Gourmet Food Supplier Chapter 1725: French word zhouyuan


“The use of light is too subversive to draw a monster with a divine nature. Other than that, I have never seen anyone else draw this way.”

“The lines…precise, precise and inventive geometric-like composition, and the monstrous edge, give the painting an unexpected sense of depth, pulling the eyes back all the way from afar.”

“No, I don’t think this light is the pinnacle. I think it is the inheritance and inspiration from the classical painting method, which has formed Mr. Wu’s own style.”

“Snatching food should be a strong hint, but I can’t see any hint at present. The meaning of Mr. Wu’s paintings is too profound.”


One sentence per person, it seems that a Wuchui meeting was held.

“I seem to have seen this picture somewhere.” The bear boy held his chin and thought about it, and then thought: “Isn’t this similar to the scene of Uncle Yuanzhou’s solo exhibition?”

Looking at the people who seemed to stick their eyes on the painting, the bear child murmured: “Items that satisfy the material will never be sold to those that satisfy the spirit.”

“So do you want to learn painting from Brother Wu Hai?” The bear boy thought seriously.

Each piece of the exhibition is a high-quality product, including the reporters, all have the feeling of “nothing for nothing today”.

“Step by step from the inexperience to the mature style now, Wu also took only a few years to finish the road of other painters, and he could not finish his journey in a lifetime. I don’t know when we will be able to produce one in France. Wu.” Leeuwenhoek, a Dutch painting master in his sixties, sighed.

Leeuwenhoek can be said to be the most famous painter in the Dutch art circle at present. His works are few and exquisite, and he is very popular among collectors.

“It’s not just in the painting world, have you seen the person who just unveiled it?” Kesima, a well-known figure in the Italian painting world, suddenly said, he is also in his 60s, and his voice is a little old: “The young man who just unveiled it. Did you see it? He is also a genius who is not lost to Wu Yu.”

“Huh?” Leeuwenhoek was stunned. He wouldn’t recognize him if he didn’t pay attention to his cooking skills.

“Zhouyuan, is the most famous chef in Asia. One of my old friends, Augusta, has complimented me many times, saying that there is no chef who can surpass him among the younger generation in Europe, that is, Zhouyuan did not go to Europe. . ” said Kesima.

“Oh? So powerful?” Leeuwenhoek looked at Yuanzhou again, feeling really different from ordinary people.

“Augusta went to the French Union and added zhouyuan to the French dictionary. After waiting for the thesaurus to be updated, you will be able to see this vocabulary.” Saying that, Kesima took out his mobile phone and searched the Internet, because it was In China, it is difficult to browse French websites, so I just searched domestic websites.


Phonetic: j??εnzu

1A Chinese chef with excellent cooking skills. Hua Xia Cai 2 years ago. ]

This was specially added by Auguste, and it is not known if the French master deliberately turned a person’s name into an adjective.

In the future, if a French person wants to write, and there is a Chinese person with good cooking skills, they can use the word “yuanzhou” to praise.

As I said before, the world’s major languages ​​will create words to describe the kitchen and Yuanzhou, and French is the first country to appear with words related to Yuanzhou.

“So, then I really want to eat it. What kind of Dutch food? Or French food?” Leeuwenhoek asked, and he still believed in the person that August admired so much.

“It seems to be relatively small.” Kesima’s information was learned from chatting with August.

Leewenhoek said: “Oh? Then I’m not interested anymore. I’m not used to Chinese food.”

“That’s a pity, I’ve already made an appointment with a few gentlemen to eat, and I heard that there is still a queue.” Kesima said.

The two didn’t talk about this topic any further, and talked more about how to paint. Because their painting styles were different and they didn’t have much in common, Leeuwenhoek and Kesima separated after a while.

It’s just that Kesima suddenly sighed: “There are so many geniuses emerging in China in recent years, both in painting and cooking.”

Yuan Zhou received Master 2 from the second round of main quest masters. He wanted to conquer 30 foreign master chefs. Unexpectedly, the opening ceremony of Wuhai became an opportunity to complete this quest.

Although the people attracted by Wu Hai are all masters of painting, but the circle of masters are also masters. For example, Kesima knew Augusta, and Leeuwenhoek also knew master chefs.

“The unveiling is also over, there is still a little urgent matter, I will go first.” Yuan Zhou said.

“Would you like Jiawei to send you?” Wu Hai asked.

“No, you guys are quite busy here. Jiawei is gone, I’m afraid Zhou Xi can’t be busy alone.” Yuan Zhou said.

While they were speaking, two reporters from “Nanfang Daily” wanted to interview Wu Hai, and it was better to be interviewed together with Yuan Zhou.

Yuan Zhou refused because he had something to do, and became Wu Hai to be interviewed by himself.

As far as the current traffic is concerned, it is much more convenient to take a taxi after walking for a while, so it is necessary to squeeze out the circle of tourists.

The second batch of tourists who want to buy tickets to enter Huashen’s hut have not yet entered. Due to the size of the place, the visits are in batches, and the tourists are quite excited.

After less crowded ~IndoMTL.com~ took a taxi, if Yuanzhou would choose to walk there on weekdays and take a walk to exercise, but Zhou Shijie is still waiting in the kitchen, so the elderly cannot wait longer .

So about ten minutes later, Yuan Zhou appeared in God of Cooking’s shop, and both President Zhou and Zhou Lili were there.

“Uncle Zhou has been waiting for a long time.” Yuan Zhou greeted him as he entered the door.

“Blame me, I should have told you in advance before coming.” Zhou Shijie waved his hand to indicate that it was not Yuanzhou’s problem.

Then the president continued: “But the incident happened suddenly, so I rushed back.”

“Well, Uncle Zhou, please tell me.” Yuan Zhou waited for the next text.

“Every year, the chief minister will hold a banquet in the State Guest House and the Great Hall of the People, which is what we call a state banquet.” Zhou Shijie said: “This year’s state banquet would like to hire you as the general advisor of the state banquet.”

Yuan Zhou was a little stunned. He had never heard of the position of General Counsel of the State Banquet.

“The general counselor is during the state banquet, so he can report from time to time. He only needs to participate in the discussion when the team has problems.” Zhou Shijie first explained it in a formatted manner, and then changed his voice: “This state banquet is a new setting. I have inquired about the position in detail, but in fact, I mainly make suggestions on the dishes without wasting time.”

Without wasting time, Yuan Zhou found the most crucial point in his words, and Yuan Zhou nodded in agreement.

“Well, yes, yes.” Zhou Shijie said: “Originally, the position of general counsel was not available to you, Xiao Yuan, because you are too young, and the state banquet is not a trivial matter.”

“But the upper management thinks that your previous youth chef exchange conference has very good publicity of our food culture, which is very good. In addition, the chefs of this state banquet have all recommended you.” Zhou Shijie said: “Originally I I also wanted to lobby for the support of the chefs, but I didn’t expect Xiao Yuan to be so popular.”


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