House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1009: The surprise of classmates and teachers (3/4)



It’s another new week. Jiangcheng in March is the time when spring is sultry. The campus of Huijia Primary School is also full of spring!


The willow tree with its thin willows drawn out, facing the rising sun, is full of pale yellow leaves. The most beautiful are those peach trees, with pink flowers, covered with branches, just like the lovely smiling faces of children. Pink and tender, people can’t stop the joy in their hearts.


On this beautiful morning, Xixi, who was depressed for a weekend, finally forgot her fear of changing her teeth for a while. She and Lan Xin, two little girls, were wearing neat school uniforms and carrying their small schoolbags of the same style and different colors. , holding little hands, bounced back to their class.


They came quite early, and it was still a while before the early class, but their classmates who had already arrived in the third grade of the first grade gathered around the back of the classroom, exclaiming one after another.


What happened?


Xi Xi and Lan Xin curiously approached.


When the two little girls gathered in the crowd to watch, the group of children were looking at the blackboard newspaper behind them in amazement. Of course, everyone’s eyes fell on the big cute little ding dong on the blackboard. .


Yang Yi brought Xixi over to draw Tinkerbell on Saturday morning, and he has finished all the remaining parts, including the coloring of Tinkerbell, which is also done with colored pencils, little by little!


Although the tone is slightly lighter compared to the original version painted by Yang Yi, this is the limitation of chalk painting after all. Apart from this small problem, Xixi’s painting of this large-scale Tinker Bell is very vivid!


Especially the cute smiley face and the hooked cat lips make it look like you can’t help but want to laugh with it.


And now these children have never seen the prototype, this Tinker Bell seems to have opened up a whole new world to them!


At this moment, it is said that Wang Leilei, who has read a lot of books, is helping everyone read the little story attached to this painting. Because there are still some new words and new words that everyone has not learned, everyone is listening carefully. .


“A robot cat suddenly emerged from the drawer.”


“Nobita was taken aback: you, who are you?”


“Tinkerbell: I am a robot cat from the future, my name is Tinkerbell.”


“Nobita: You are from the future? I don’t believe it.”


“Little Tinkerbell took out two bamboo dragonflies from the treasure bag on his stomach.”


“Tinker Bell: Let’s go to the sky to play together!”


“Nobita: I can’t fly, how can I go to the sky?”


“Soon, Nobita and Tinkerbell with bamboo dragonflies on their heads flew into the sky like helicopters.”


“Nobita: Wow, Tinkerbell, you are amazing!”


“Little Tinkerbell: Of course, I still have a lot of fun props in my treasure bag, and I’ll show you later.”


This little story has nothing to do with the real Tinkerbell story. What Yang Yi told Xixi at that time was much more complicated and exciting than this!


However, due to the limited space on the blackboard, Yang Yi can only make up a short story by himself, so that the children can have a certain degree of understanding of this character through this short story.


However, the effect was unexpectedly good for Yang Yi!


While Wang Leilei read the story slowly, the eyes of each and every child were full of surprise, joy, and even envy!


Some children stared straight at the whole Tinkerbell.


Some children looked enviously at the bamboo dragonfly on Tinkerbell’s head.


And there are other children, just looking at the treasure bag on Tinkerbell’s stomach!


Such a sci-fi story made them all yearn for it. How about a child who doesn’t want to have a friend who is as interesting as Tinkerbell by his side? Which child hasn’t imagined that he can fly into the sky to have a look? What kid doesn’t want to have a treasure bag with a lot of magical items?


“Who drew this?” I don’t know which child asked this question. Suddenly, there was a commotion among the surrounding children, and they all looked around at me. I saw you.


At this moment, Xixi is still a little shy.


Lan Xin was still triumphant, as if she painted it, and shouted: “I know, I know.”


Lan Xin’s loud voice immediately attracted the attention of all the children.


“It was painted by Xixi!” Lan Xin pointed at Xixi beside her, and proudly raised her chest, and said proudly, “When school is over on Friday, I will accompany Xixi to paint. It’s been a long time!”


Yes, if you can draw this beautiful blackboard painting, you should be half as good as you Xin Erfei! Who made you stay by your side so hard and tired?


Xixi looked at her classmates’ eyes of admiration and admiration, and her heart was full of joy. She smiled and said a little embarrassedly: “I taught me how to draw. This way, our blackboard newspaper will look much better. That’s it!”


“Then Xixi, you and your father are too good!” Wang Leilei said enviously.


However, before Xixi was happy, the other students asked excitedly, “Xixi, do you still have anything else? Are there any other fun props for Tinkerbell?”


“Is Tinkerbell a real cat?”


“Does Tinkerbell need to be charged?”


With so many questions, Xixi was a little overwhelmed, but fortunately, she answered a random item, and the classmates shouted in surprise, and the bell for early class rang, Xixi Xi was rescued.



Not only these young children, but even every teacher who came to class today, seeing this big and cute cartoon image on the blackboard at the back, couldn’t help but find some excuses to come back Look carefully.


Liu Xuanxuan is the one who knows the truth the most among the teachers On Saturday, Yang Yi took Xixi to Li Ruolan to borrow the classroom keys. She was right next to her, and she also heard from Li Ruolan that their class blackboard reported the little ones. What a powerful girl.


But it was the first time she saw the actual effect. When she came to the math class in the third class in the morning, she was amazed by the little jingle at the back of the classroom at first sight.


“This…is this still a blackboard painting that a child can draw?” Liu Xuanxuan sighed in her heart, she knew that Yang Yi did not intervene and let Xixi draw it herself, so she was so surprised, “Even if it is My lord, um, if you ask Lan Lan to paint, she can’t paint so beautifully, right?”


Of course, after being amazed, Liu Xuanxuan couldn’t help but sighed at this cute cartoon image.


“Although the painting is drawn by a child, the design is definitely her father’s strength.” Liu Xuanxuan looked at the little story next to her, and thought to herself, “Hey, who made this Yang Xi a child of someone else’s class? He has such a good father?”


Liu Xuanxuan remembered the blackboard newspaper in her class that she had to spend a lot of time organizing, helping guide, and helping to conceive, and then compared it with what was in front of her.


“…” Teacher Liu was bleeding.


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