Gourmet Food Supplier Chapter 1306: Tangled Colin


“How did you think of it?” Ke Lin asked Yuan Zhou with a complicated look.

“When I was familiar with the method of spicy crispy fish, I always felt that the taste of bad pepper was a little wrong, so I started to study it.” Yuan Zhou said lightly.

“Can I take a look at your notebook again.” Ke Lin looked at the notebook in Yuan Zhou’s hand.

“Yes.” Yuan Zhou nodded.

But when Yuanzhou brought it over, Ke Lin didn’t wait any longer, but took a few steps forward and picked it up impatiently.

This time, when Colin was flipping through the pages, he was flipping through the pages from the end, and sure enough, the practice of bad peppers was recorded at the end of the last notebook.

But there are not only these, there are also excerpts from the history of salt politics in ancient China, as well as the origin of peppers all over Guizhou, and even records of purple garlic, the garlic used for bad peppers.

“You’re right here, the purple-skin garlic should be the best in Ying County now, but the bad chili used is still produced in your province, although it is not as good as the Jinbuhuan that Yingxian’s purple-skin garlic claims. , but it is especially suitable for the production of bad peppers.” Poorly pointed to the record on the notebook.

“But I have used both, and found that eating Yingxian purple garlic can better preserve the unsalted chili peppers.” Yuanzhou said.

“Oh? The people in ancient times didn’t have Yingxian purple garlic to use.” Colin said.

“No, but the purple garlic at that time had the same effect as in Yingxian County. It won’t be broken by a car, the foot will not rot, the color will not change for a long time, the taste will not decrease after a long time, and the color will not change after a long time. It is just pounding. The mashed garlic can also be prevented for several days.” Yuanzhou said.

“This is really possible and needs to be considered carefully.” Colin was silent for a while, then thought carefully.

After Colin finished thinking, the two had another discussion.

Actually, it’s not that Ke Lin and Yuanzhou want to hold on to the trivial matter of bad chili peppers, but bad chili peppers or sour is too important for the people of your province and for Qiancai.

In fact, there is no local salt production in your province. The salt in the province comes from the supply of other provinces. In ancient times, the transportation was not developed. Whether it was a man or a horse, it would take a lot of energy. Therefore, the Miao people in your province Invented the practice of replacing salt with acid.

So, there were three days in Guizhou where I didn’t eat sour, and I walked around. Guizhou used to be unable to live without sour, but now it is inseparable from sour, so the sour-flavored chili pepper dominates Qiancai. Lots of big dishes.

Scientifically speaking, the role of salt in the human body is to regulate the balanced distribution of water in the human body, maintain the osmotic pressure inside and outside the cells, participate in the formation of gastric acid, promote the secretion of digestive juice, increase appetite, and ensure gastric The pH necessary for the action of proteases to maintain the balance of pH in the body and the normal circulation of body fluids.

However, in ancient Gui Province, due to the lack of salt, all kinds of fermented sour condiments, including bad peppers, could only be made to replace the role of salt. Because nitrite is produced during the production of acid, it can also participate in Stomach acid formation, increase people’s appetite.

This is also the scientific source of that proverb.

“Now we in your province don’t have to worry about eating salt, but we still can’t forget what the original bad chili tastes like.” After a long discussion, Colin said conclusively.

Yuanzhou didn’t answer these words, knowing that he was listening silently.

After Ke Lin sighed with emotion, the tea on the table was almost finished. At this time, Zhou Shijie said in a timely manner: “Change the tea and continue talking.”

“Oh, the tea is finished.” Colin suddenly looked down at the table.

“No.” Zhou Shijie said with a smile.

“Okay, that’s all for today. Isn’t Xiao Yuan going to open a shop tonight?” Colin said, looking up at the clock on the wall.

“Yes, thank you Uncle Ke.” Yuan Zhou nodded.

“Alright, then leave without changing?” Zhou Shijie asked.

“Well, let’s go.” Colin nodded.

Yuan Zhou also nodded. Just as Zhou Shijie was about to get up, Ke Lin suddenly spoke with emotion.

“Xiao Yuan, you are welcome to visit your province.” After Colin finished speaking, he frowned and said, “Forget it, don’t come here.” But after a pause, he changed his tone: ” You should still come in your province, but don’t come too much.”

“Okay.” Yuan Zhou nodded solemnly.

When Ke Lin said this, his tone was no longer emotional, but extremely complicated. His gaze towards Yuan Zhou was also filled with worry and dissatisfaction.

And looking at Zhou Shijie is more direct, that is Chi Luoluo’s dissatisfaction.

“You old boy know how to cheat on me.” Colin scolded.

“Hahaha, I’m here to give you some insight.” Zhou Shijie endured Ke Lin’s vent with a smile.

“Xiao Yuan, you are really nice, see you when you have a chance.” Colin got up first and walked out of the box.

The one walked without looking back, fast and firm.

“This?” Yuan Zhou turned to look at Zhou Shijie in confusion.

“Hahaha, this guy runs quite fast.” Zhou Shijie laughed.

“You don’t need to worry about him, he’s in a complicated mood~IndoMTL.com~ can’t get up.” Zhou Shijie took Yuanzhou out of the box door and explained slowly.

“Why?” Yuan Zhou asked subconsciously.

Yuan Zhou really didn’t understand. He was fine when he was talking about cooking, why did he act like he didn’t want to see him after a while.

“The old guy doesn’t like to see you, but he likes you very much, but he has an apprentice, so you understand.” Zhou Shijie laughed.

Yuan Zhou heard it for a while, then nodded to indicate he understood.

Kelin, who walked out of the yard by the river, was just like what Zhou Shijie said. He liked Yuanzhou, but he didn’t like seeing him very much.

Yuanzhou is only one-third of his age, but he has his level. Zhou Shijie personally affirmed the level of Sichuan cuisine, and he personally tested the level of Qian cuisine. At such an age, where is he? You can rest assured that Yuanzhou will go to Gui Province.

If Yuanzhou went to your province to communicate with him, his disciples and grandchildren would not be ashamed to die. They were obviously people of the same age as him, but they were not on the same level as him.

Although Yuanzhou’s current level of Qiancai can’t reach his level, Yuanzhou started from the essence of Qiancai, and Ke Lin is sure that learning his current level means that for Yuanzhou Just around the corner.

How can such a person, Ke Lin, let his apprentices see him at ease? He believes that the apprentices he received are also geniuses in cooking. Sometimes geniuses have opponents who can promote each other’s progress, but Yuanzhou This can only hit people.

“This kid is a monster.” Before getting into the car, Ke Lin looked at Yuan Zhou who followed Zhou Shijie out of the yard, and muttered.

“Hey, why are you so young.” Colin sighed, then got into the car and left.

Colin didn’t like seeing Yuan Zhou, but he liked it very much, because he couldn’t refuse a man who worked so hard in cooking and was talented and gifted.


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