Heavenly Monarch of All Times Chapter 2324: A thousand magic sounds


The amazing change in the appearance of Qianhuan’s mother-in-law made everyone stunned.

Only Ruo Yu Qianye and Nie Yurou, who were beside her, were very indifferent. They seemed to have become accustomed to this kind of change, and there was nothing to make a fuss about.

“This…” Nie Tian gasped, his eyes trembling.

“What a terrible illusion!” At this time, the little fat cat’s exclamation sounded, very horrified.

“Huan, illusion?” Nie Tian was stunned for a moment, his voice trembling, and he said stunned: “Little fat, you mean, the appearance of Qianhuan’s mother-in-law just now is illusion, not her real appearance?”

Thinking of the withered face of Granny Qianhuan just now, and looking at the charming face in front of her, she never imagined that this would be the same person.

“Yeah.” The little fat cat nodded and said, “The deity estimates that this woman’s current face is not what she really looks like.”

“It’s an illusion again!” Nie Tian was startled and almost screamed.

He couldn’t tell at all that Granny Qianhuan used an illusion just now.

And now, he can’t perceive any flow of magic power.

Grandma Qianhuan is definitely a pinnacle illusionist!

No wonder Shadow Moon Greedy Wolf is so afraid of Granny Qianhuan. It turns out that the latter’s illusion skills are so terrifying.

Illusionist, this is the most terrifying existence among warriors.

It is no exaggeration to say that with the same cultivation, illusionists are much stronger than other warriors.

Many terrifying warriors encountered illusionists, and they didn’t know how they died.

” According to the rumors, Granny Qianhuan has thousands of faces, and there is no one in the world who has ever seen Granny Qianhuan’s true appearance.” At this time, Shadow Moon Greedy Wolf spoke up and said, “Now it seems that the rumors really do. Not false.”

“Wrong.” As soon as his voice fell, Granny Qianhuan smiled charmingly, then suddenly turned to look at Li Guangtongchen, who was beside him, and said, “He has seen my true appearance.”

In this world, there are not many people who have seen the real appearance of Qianhuan Granny.

In addition to herself, Li Guangtongchen has also met.

Yingyue Greedy Wolf was stunned for a moment, then reacted abruptly, sneered, and said, “It turns out that Granny Qianhuan is not for the disciple, but for a man.”

“That’s right.” Qianhuan’s mother-in-law laughed, without denying it, and said, “I like Li Guangtongchen, what’s wrong with that?”

“You…” Shadow Moon Greedy Wolf’s face froze, and he was speechless.

He originally thought that Granny Qianhuan would shy away.

But I didn’t expect that Qian Huan’s mother-in-law would take the initiative to admit it.

Nie Tian smiled lightly, and said in his heart, “I didn’t expect this Qianhuan Granny to be so straightforward and honest.”

At this moment, he suddenly remembered that Qian Huan’s mother-in-law said that Ruoyu Qianye’s eyes were too bad, and the corner of his mouth couldn’t help but raise a bitter smile.

As far as looks are concerned, Nie Tian and Li Guangtongchen are indeed a lot worse.

After all, Li Guangtongchen is a family of elves of light and the first emperor.

The elves are inherently much more delicate than humans, this is something that cannot be denied.

“I don’t rely on my looks to eat.” The corners of his mouth twitched, and Nie Tian comforted himself in his heart.

The Shadow Moon Greedy Wolf’s eyes flickered at this time, and he did not leave, but was thinking about something.

“Mother Qianhuan, the Ying Family doesn’t want to be your enemy.” After thinking for a while, Yingyue Greedy Wolf stepped forward and said in a deep voice, “This kid has the original star stone on his body, which is a must-have for our Ying Family. “

“No one can stop it. If you really intervene, it will be a war with the filmmaker!”

Mother-in-law Qianhuan looked at Shadow Moon Greed Wolf with contempt, as if she was looking at an idiot, and said coldly, “Yingyue Greed Wolf, this mother-in-law will give you one last chance, get out!”

