House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1010: Delicious food during tooth change



Around 11:00 noon, a black nanny car was parked outside Huijia Primary School. Yang Yi pulled the handbrake and took out his mobile phone. When he was driving just now, he felt a vibration reminder of a text message.


Today, Yang Yi came to school to deliver lunch to Xixi. After the lower front teeth were loosened, the little girl lost her appetite. She was fine at home, with him taking care of her. What Yang Yi is worried about is that the little girl will not be able to eat the lunch in the school canteen (it may be hard)!


At this critical time for changing teeth and growing body, Xixi can’t eat or sleep well, and can’t keep up with nutrition.


So after Yang Yi made lunch at home, he brought a copy and came to Wuhu District from Tingshan District to deliver meals to the little girl.


However, why are some people texting Yang Yi now? And not once or twice, it also vibrated several times in a row! Yang Yi guessed that something had happened.


Sure enough, Yang Yi saw that on the phone, there were several text messages from the senior management of Houlang Technology, including Mao Peifu and Lao Baihua.


They didn’t dare to call Yang Yi rashly. The first few text messages were all asking if Yang Yi was free to answer the phone.


It shouldn’t be a big deal…


Yang Yi thought to himself that if it was a very big matter, such as a critical incident that had a great impact on the company, it is estimated that Lao Baihua would not dare to wait for Yang Yi to reply to the text message.


However, what should have happened was a big trouble, otherwise, the two professional managers would not have texted Yang Yi at the same time.


Of course, in the third text message below, Mao Peifu simply reported the general situation to him.


“Mr. Yang, that Han Xiansen broke the news again. This time, he obtained the file of our shareholding change filing from the government. Now many media on the Internet have reprinted this report, confirming your relationship with Houlang Technology. I can’t take it anymore! What do you think?”


It turned out to be the case.


Yang Yi is not very surprised. He knows that paper can’t hold fire. No matter how deeply he hides, these investments will always be known to the public one day! The public relations statement that Yang Yi asked both sides to send was just a temporary delay for the exposure of his identity.


However, before Yang Yi could figure out how to reply to Mao Peifu and the others, Mo Xiaojuan hurriedly called. She didn’t have as many scruples as Mao Peifu.


“Let me have an idea?” Yang Yi smiled and said, “What other idea? Since it has already been exposed to this level, let’s make it public!”


Yang Yi is very calm, but Mo Xiaojuan and the public relations team behind it are very troubled, Mo Xiaojuan said angrily: “But we only clarified it on Saturday? Do you feel like you have been beaten in the face by admitting this? ?”


Do we have to admit our mistakes to the public, saying that we shouldn’t deceive everyone’s feelings, yes, the boss of Houlang Technology is indeed our Yang Yi?


Yang Yi understood what Mo Xiaojuan meant, he thought about it, and said, “Okay, this matter, we will discuss it in detail later to see how to solve it. Now I don’t have time, I’ll go there in the afternoon. Company, please help me inform General Manager Mao and General Manager Lao that we will have a short meeting online in the afternoon.”


It’s not that Yang Yi is putting on airs, but now he is really not free. Now outside, the bell of Huijia Primary School’s last get out of class in the morning is ringing, and it is clearly transmitted to the road outside the school, and Yang Yi has to go to school Xixi was picked up at the door.



When Yang Yi received Xixi, she could tell that the little girl was in a good mood today.


“The teacher also said that it looks good, and our natural teacher also told us about bamboo dragonflies! But the bamboo dragonflies he said can’t take us to the sky!”


“Chen Yuxuan said that he really likes the story of Tinkerbell, and he asked me when there would be a Tinkerbell book. I told him that I’m drawing. Hee hee!”


“Yu Qian and I were praised by Teacher Li! And Xiner and Xiaoyuer. The teacher said that we should continue to work hard and finish the blackboard report, and we will definitely win the prize!”


Xixi took her father’s hand from the school gate, and kept talking excitedly. Even when crossing the road, she forgot to look left and right, and only focused on telling her father the compliments she received this morning and praise.


“Really?” Yang Yi smiled and responded with a few words from time to time, “Then Dad has to quickly make the cartoon of Tinkerbell. Since your classmates like it so much, then let’s give it to each of you when the time comes. Give them a copy!”


