House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1165: Smelly little girl (1/3)



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When Murphy and Yang Yi sang, Yang Luoqi, Lu Xiaoyu and other children looked at Xixi with envy, and even Lu Weisha, who could not understand, thought the melody was good, and happily clapped her hands with her friends , the body follows the rhythm, twisting and twisting. ┏Ⅹ④③⑨⑨┛


But don’t think Xixi is the bright moon, surrounded by stars! The two little guys were indifferent to this.


One of them is, needless to say, Lan Xin!


Lan Xin can’t take care of watching the show, because she has already eaten a piece of cake, yes, she still has a little bit of something to eat, and she doesn’t think about whether there will be more delicious things in the future!


Based on the principle of being drunk at the moment, the little girl went around behind the table, avoiding the sight of the crowd, and cut a big cake for herself with the plastic knife that Xixi put on the table!


Lan Xin is not as particular as Xixi. The cake tumbled into her plate. The cake was lying on the plate, and her fingers were also stained with cream – what does it matter? Just lick it off later!


Seeing such a large piece of cake on her plate, Lan Xin hiccupped with satisfaction and smiled as she looked at Xiao Jiao, who was sitting in a chair beside her, eating the cake with a small spoon.


Xiao Jiao is another indifferent. He has listened to his mother sing this song, and he doesn’t think there is anything new about this song – this song has been sung for Jiao alone before, sister? Humph, it’s just second-hand!


Therefore, Murphy arranged for Xiaojiao to eat cake here by himself. Although Wu Jingjing took care of him, the little guy was also addicted to delicious cakes, and his nose, chin, and clothes were stained with cream. Where can I watch my parents’ performances?


Don’t talk about Mom and Dad, Sister Lan Xin looked at him and smiled, but Xiao Jiao ignored him.


This birthday party, there are not many programs, unlike before, everyone performed a program for Xixi, but Yang Yi and Murphy sang a song to Xixi, in addition, Only when everyone sang the birthday song, they gave Xixi birthday wishes.


But Xixi still had a good time. After all, all the friends she used to play with came, and they didn’t pursue any programs. From the morning to the afternoon, the whole villa was run away by them. Over and over, laughter fills every corner, such pure happiness is enough to make Xixi feel satisfied!


Around 4:30 in the afternoon, the little friends and their parents left one after another, and the villa gradually became quiet.


Xixi was very reluctant, even a little sad, but fortunately, her father coaxed her with this big “gimmick” of opening gifts.


There are quite a lot of gifts for Xixi this year (which can be opened for her), and almost every child and their parents brought Xixi a birthday present when they came.


Yang Yi did not put the unpacking of gifts at noon, but waited for all the children to go home and the villa was quiet before Yang Yi pulled out the big basket with the gifts to Xixi.


After all, everyone’s situation is different, and the gifts they give are different. Yang Yi doesn’t want Xixi to open the gifts in front of them. If there is a comparison, there will be harm. What is there to compare with? (Of course, this will be slapped again soon!)


The ceremony is light and affectionate, like the birthday gift that Lu Xiaoyu gave her that Xixi opened now. It is not expensive at all. It is a picture drawn by Lu Xiaoyu herself. It describes the scene of them playing table tennis. Abstract, but Xixi also likes it!


But if Lu Xiaoyu opened it up in front of her and saw that other children gave Xixi better gifts, she might feel inferior, and naturally she would not feel good!


“Xixi, you asked Xiaojiao to help you too. Look at him, he really wants to learn how to unpack gifts with my sister!” Murphy watched Xixi unpacking gifts from the side, her ears were full of little girls The cheers that sounded from time to time made her hands itchy, but she was too embarrassed to rush to open gifts with her daughter, so she smiled and pushed Xiao Jiao who looked at her sister enviously.


Xiao Jiao was a little stunned, turned his head around and looked at his mother in confusion.


No, I’m just envious of my sister being able to pull out so many amazing gadgets out of those big boxes and small boxes.


“Okay! My brother is here to help me unpack the present!” Xixi didn’t know how good she was when she opened the gift, her eyes narrowed with laughter, her slender and delicate eyelashes were covered like air bangs On the eyes, flickering flickering, as beautiful as the stars in the sky.


There is no other way, Xiaojiao was driven by her mother to put the ducks on the shelves, so she had to sit beside her sister and help her to tear the wrapping paper of the gift box in a similar way.


“This way, you can tear along this line, and Mama will teach you!” Murphy said enthusiastically, and simply sat beside Jiaojiao, bent over with a smile, and took Xiaojiao’s hand. , taught it hand in hand.


The basket of gifts was quickly dismantled, and finally the Lanzhou Kai family gave Xixi a birthday present!


After Yang Yi’s reminder, Murphy gently opened the box and took out the diamond necklace inside to Xixi.


“Wow! It’s a necklace!” Xixi’s eyes lit up and she cried out happily.


A really beautiful diamond necklace. The necklace is snowflake-shaped and inlaid with many small crystal clear diamonds. It is very valuable at first sight!


Of course, this is not worth mentioning for Lanzhou Kai’s net worth or Yang Yi’s net worth. Usually, when Yang Yi and Murphy celebrate this or that anniversary, Yang Yi asks for help to take it back from overseas auctions. The jewelry given to Murphy is still much more expensive than this.


Not to mention Wu Jingjing’s, she often goes to and from auctions to buy some of her favorite artworks and jewelry, and the collections in her home are even more exaggerated. Perhaps this necklace is what Wu Jingjing said when he explained to Lanzhou Kai, “It’s not too expensive”, it’s a collection for Xixi, and it won’t be too ostentatious to wear it when you grow up


Xixi hurriedly got up from the ground and ran to her mother’s side excitedly, leaning on her mother’s arm, curious and nervously hugging her mother’s neck, giggling and looking This necklace.


“Does it look good?” Murphy asked Xixi with a smile, holding up the necklace with both hands, and gently hanging the snowflake diamond, which was refracted by the light.


“Nice!” Xixi nodded quickly, and she said happily, “Mama, I don’t even have a necklace! You have so many, I finally have one!”


Murphy said with a smile: “Then you ask you to buy it for He will definitely not be reluctant to buy it for you!”


After Murphy teased Yang Yi next to her, she asked Xixi to bend her head. She undid the necklace and put it on for Xixi. After wearing it, the stinky little girl happily ran to the mirror. Although she was not wearing a skirt, she still turned around happily.


Wow! The little girl in the mirror is so pretty! The beautiful necklace can set off her pretty little face even more. Oh, this inner monologue, Xixi felt a little embarrassed. face.


“Cough cough!” Yang Yi looked at Xixi’s liking for the birthday present given by others, and decided not to be happy. He coughed and coughed twice and said, “Xixi, let mother put the necklace for you, You haven’t opened the gift that my mother and I gave you!”


“And gifts? Baba and Mama’s gifts! I want, I want!” Xixi shouted in surprise, like a crab, leaning on her side, using her long legs, jumping up and down came back.


In the heart of the little girl, mom and dad’s gifts are always the best, so Xixi was even happier than seeing the diamond necklace.


How could Yang Yi let her down!


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