“Go! Go! Go-!” The words “Go!” fell, and a strange echo resounded in the void, as if the voice was transmitted from the empty valley, illusory.

And in the turbulence of the sound waves, the Shadow Moon Greedy Wolf was actually forced to retreat again and again, and the shadow power around him was much weaker.

After he stabilized his body, there was a trace of blood oozing from the corner of his mouth.

“What a strange power!” Everyone was horrified when they saw this scene, and they couldn’t even believe their eyes.

Mother-in-law Qianhuan’s strength is too strong, but with a faint roar, Shadowmoon Greedy Wolf was shocked.

“Thousands of Magical Voices!” Shadow Moon Greedy Wolf’s eyes trembled, his face changed, and his eyes were filled with unconcealed horror.

At this moment, Qianhuan’s mother-in-law is using Qianhuan Magic Sound.

The shadow power of the movie home is just restrained by the magic sound of thousands of magic!

Shadow Moon Greedy Wolf did not expect that Qian Huan Magic Sound’s restraint on Jue Ying’s dark power would be so strong.

His strength is obviously similar to that of Qian Huan’s mother-in-law, but he was completely crushed in front of the latter.

He originally thought that he still had some resistance in front of Granny Qianhuan.

But now it seems that he is too optimistic.

Mother-in-law Qianhuan’s actions at the moment were obviously just a deterrent.

If Shadowmoon Greedy Wolf is still ignorant, then you can’t blame Granny Qianhuan for being cruel.

“Aren’t you going to get out yet?” Granny Qianhuan smiled scornfully, her charming eyes showing a chilling meaning.

Shadow Moon Greedy Wolf’s eyes trembled, and his heart was really unwilling.

He had already defeated Li Guangtongchen, and Nie Tian was right in front of him, but he couldn’t take him away.

“We’ve reached this stage, and we must not give up!” Shadow Moon Greedy Wolf suddenly became ruthless in his heart, and his eyes suddenly became stern and chilling.

Following, his whole body’s momentum skyrocketed, and one after another terrifying dark power, like a black storm, surged outside his body.

“Looking for death!” Granny Qianhuan sneered when she saw this scene, and said, “Since you risk your life, don’t blame my mother-in-law for being cruel.”

Everyone was stunned for a moment, obviously not expecting that under such circumstances, Shadow Moon Greedy Wolf would dare to let go.

“Crazy Wolf Tribulation!” Above the sky, the Shadow Moon Greed Wolf roared wildly, and the Shadow Greed Wolf reappeared, with a body like a black mountain, boundless, violently leaping out, pressing towards Granny Qianhuan.

Qianhuan Granny’s expression was indifferent. Thousands of magic pianos appeared in her hands, the strings fluctuated, and the magic sound swept through the air, turning into invisible and invisible forces, stirring in the air.

In the void, the magic sound made waves, and the whole world seemed to be shaking.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!…” The next moment, the boundless magic sound turned into an invisible force, impacting on the Shadow Greedy Wolf.

The huge wolf shadow was unable to withstand the power of the Thousand Phantom Demonic Sound, and its body shattered inch by inch.

“Om!” At this moment, the magic sound in the space actually converged into an invisible blade, and a space crack appeared directly in the void.

The sharp blade of the magic sound, extremely sharp, moved suddenly, and went towards the lore of the Shadow Moon Greedy Wolf.

Thousands of Magical Voices have a strong restraint on Jue Ying’s dark power. If this magic sound blade falls, Shadow Moon Greedy Wolf will surely die.

“Ah!” Shadow Moon Greedy Wolf suddenly felt a terrifying force strike, causing his eyes to tremble, and he screamed out.



At this time, in the two voids, there was a tremor at the same time.

Immediately, two terrifying attacks appeared, rolling endless dark clouds, carrying the momentum of thunder, and heading straight towards Granny Qianhuan, lore.


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