Heavenly Monarch of All Times Chapter 2323: Grandma Qianhuan


bsp;Nie Tianren was 100,000 meters away in mid-air, looking at Shadow Moon Greedy Wolf from a distance, and he could actually feel the strong murderous intent in the latter.

The violent and boundless murderous intent, dripping with blood, is horrifying.

Shadow Moon Greedy Wolf is so furious that he will kill everyone!

Li Guang Tongchen, Guangwu Fengnian, Dark Night Mingya, and even Jun Chujian, all have no strength to fight.

At this moment, no one can stop Shadow Moon Greedy Wolf.

And Nie Tian now also knows that what Shadow Moon Greedy Wolf wants is the raw star stone in his body!

Facing the situation in front of him, Nie Tian felt deeply powerless.

His strength is too weak and he can’t influence anything at all.

“Nine-pole Chaos Beast!” In an instant, a thought flashed through his mind.

But the next moment, he gave up the idea.

Even if he uses the Nine Extremes Chaos Beast at this moment, he cannot be the opponent of Shadow Moon Greedy Wolf. The latter is too strong to compete with.

“All of you are going to die today!” Shadow Moon Greedy Wolf roared loudly, taking a violent step forward, and boundless killing intent rolled like a tide towards Li Guang Tongchen and others.

At this time, Li Guang Tongchen didn’t have any fear on his face, but instead had a faint smile.

His smile was weird and relaxed, as if he was waiting for someone.

“Boom!” At the moment when the boundless murderous intent spread, the void suddenly shook, and then an invisible barrier blocked the spread of murderous intent.

“Huh?” Li Guang Tongchen was stunned for a moment, his face suddenly changed, he suddenly looked into the void, and roared: “Who are you, get out of here!”

The moment his voice fell, three figures walked out of the void and stepped out from the air.

The leader was an old woman, with a stooped body and countless layers of wrinkles on her face, like a piece of dry bark, rough and old.

The face of this old woman is old and dying, as if she will die in the next moment.

But she was wearing a bright red dress, with bright lipstick on her lips and blush on her cheeks.

This kind of appearance, paired with this kind of dress, always makes people feel weird and uncomfortable.

“You are…” Shadow Moon Tanlang saw the old woman in the red dress, his eyes narrowed, and he let out a sound of surprise, with a look of horror on his face.

“Old woman, you are finally here.” Li Guang Tongchen looked at the old woman, twitching the corners of his mouth, and let out a long sigh of relief.

Nie Tian was stunned when he looked at the old woman.

What surprised him was not the appearance and dress of the old woman, but the two figures beside the latter.

Beside the old woman in the red dress, stood two young girls, who were Ruoyu Qianye and Nie Yurou!

Nie Tian’s eyes trembled, then he remembered something and reacted immediately.

Previously, Li Guang Tongchen had told him that he had found a teacher for Ruoyu Qianye and Nie Yurou, who was the pinnacle expert in the Abandoned Land.

Now it seems that the teachers of Ruoyu Qianye and Nie Yurou are none other than this old woman in a red dress.

Although this old woman in a red dress is dressed a little weirdly, she is definitely very strong, otherwise she would not be able to scare Shadow Moon Greedy Wolf.

“Yingyue Greedy Wolf, Greedy Wolf Star of the Ying Family.” At this time, the old woman in red dress spoke, and said with a chuckle: “I heard you were dead a long time ago, but I didn’t expect you were still alive. It’s really surprising. .”

Her voice is actually very nice and charming. She does not look like an aging person at all, but like a young woman in her thirties, full of magnetism and temptation.

“You, you are Grandma Qianhuan!” Shadow Moon Greedy Wolf was stunned for a few seconds, finally reacted and spoke in shock.

“You’re not too stupid to know my name.” Granny Qianhuan smiled charmingly and said, “Now that you know it’s me, why don’t you get out?”

Nie Tian heard Granny Qianhuan’s voice in the distance and saw her appearance, and felt very uncomfortable.

It turns out that these top experts are all so strange.

Yingyue Tanlang was stunned for a moment. He didn’t expect Granny Qianhuan to be so domineering and told him to get lost.

“Grandma Qianhuan, why are you getting involved in this matter?” After thinking for a while, Shadow Moon Greedy Wolf managed to calm down and asked calmly.

He knew that Granny Qianhuan was one of the top people in the abandoned land.

But this person has always been in seclusion, why did he suddenly appear?

“For my two good disciples.” Granny Qianhuan smiled faintly, then her eyes were locked directly on Nie Tian, ​​and she said without any scruples: “Qianye, this boy is the person you are talking about. ”

“Well, he is Nie Tian.” Ruoyu Qianye nodded slightly and responded respectfully.

“She looks very average.” Granny Qianhuan frowned and said directly to Ruoyu Qianye: “You girl, you are so talented and beautiful, but your vision is a bit bad, how could you fall in love with her? Where is this guy?”

“Teacher, brother Nie Tian is very powerful. His talent is even more powerful than sister Qianye’s.” Nie Yurou, who was standing by, couldn’t stand listening anymore and started to defend Nie Tian.

“Really?” Granny Qianhuan laughed noncommittally, glanced at Nie Tian, ​​and said, “If you look at it, this kid is just lucky enough to be recognized by the Star Rough Stone.”

“Without the Star Stone, he is just an ordinary boy.”

Nie Tian could only have a bitter smile on his face when he listened to Granny Qianhuan’s words.

No matter what, Granny Qianhuan is here to help him, and it’s okay to ask her to say a few words.

And looking at Granny Qianhuan’s attitude, she is very satisfied with Ruoyu Qianye and Nie Yurou.

Knowing this, Nie Tian immediately felt relieved.

He was still worried that Li Guang Tongchen would find an unreliable teacher for Ruoyu Qianye and Nie Yurou.

Now it seems that this teacher is quite good, but his outfit is a little weird.

“Grandma Qianhuan, since you know that this kid has a raw star stone on his body.” At this time, Shadow Moon Greedy Wolf spoke again, and then he bowed slightly and said: “Then you should understand that he is absolutely The meaning of the Shadow Temple.”

“Please give Grandma Qianhuan some face to the Ying family and let me take him away.”

“Take him away?” Granny Qianhuan laughed and said, “Yingyue Greedy Wolf, are you kidding?”

“My two disciples, one is this guy’s wife, and the other is this guy’s sister.”

“If I ask you to take him away, do you think my two disciples will agree?”

The light voice carries a strong sense of teasing.

“Grandma Qianhuan, let me tell you, you are determined to be an enemy of our Ying family!” Yingyue Tanlang’s face darkened and he said coldly.

“Are you threatening me?” Granny Qianhuan raised her eyebrows and said with a smile, “Yingyue Greedy Wolf, you are exalting yourself too much.”

“If Ying Qianyu was here, maybe I would give him some face.”

“You, a little greedy wolf star, want to scare me away, there is no way!”

Having said this, Granny Qianhuan laughed and said lightly: “You should know, my Qianhuan Magic Sound is designed to defeat the shadowy secret power of your Ying family.”

“So I would like to advise you to get out of here. If you accidentally lose your life here, it will not be good.”

The moment Granny Qianhuan’s voice fell, a magical scene happened.

Her appearance suddenly changed, and her old face began to look younger quickly, as if time was reversing in an instant.

In just the blink of an eye, Granny Qianhuan’s appearance changed from a dying old woman to a young woman in her twenties!

And her appearance is as beautiful as a dream, even if compared to Ruoyu Qianye, she is not inferior.


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