House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1160: Eating melon with sister Xiner (2/3)



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In the yard, the birthday party has been set up, but it will not start until noon. By the way, the lunch will be replaced by cakes and barbecue delicacies! Therefore, Yang Yi accompanied Lanzhou Kai, Nan Yiyun and other parents to sit under the temporary pergola just built, enjoying the shade while drinking tea and chatting. Favorite this site┏Ⅹ④③⑨⑨┛


Originally, Yang Yi had to prepare snacks, fruits, and barbecue ingredients for everyone to eat at noon, but Wu Yue, Yu Ying and other mother groups were very enthusiastic, and they wanted to do all the kitchen work, including Mo Fei also went to the kitchen to fight, and these “big men” were “driven” out and stayed in the yard to chat.


With Lanzhou Kai and Yang Yi, the two gods of wealth, the content of the men’s chat is naturally to rely on the direction of financial management.


It is worth mentioning that last year, Chen Guoqiang, Nan Yiyun and others also consulted Lanzhou Kai’s opinions and boldly bought real estate in Wuhu District. Since the beginning of this year, Wuhu District has begun to renovate old houses. It was not their turn, but the housing prices in Wuhu District began to rise. Those who had already bought a house, such as Chen Guoqiang and Nan Yiyun, were overjoyed to see that they had “earned” a fortune.


Like Yu Ying, after earning royalties last year, under the prompting of everyone’s chat, she also began to invest in real estate, and her assets have also been improved. Of course, for Yu Ying, the story of Little Bubba that she wrote has been arranged by Sahara Publishing House to be made into picture books, audiobooks, and even ready to be adapted for animation. Later income is pouring into her continuously. Yu Ying doesn’t need to care about the little appreciation gains brought by real estate.


But for ordinary families like Nan Yiyun, Chen Guoqiang, Yang Guo, etc., the gains from the appreciation of these real estate properties are real joy!


Now that they have the opportunity to chat with Lanzhou Kai again, they are naturally eagerly looking forward to getting some money-making news from Lanzhou Kai. Maybe the news that is not very conspicuous in the eyes of the rich, is a big deal to them. the benefits!


Lanzhou Kai naturally understands the thoughts of these parents, but he has a high emotional intelligence. He has always been smiling, and he plays Tai Chi with ease. They are not stingy, and they are very measured and reveal some information that can make money to them without leaving any traces.


In contrast, Yang Yi’s communication skills are somewhat weak. After all, this is an ability that can only be honed after years of accumulation, and has a lot to do with personal character. Therefore, even if he has worked hard in recent years Into this ordinary person’s world, Yang Yi still can’t play these scenes.


Fortunately, he is smarter, and he talks and laughs, but most of them echo Lanzhou Kai, and he rarely gets involved in these topics.


The one who rescued Yang Yi was his favorite, innocent children!


I don’t know how Chen Shiyun and the others persuaded Xixi. Anyway, including Xixi, a large group of children swarmed out of the door again, noisily, and ran in front of Yang Yi.


Lan Xin did her due diligence. She took Xiao Hao’s hand and walked slowly behind.


Interestingly, although Lan Xin is behind because of Xiao Jiao, it is Xiao Jia who is anxious to keep up with her sisters, and Lan Xin is not willing to run too fast.


It’s so hot, what are you doing running so fast?


“Uncle Yang, Uncle Yang!” Chen Shiyun was the most active, she ran over, grabbed the armrest of the beach chair that Yang Yi was sitting on, and asked excitedly, “Can we, ie, swim in your swimming pool? “


Yang Yi asked in surprise: “Do you want to swim?”


“Hmmmm!” The little guys surrounding Yang Yi nodded excitedly.


Lu Weisha’s reaction was a little slower, because she had to wait for Xixi to translate for her. Lu Weisha, who finally understood the thoughts of her friends, also waved her arms happily and said in English: “Swimming, I like swimming. !”


“What, what?” At this time, Wu Yue, Murphy, Yu Ying and others from the mother group came over with their plates and asked curiously when they saw the liveliness of the place.


When they found out that the little guys wanted to swim, Wu Yue and Yu Ying quickly waved their hands to reject it: “No, no! I didn’t bring a change of clothes, and I didn’t bring a swimsuit. How can I play in the water?”


