanging on the wall, which can be scribbled at will.


Xixi sat on her little chair under her father’s arrangement, looking at her father with big eyes.


“Now, as a literary committee member, you have to organize the classmates in the class to prepare a show together for your parents to watch, right?” Yang Yi said with a smile, “Dad will teach you now how to do a show. Qualified organizer, okay?”


Xixi still looked at her father in a daze, a little bit puzzled why her father didn’t tell her about the show directly. However, Xixi is still very well-behaved. She put her hands on the table obediently, sat up straight, and listened carefully to her father’s speech, just like in class.


“When we think about what kind of program we want to prepare, we must first understand what kind of resources we have, for example, what kind of specialties the classmates have.” Yang Yi wrote on the blackboard He said with a smile, “Because this is a key factor in determining what kind of show we can perform, you think, if the classmates in the class can’t dance, we will prepare a dance show, and everyone can participate in it. ?”


Xixi scratched her head in confusion, and said with a small mouth pouting: “But I can dance, and then the monitor can dance too! She is also taking dance classes this semester!”


Yang Yi said with a bit of tears and laughter: “Dad just gave an example, let’s change it, let’s talk about the instrument, Xixi, you don’t know how to play the piano yet, and the other classmates probably won’t, so let’s prepare Is it impossible to perform a piano-playing program?”


Xixi suddenly realized “Oh”, the little girl bent her eyes a little embarrassedly, pursed her small mouth and smiled softly.


“You have to understand clearly what programs your classmates will have, and then you have to start thinking about what type of program you are going to prepare!” Yang Yi wrote on the blackboard with a smile, “The program that will be performed on stage, You can sing, several people can take turns singing, or everyone can sing together; if everyone can dance, of course it would be good to organize a dance program, right? Besides these, you can also perform drama, remember when you were in kindergarten Do you want to perform a fairy tale with everyone?”


Xixi’s eyes lit up, she laughed gigglingly, and said to her father, “Remember, I’ve even played the ugly duckling…”


Look at her delighted look, obviously, those successful performances are indeed a very good memory for Xixi.


“That’s right! After you have discussed all of the above with your classmates, you can discuss with everyone. What is the content of your program?” Yang Yi smiled, “For example, if you want to sing. , what song is good to sing? The selection of content is also a matter of knowledge, a song like “Where Is Spring” is not suitable, Xixi, do you know why?”


Xixi’s interest was completely lifted. She tilted her head and thought actively. Unfortunately, she still couldn’t understand. The little girl asked in confusion: “Why? Baba, I like this. It’s a song!”


“What season is October?” Yang Yi asked with a I know, it’s autumn! Xixi answered loudly at first, then she suddenly realized, giggled, and said, “Oh, I also know, because autumn can’t sing the song of spring!” “


“That’s right! It’s the third step to figure out what song you want to sing, and the fourth step is to determine the candidates for the performance, and then start practicing hard!” Yang Yi said softly, “After Dad So, do you understand how to organize this show?”


“Got it!” Xixi responded crisply. She held her small chest and raised her head to look at her father. She was in high spirits. She didn’t feel depressed at all because her father didn’t tell her the answer directly. After my thoughts are clear, I feel a little eager to start preparing right away!


“Then this program will be handed over to you, go and discuss the preparations with the classmates!” Yang Yi smiled gently and said, “If you have any other needs while preparing, you can ask the music teacher. Or ask Mom and Dad for help, Dad is looking forward to seeing your show on stage next month!”


Xixi smiled sweetly with her father. She opened her small arms and said expectantly, “I must show you a good show for Baba and Mama!”


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