“Good! Good!” Xixi said happily, “It’s like sister Xiaowei’s Mama gave us her book!”


“Well, that’s right. However, let’s not tell your classmates now, let’s give them a surprise then!” Yang Yi laughed.


“Hee hee, I also think they must be very happy!” Xixi said brightly, “By the way, Baba, can we also send it to Lu Weisha? She also likes Tinkerbell!”


On the weekend, Xixi and Lu Weisha had a video chat online again.


In addition to telling some interesting things about herself, the little girl also mainly told Lu Weisha, who had experienced tooth replacement, about her loose teeth. Lu Weisha told Xixi that she did not hurt at all when changing teeth. Let Xixi feel at ease a lot.


“Yes! You will write a letter to Lu Weisha with your own hands. Now you can write.” Yang Yi said with a smile.


“Hee hee!”


Only with her father can Xixi chat so happily. Even her mother can’t. She doesn’t have the patience to talk to her. Besides, who can be as good as her father? When Xixi says something, Dad can answer it too. It’s interesting to have back and forth conversations like this!


Back in the car, Yang Yi took Xixi to the back of the nanny car.


The nanny car of their family is actually a modified version of the MPV, a reduced version of the RV. The rear of the driver’s seat is cut off like an extended version of the car, forming an independent rest and reception area. The decoration is also very luxurious, not only the space between the seats can be simply moved around freely, it also has a small bar, a small refrigerator, and even a foldable work table!


This workbench was used by Yang Yi as a dining table today for Xixi to eat.


“Come on, let’s see what lunch Dad made for you today!” Yang Yi smiled, took the insulated food boxes from the bar next to him, and disassembled them one by one on the workbench.


The dishes are very rich, two dishes and one soup, plus a bowl of white rice.


Although Yang Yi only let Xixi drink a little soup on Saturday night, after Xixi gradually got used to eating with her deciduous teeth loose, Yang Yi still coaxed her to eat rice.


The adaptation process is necessary, but Yang Yi still understands that Xixi can’t eat too delicate food during the period of teeth replacement, and she still has some hard food! Proper chewing helps to help her baby teeth fall out better, rather than sticking on them and conflicting with the new teeth that are about to erupt.


“Dangdangdangdang!” Yang Yi brought BGM into his mouth and introduced Xixi today’s meal with a smile, “This is fried shrimp with celery.”


“I don’t like eating celery very much.” Xixi was a little confused.


“Eating celery will help your new teeth grow in earlier, and eating more of these fibrous foods can make your teeth grow more beautiful, just like your mother’s teeth, neat and tidy. Pure and white!” Yang Yi half-truthed the little girl.


Xixi is still a little stinky, tangled for a while, and hesitantly said: “Okay.”


There are fried prawns with celery, which should taste pretty good.


Two dishes and one soup, the soup is naturally pork ribs soup, but this time Yang Yi changed the ingredients and used soybeans to cook the pork ribs soup, which smells delicious!


Xixi was drinking soup while listening to her father’s introduction to the second dish.


“The second dish is famous! It’s called Jinzhu Luoyu!” Yang Yi said deliberately and exaggeratedly.


Xixi giggled suddenly, her eyes crooked with laughter, and she said happily, “That’s not it! I recognized it.”


I saw Xixi put down the small bowl she was stretched out her light and delicate little finger, pointed to the second dish, and said, “This is corn, this is Doudou, this is…”


What is this red thing? Xixi couldn’t recognize it for a while.


“This is a carrot.” Yang Yi smiled and said, “How is it? Does Dad’s dish look good and delicious?”


“I think it looks good too!” Xixi raised her head and looked at her father with joy.


Indeed, the golden pearls fall into the jade, green peas, red carrots, and golden corn are mixed together, and they are fried until they are crystal clear and oily. It looks very appetizing.


“Then try it!” Yang Yi scooped a spoonful for Xixi without waiting for the meal, and encouraged her to try it.


The little girl had a great appetite and put a spoon into her mouth. Finally, she gave a thumbs up excitedly, and praised vaguely: “It’s super delicious!”


If you like it, it’s fine. In the past few days, Yang Yi has been changing the way to make all kinds of food for Xixi with these teeth-grinding ingredients, hoping that she can eat happily.


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