They’re right, the little ones are a little out of their minds.


But this kind of rejection is still a bit difficult for the children to accept. Both Chen Shiyun and Yang Luoqi pouted and said unhappily, “We want to swim!”


Seeing this, Yang Yi quickly got up from the beach chair, pressed it on their shoulders, and smiled to reassure: “It’s okay, it’s a bit sudden today, otherwise, next time you come to play, bring your swimsuits, uncle Let’s open the swimming pool for you to play, okay?”


Yang Yi’s words are obviously more convincing than their parents’ reprimands. Although they still look reluctant, at least they just pouted their mouths glumly and twisted their butts reluctantly. I did not continue to be stubborn with my mother.


“Come and eat cantaloupe, as well as watermelon, mango, and cherries, all cut and washed.” Murphy also smiled and greeted the little guys.


At this moment, Lan Xin, who was standing at the back, didn’t know when she took Xiao Jiao’s hand and came to the front. She was about to “hand over” Xiao Jiao to Dad Yang when she heard the words, she immediately looked at the words. A bright.


Lan Xin didn’t care about Xiaojiao’s “little burden” anymore, so she took Xiaojiao’s hand. No matter the other friends were still sulking, she and Xiaojiao silently got together go up.


You can’t make a big splash. With so many people, you have to **** it if you want to eat delicious food!


Then, she let go of Xiaojiao’s hand and picked up a piece of cantaloupe on the table.


Lan Xin took a bite first, but when she bowed her head, she saw the small eyes of Xiao Jiajia again.


Yes! There is also a brother-in-law!


Lan Xin freed up one hand and picked up another piece of cantaloupe on the plate. However, on the new cantaloupe, the seeds of the melon were not removed, and Lan Xin carefully discovered this.


But there are no free hands, what should I do?


It doesn’t matter, Lan Xin has a solution. She took the cantaloupe that she ate and scratched on the new piece, and the kernels were removed.


“Come on, this is for you!” Lan Xin handed the finished cantaloupe to Xiao Jiao, while talking, she couldn’t wait to take another bite on her cantaloupe, “Well, it’s so sweet, and it’s also delicious. Cool and delicious!”


Lan Xin’s intoxicated appearance made Xiao Jiajia salivate. He awkwardly held the cantaloupe and took a small bite on the side of the cantaloupe.


“Sweet, right?” Lan Xin was satisfied with her meal, and did not forget to look at Xiao Jiao.


Where can Xiao Jiajia talk, he can only hold his head up, his mouth is moving, his eyes are so sweet that he narrows his eyes, hee hee laughing.


Still follow Xiner sister to have delicious food!


But at this time, Murphy saw it too, and smiled angrily: “Xin Er! 囈 囈! You all ate without washing your hands!”


“I brought a wet tissue, just wipe it off.” Yu Ying said quickly.


Although Xixi and her friends were a little depressed because they couldn’t swim, they may have been influenced by Lan Xin. With the help of their mothers, they wiped their hands, put down their depressed mood, and came to eat fruit.


Lanzhou Kai was sitting on the side, also eating watermelon with a smile. Suddenly, he remembered something and said with a smile: “By the way, didn’t you say you like swimming? The swimming competition for children over six years old and under twelve years old is divided into different age groups, divided into boys and girls groups. It is quite a big competition, and there are many people who sign up. Registration is closed on the 20th or 25th of this month. , you can participate if you are interested.”


“Swimming competition? Held in the city? Will there be many children who specialize in swimming?” Wu Yue was interested and asked curiously.


Lanzhou Kai said cheerfully: “Well, it’s held in the city. I don’t know the specific registration requirements. I’ll ask someone and send it to you. But recently, isn’t the country promoting national fitness and daily exercise? There are also some sports with full names. It happens to be summer. There are football games, basketball games, etc. There are all kinds of games, but I think swimming is a good game, at least it is not easy to get injured. Moreover, the Municipal Sports Commission The games, venues, referees, etc. are on the right track, and safety is guaranteed.”


Lanzhou Kai actually didn’t register Lan Xin’s He even forgot about it before, and only remembered it temporarily. After all, Boss Lan had a lot of things to do, and his subordinates reported it to him, signed a name and approved the sponsorship fee, and left it behind.


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