Gourmet Food Supplier Chapter 1726: General Consultant for State Banquet


Good friends? Yuan Zhou thought about it, maybe his handsome appearance has spread all over the country, and he has reached the point of killing both men and women.

Actually, the real reason is not as complicated as Yuan Zhou thought. The communication with the master was recorded before, and almost all of the eight major cuisines have a copy, and it is used as a teaching file, which is very useful.

I saw Yuanzhou’s stuff, so it’s normal to reciprocate.

“Since there is no problem, I have signed the contract.” Zhou Shijie said, Zhong Lili took out the contract and placed it in front of Yuanzhou.

Yuan Zhou subconsciously looked at the contract. It wasn’t that he didn’t believe Zhou Shijie, it was just a subconscious habit.

Because there is a salary to be the general consultant of the state banquet, the state will not let you do white labor, and the contract mainly contains some precautions and confidentiality matters.

For example, in one of them, the reputation of “state banquet dishes” cannot be used to increase the price of the dishes themselves.

For example, after the state banquet is over, I will sell the dishes I made at the state banquet in my own restaurant. This dish originally sold for 70, but because of the state banquet hat, I sold it to 180. This kind of price gouging is not allowed.

The contract is in duplicate, one for each.

After signing, give both contracts to Zhong Lili first, because they have to return to them for signature first, and then give them to Yuan Zhou.

“Since Xiao Yuan opened your shop on Taoxi Road, there have been more and more events here, and the guests you invite are always international.” Zhou Shijie sighed: “First, your own cooking exhibition, Then there is Chu Xiao’s upcoming second solo exhibition, roasting whole cows, an exchange conference, followed by the Gaogou meeting.”

Yuan Zhou felt that everything the president said had something to do with him…

“The federation has something to do, so I’ll go first.” Zhou Shijie got up.

“Uncle Zhou, slow down.” Yuan Zhou sent Zhou Shijie to the end of the street.

Because it is still within the scope of the discounted red date chicken soup, there will be more customers, so Yuanzhou will prepare the ingredients a while in advance.

On the other hand, the first batch of exhibitions at the Painted God’s Cabin has ended, so Wu Hai also left.

Wu Hai sat in a daze in a cafe near the gallery, and Feng Ti also followed.

“Mr. Wu, can you tell me, who is the artist you admire the most?” After Fengti was conquered by “Monster Eating Picture”, he no longer regarded Wu Hai as an opponent. After realizing the gap, he regarded Wu Hai as his opponent. The way forward, and it is precisely because of this, that such a question is asked.

For this question, Wu Hai blurted out: “Yuanzhou.”

“yuanzhou?” Feng Ti couldn’t figure out which painter he was.

“You don’t even know Yuan Zhou, right?” Wu Hai looked at Feng Ti with a look of two fools. The two communicated in English.

Fengti’s expression became tense, her brain was running fast, but unfortunately, she still couldn’t find the painter from her brain, but who Fengti is, she will never admit defeat, so she opened her mouth and said: “Of course I know yuamzhou The painter is a relatively small painter, I didn’t expect you to like this painter, Mr. Wu.”

Wu Hai directly gave Fengti the back of his head, he didn’t want to talk to the second fool.

That is, when the reporters were about to finish their interviews, Feng Ti learned from a certain visitor that the most admired Yuanzhou in Wuhaikou was actually the famous chef.

Actually, I had introduced this master chef when it was unveiled before, and I heard Bai Na say that Yuanzhou is Wuhai’s best friend, so it’s definitely no problem to ask his best friend to help with the unveiling.

Fengti doesn’t care about food, and it is difficult to remember the pronunciation of Chinese names. The most important thing is that about who Wuhai admires the most, Fengti has thought about many possibilities, the more famous Dutch three heroes, or the latter The masters of Impressionism, but they really didn’t think about cooking.

It’s like, you ask your goddess who she likes the most, and then the goddess says a name. As a dog licker, you don’t know who this person is at all, so you look for it, you can’t think of it, the name the goddess said, It’s her cat.

This is not a matter of not paying attention, but an unexpected question.

Fengti thinks of her actions and words just now, it really is that there are cracks in the ground and she wants to get in, but Fengti is more curious, why the person she admires the most is a chef?

As a French Fontey, French chefs have a very high status in France, but that is not an artist, anyway Fontey thinks so.

So strong curiosity, let Fengti ask Wu Hai directly.

“Mr. Wu, why is the artist you admire most is chef Yuanzhou.” Feng Ti also named the word chef.

Originally, Wu Hai didn’t want to talk to the staff, lest his IQ be lowered, but the words involved Yuan Zhou, so he reluctantly spoke.

“Which painter do you admire the most?” Wu Hai glanced at Feng Ti and asked back.

“Paul Cézanne, I think the color vision of all modern paintings is following the path of Paul Cézanne, the father of modern painting, and he deserves it.” From Fonty’s words, we can see the love for Cézanne respected.

In fact, it’s normal to like Cezanne, and the chance of learning to draw like Cezanne is very high, because this guy is also an out-and-out wizard.

“Simply put, you just think that Cezanne painted well and contributed a lot to the art world. Can I sum it up like this?” Wu Hai said bluntly.

Fengti opened her mouth and wanted to add something, but finally found that it was very perfect~IndoMTL.com~ There is nothing to add.

Wu Haidao: “Actually, the truth is the same. Yuanzhou’s dishes are good from the tableware to the color, and the focus is also the goal of my study, so he is the artist I admire the most. What’s the problem?”

“No.” Fonty was persuaded.

Wu Hai said mysteriously: “Besides, I can secretly tell you a message.”

“What news, Mr. Wu.” Fengti’s curiosity was raised.

“I collaborated with Yuan Zhou on a very shocking artwork that will be auctioned at the auction house.” Wu Haidao.

Fengti’s first reaction was to ask, “How about a picture of a monster eating?” He didn’t ask which auction house it was. Wuhai’s things would definitely be hyped when they were auctioned, and he’d know by then.

“Good.” Wu Hai was decisive.

Better? Looking at Wu Hai’s serious face, Feng Ti didn’t know what to say anymore.

I imagined in my mind, and even better, what kind of artwork, Wu Hai, who was in front of Fengti’s mind, didn’t know where he went.

“You must go to Mr. Yuanzhou to have a meal.” Feng Ti thought, it doesn’t matter if it tastes good or not, he wants the best-looking food on the plate!


Ps: Regarding Miao Miao’s plot, Cai Mao didn’t mean to write miserably or hydrology, because this plot is quite difficult to write, and this character is a more important supporting role in the back, and also wants to express something.

Seeing that so many people don’t like it, and there are people who have abandoned the article, Cai Mao is also uncomfortable!

So last night, Cai Mao coded words all night! I wrote four chapters as a sincere apology, and the little friends feel that they can still be saved! Do you want to rescue a wave?

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