House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1161: Xixi’s little abacus (three/three)



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Wu Yue obviously wanted to sign up for Yang Luoqi, but she said a little unwillingly: “It should be divided into a professional group and a non-professional group, after all, the professional is too powerful, people spend all day in the pool to practice Swimming, ours is just playing in the swimming pool of the community, how can we compare to them?”


Xixi likes to eat cherries, especially fresh and plump cherries. After washing, the watery, red color looks very delicious! While carefully pinching the long stems of a few cherries, she opened her small mouth and gently took a bite of a cherry she was holding in her right hand. Favorite this site┏Ⅹ④③⑨⑨┛


It looks like Xixi’s way of eating is very ladylike!


But in fact, the little girl didn’t think about it that much, and she usually eats cherries in a normal posture. Now it’s just because she has another small front tooth that is a little loose. Although eating is still not in the way, Xixi, who has experienced tooth replacement and is afraid that it will not look good after her teeth fall, would rather eat slowly and bypass it carefully!


I saw the little girl eating sweet and sour cherries with contentment, but her beautiful big eyes were curiously looking at the adults who were discussing the swimming competition. Xixi was also very interested in this topic!


Competition? It seems that you can earn gold coins by participating in the competition, and then you can buy dolls!


After hearing Wu Yue’s worried words, Lanzhou Kai said with a smile: “It’s okay, don’t take winning or losing too much, focus on participation!”


Chen Guoqiang echoed on the side: “Yes, there are many competitions now, and it is not necessary to say what prizes must be won. As long as you dare to participate and dare to try, you have already succeeded!”


He also shared a story of a marathon race. There are many marathon races in China. A student in their gym not only likes fitness, but also likes to run marathons: “He participated in the half-marathon race in Jiangcheng last month, Next month, I plan to go to the Magic Capital to run the full marathon.”


“Has he participated in so many competitions and won awards?” Yu Ying asked curiously.


“What kind of prize?” Chen Guoqiang laughed, “If he was running for the prize money, he wouldn’t even run, because all the marathon competitions in China were taken by the black people, and they were all professional marathon runners! It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t win the prize, he runs a marathon, what he pursues is a process, enjoy the fun of running!”


“You win after running!” Lu Kang said with a smile.


“Yes, you win after running! They will have a symbolic certificate when they finish running. Moreover, he told us that when running a marathon, he will compare with himself, as long as he runs faster than his best time, It’s a very happy thing!” Chen Guoqiang said with high spirits when he was echoed.


At this time, Nan Yiyun spoke up. Like an old pedant, he summed up in cadence: “This is called self-challenge, and enjoy it!”


Lanzhou Kai, who had just flipped through his phone a little, raised his head at this time and said with a smile: “Brother Nan is right. By the way, we also have certificates of merit in this competition, it doesn’t matter if we win or not. , all participating children can receive a participation award.”


“I signed up, what else do you want?” Chen Guoqiang said casually, “Since it is a competition sponsored by Lan boss company, it would be good for the children to meet the world!”


Lu Kang and Chen Guoqiang have similar temperaments. He also patted the armrest of the beach chair very manly, and said with a smile: “Okay, count me in, I will ask Xiaoyuer to sign up as well, she swims like normal, But participating in such a large-scale competition, seeing the scene of the competition, and doing anything in the future will not be afraid of stage fright.”


Yu Ying still has some concerns. Unlike other people, Yu Ying, who is dependent on her daughter, has a man in her family to make up her mind, and she still asks worriedly: “But, after all, swimming competitions are played in the water, so it is dangerous. Isn’t it dangerous?”


Lanzhou Kai is not as reckless as those fathers, he smiled: “Mother Yu, this swimming competition is still dangerous, but after all, it is held in the city swimming pool, and parents can watch the competition by the side. In the swimming pool, it is said that the sports committee has professional swimming coaches soaking in the pool for observation, and there are referees watching and lifeguards waiting on the stage. It is still recommended that everyone do what they can according to their own circumstances. For swimming competitions, of course, you still want to learn to swim well, and we will see the big scene again.”


Considering the safety issue, the parents were hesitant again. Even Chen Guoqiang and Lu Kang, who had been booing about their “manly spirit” just now, touched their chins and fell silent.


“Eat melon, eat melon, don’t think about it so much.” Lanzhou Kai Jiang’s atmosphere was a little depressed, he laughed and greeted, “I also suddenly remembered such a thing, I will mention it to you, and you will understand it later. Say it again.”


The news of the adults was still passed on to the children. Chen Shiyun listened to it a few times, and ran over to share it with the little friends.


“I don’t want to participate in swimming competitions, I don’t know how to swim yet.” Nan Zhaoyu scratched his head and muttered.


“I can swim! I’m amazing!” Chen Shiyun said proudly with her small chest raised.


Xixi stretched out her little arm, also showing her white teeth and smiled: “I can swim too! Xiner and I are both very good.”


Hearing Xixi calling out her name, Lan Xin reacted after realizing it, while eating the freshly baked cookies brought by her mother’s group, she asked confusedly: ” What? What?”


Murphy helped to take over Xiaojiaojiao. Although Lan Xin also divided Xiaojiaojiao’s food, Murphy was not at ease, especially when there was food with pits such as cherries on the table, Murphy felt that she should be more cautious. wonderful. Without Xiao Jiao to follow, Lan Xin was even more free in the face of so many delicious food.


However, now Xixi hugs Lan Xin’s arm and becomes a new “burden”.


Xixi smiled and said, “Xin Er, let’s go to the swimming competition, shall we?”


“Why do you want to participate in the competition?” Lan Xin asked in confusion.


“Because, because if we participate in the competition, we can get gold coins with Baba! We can get a lot of gold coins!” Xixi took Lan Xin’s hand and twisted her small body from side to side, like a coquettish entanglement Zuo Lanxin said, “Is it okay? Is it okay? There are dolls, there are dolls!”


After hanging up two burdens in a row, and not giving people a good meal, Lan Xin seemed to be very tired and sighed, and then she waved her hand old-fashionedly and said, “Okay, I It’s time to go to the competition with you!”


“Then, then we can all have gold coins!” Xixi said happily, “I told Baba to see if he could give us more gold coins, because we have to buy a lot of dolls!”


“I don’t want gold coins anymore, because I found out that you don’t need gold coins to eat at your house! Dad Yang forgot!” Lan Xin said triumphantly.


The two of them chatted happily, but Chen Shiyun became nervous: “Then, are you going to compete with me? I want to win the championship!”


Chen Shiyun played in the swimming pool with Xixi and Lan Xin. Knowing the two of them, they swim very well.


“Hee Shiyun, you all said, don’t win the championship, we are very good at participating in the competition!” Xixi still remembers the chat of the adults just now, she pretended to be Chen Shiyun Making a face, he said in a clear voice.


“Is that Xixi and Xiner winning the championship?” Lu Xiaoyu asked with a wink.


“No, no!” Xixi shook her head quickly, “Lan Baba said just now that there are prizes for participating! If we participate in the competition, Baba can give us one, two, three, one plus five, which equals six gold coins! “


Yang Yi didn’t even know that her daughter was so smart, and she could hear so much key information from the chat with the fathers just now.


You get one gold coin for participating in the competition, and five gold coins for winning!


Lan’s father said that participating in the competition will have a certificate


Xi Xi’s arithmetic is so good, how can she not figure out that one plus five equals six?


These are two dolls!


Recently, the little girl who was especially short of gold coins to buy dolls suddenly became active.


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