House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1164: Dad who disappeared while cutting the cake (3/3)



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No matter how delicate and beautiful the cake is, it cannot escape the fate of being destroyed in the end!


After Xixi prayed and blew out the candles, this custom pink cake still had to be cut up and shared with everyone! (Didn’t you see that Lan Xin was already “waiting to be fed”?)


“Xixi, come and cut!” Yang Yi smiled and handed over the long plastic knife. Favorite this site┏Ⅹ④③⑨⑨┛


Xixi opened her small mouth in surprise, but did not take it, but her little hand stretched and retracted a little uneasy, and asked nervously, “Can I cut it? Baba, is it really okay?”


Not only did the little girl not have a reluctant expression, she was also eager to try, looking at her father with small eyes, just worried that she would not cut well.


“Of course you can, you can cut it from the top, you can cut it however you want, anyway, there is enough to eat for such a big cake!” Yang Yi encouraged with a smile.


Xixi took the plastic knife hesitantly, but standing in front of the cake, the little girl seemed to be stunned again, standing there dumbfounded. However, Xixi was not stage fright, she turned her big eyes dexterously, and carefully looked at the cake.


How to cut it?


Lu Kang laughed, and waved his hand heroically like chopping melons and vegetables, gesturing: “Xixi, be brave and cut it straight down.”


Other mother groups are also encouraging Xixi.


But Xixi had her own thoughts, the little girl moved to the side hesitantly, and confirmed it again for a while, and finally, she mustered up the courage and raised the plastic knife in her two small hands.


Don’t look at Xixi’s nervous expression, but she is very focused, holding the plastic knife firmly in her two small hands, carefully cutting it at the position she found!


Xi Xi cutting the cake feels like the blade has cut into sticky fudge. Although it can be cut, it is “very hard”!


Other parents thought that Xixi had overcome psychological obstacles and cut the cake, and they all smiled and applauded and cheered for Xixi, but Yang Yi was watching, indifferent, but there was a smile in his eyes .


This girl!


She cuts carefully enough! The position of this knife just avoided all the images of small animals!


Next, Xixi learned how her parents cut cakes before, and tried to cut the cake into pieces. Yang Yi helped hold the small plate and let Xixi put it on it.


“This is for Lu Weisha!” Xixi was very busy, and carefully placed a piece of cake, together with the image of a small animal cream on it, on the plate, and said without raising her head, after speaking, She is busy cutting other cakes again, but it takes a lot of energy to barely destroy the original appearance of other people’s cakes!


Lan Xin has her own ideas. She eagerly moved to Xixi’s side, holding a small plate in her hand at some point, and said expectantly, “Xixi, I want this small dish. Bird’s, and, and, I want a piece of Trojan candy!”


The wooden horses hanging from the merry-go-round are made of sugar-pulling craftsmanship. Lan Xin thinks it should be very sweet and delicious!


“Okay! You have to wait a moment!” Xixi’s voice was soft and responsive.


Xixi didn’t know that when she was very focused on cutting the cake, her father, who was helping before, slipped out of the crowd quietly, and Lanzhou Kai came on the bench with a smile, and silently replaced Yang Yi to help Xixi Take the plate and send out the cake.


The other parents who had already negotiated with each other smiled and watched Yang Yi get into the house and watch him come out with a guitar.


Chen Shiyun also got the cake, but before she could eat it, she saw Yang Yi appear with a guitar. The little girl opened her eyes wide in surprise, ready to ask, “Huh? Yang”


Her mother hurriedly covered Chen Shiyun’s mouth, crying and coaxing: “Eat the cake, don’t talk nonsense.”


What nonsense?


Chen Shiyun was puzzled.


Ten minutes later, the little friends have already eaten the cake, and even Lan Xin is eating and eating, swaying around Xixi a few times, but Xixi is still delivering cakes!


The little girl doesn’t feel greedy, she treats her work very carefully, and she cuts every piece of cake carefully.


“This is Baba’s” Xixi was about to finish posting, she sent a piece of cake to the plate next to her, and now she raised her head and said, but before she finished speaking, she was surprised to see that she was holding the plate Yes, how is it Papa Lan?


“Hey, where’s my Baba?” Xixi asked blankly.


“Here it is!” At this time, Yang Yi had already found a chair and sat down, and when he made a sound, the parents who had helped to cover up just now stood up with a smile.


“Xixi, today is your birthday. Mama and Baba have prepared a show for you, and I want to sing you a song!” At this time, Murphy also put the cake that Xixi gave him just now. On the table next to him, he walked out of the crowd with a smile and said softly.


At this moment, Xixi has also recovered from the focused state of trying to divide the cake just now. Against the background of the sun, her beautiful eyes like black crystals can’t help but sparkle, and she said in surprise: ” Really?”


Where can I cook it? of course it’s true!


Yang Yi smiled, sat on the chair, held the guitar, and played softly.


The light, soft, and inexplicably pleasant guitar intro was played by Yang Yi, and Murphy hummed along with it naturally: “Yeah, da, da”


Murphy’s voice can be lowered slightly to sing a slightly vicissitudes of life, and she can also sing Teng’s soft and sweet voice, but for this song, she chose a slightly rough voice , but without losing a soft, sweet voice.


In the accompaniment of Yang Yi’s guitar, Murphy smiled and held Xixi’s free hand, and watched her gently sing: “My baby, baby, give you a little sweetness, let you be happy tonight Good sleep.”


As the lyrics changed, Murphy also changed her actions. For example, she gently stroked the corners of Xixi’s slightly long and charming eyes with her fingers, and outlined the little girl’s baby-fat cheeks. , smiled and sang: “My little devil, little devil, tease your eyebrows and make you like this world”


The lyrics of this baby song selected by Yang Yi were originally very sweet, and Murphy sang it very deeply. The deep love and affection flowed from her soft voice to Xixi and the hearts of every listener. Not only did Xixi smile happily and her heart was sweet, other mothers also looked at Yang Yi and Murphy who played and sang with envy and admiration.


That’s great! To be able to sing such a sweet song to her on her birthday, give her the most wonderful surprise!


How happy is Xixi?


“Wow, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, my baby, I want you to know that you are the most beautiful”


When Murphy sang here, she just shook her body like a dance, then stretched out her finger again and nodded Xixi with a smile.


Xi Xi heard her mother say she is the most beautiful!


The little girl suddenly burst into ecstasy, her two big eyes curved with laughter, and the crescent moon seemed to be full of smiles.


Yes! In the eyes of mom and dad, you are the most beautiful!


My baby!


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