Gourmet Food Supplier Chapter 1305: Small idea



“If it’s him, yes,” added Colin.


“I knew you would agree. That kid is learning Qian cuisine recently, and he’s already looking good.” Zhou Shijie said proudly.


“Our Qiancai is not that easy to learn.” Ke Lin said meaningfully.


“What you said is not objective, which dish is easy to learn?” Zhou Shijie shook his head.


“However, our Guizhou cuisine is particularly difficult to learn. The multi-ethnic cuisine is mixed, the taste is rich and varied, and the ingredients are free and easy. This is not a simple thing.” Ke Lin shook his head and explained.


“Okay, I won’t say too much. You’ll know when you meet Xiao Yuan. These are not difficult for him.” Zhou Shijie affirmed.


“Then I’ll take a good look at your baby bump.” Colin teased.


“No problem, but it’s better if you don’t think about anything else then.” Zhou Shijie said meaningfully.


“What? Are you afraid that I will steal people from you? Then you will push people to me.” Colin said with contempt.


“No way, I’m afraid that other people are not qualified to communicate with Xiao Yuan, so you can make do with it.” Zhou Shijie pretended to be helpless.


“Go away, we still have quite a few masters in Qiancai.” Ke Lin looked indifferent, his temper was not small.


“You’re not the only one here recently.” Zhou Shijie continued.


“Hmph, I want to see how powerful Yuanzhou is.” Although Ke Lin said so, he also agreed with Yuanzhou’s formidableness in his heart, otherwise it would be impossible for Zhou Shijie to directly agree to mention Yuanzhou’s name.


“No problem, the time is set in three days, and I will take someone there.” Zhou Shijie followed.


“Okay.” Colin nodded.


“I’ll see you at the yard by the river at three o’clock in the afternoon. Xiao Yuan can only come after opening the shop.” Zhou Shijie said.


“I heard that the kid is very persistent in opening a store. It seems to be true.” Ke Lin obviously knew about the last time the two provinces joined forces to provoke Yuanzhou.


“That’s natural. That kid set a lot of rules for himself, and he followed them one by one. He is a very principled person.” Zhou Shijie said seriously.


“Principles are good,” Colin agreed.


“It’s a good thing.” Zhou Shijie also agreed: “There are too many people who are unprincipled now.”


“Let’s go quickly after the matter is finished, I’m going to rest.” As he said that, Colin started chasing people directly.


“Your temper is still so weird, so your apprentice can stand it.” Zhou Shijie scolded with a smile.


“Of course I have to suffer as my apprentice.” After Colin finished speaking, he slammed the hotel door.


After closing the door, Ke Lin couldn’t help muttering: “The youngest Sichuan cuisine master is still proficient in pasta, and now he is starting to learn Qian cuisine again, so Yuanzhou seems to be only twenty-six this year.”


Thinking of his twenty-six, Colin couldn’t help being silent.


Chou Shijie naturally didn’t know about Ke Lin’s feelings, but the expression on his face when he went downstairs was full of joy. After returning home, he couldn’t wait to go to the study and call Yuan Zhou.


The thoughtful Zhou Shijie was interrupted by Colin’s words.


Just listen to Ke Lin said: “I think you have learned almost all the famous dishes in Guizhou cuisine. It’s very good.”


“Yes, I have been studying for a while, and I have gained a little.” Yuan Zhou nodded.


“I see that you have written some opinions on the bad and spicy food in your notebook. Why don’t we discuss it.” After speaking, Ke Lin returned the notebook to Yuanzhou.


“Okay.” Yuan Zhou nodded, then retracted his notebook and sat back to his seat.


“Wait, if we want to discuss, we have to wait for tea to come.” Zhou Shijie heard a soft knock on the door, interrupting the two of them, and then raised his voice to invite people outside the door to come in.


The door of the box “Wash La” opened, and three girls in student uniforms walked in, each carrying a tray and walking into the box.


“This is the Zunyi black tea of ​​the three, please taste it slowly.” The three girls put down a pot of brewed teapots and cups on the long table for the three of them in turn, and said.


“Thank you.” The three of them thanked softly, and then the girls who poured the tea left the box.


The box is now quiet again.


“First, drink the tea. You don’t have a dry mouth after talking so much? Try the tea here.” Zhou Shijie first picked up the teacup and said.


“Okay, let’s see how the tea you introduced, but the people are very nice.” When he spoke, Ke Lin looked at Yuan Zhou.


Clearly Colin admires Yuanzhou very much now, especially after seeing Yuanzhou’s neat and detailed notebook with his own ideas.


“Of course, I don’t have to dare to say, this vision is always good.” Zhou Shijie said complacently.


“Uncle Zhou is right.” Yuanzhou replied dryly.


“Hahaha, you’re the mother-in-law selling melons and boasting.” Colin took a sip of tea, his face relaxed a little, and he laughed.


Yuan Zhou took a sip and didn’t speak.


It was Ke Lin who took the initiative to say, “Since Xiao Yuan, you call him Uncle Zhou, then I will call me Uncle Ke, so you don’t know what to call him.”


“Okay, Uncle Ke.” Yuan Zhou nodded.


“Don’t think about anything that shouldn’t be moved.” Zhou Shijie warned.


“No.” Colin glanced at Zhou Shijie with contempt, then looked directly at Yuan Zhou and started talking to Yuan Zhou.


“I see you said above that you think the bad chili peppers today are different from those in ancient times, and the bad chili peppers in the past are more in line with the bad and spicy taste of Qian cuisine, is that so?” Colin said.


“Yes.” Yuan Zhou nodded.


“Why do you say that?” Colin asked.


“The location of Gui Province is located on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, with a special geographical climate and many mountains and high mountains~IndoMTL.com~ and the mountains are rich in hundreds of Chinese medicinal materials, hundreds of natural wild edible plants and hundreds of species of wild edible plants. Wild animals, relying on the mountains to eat the mountains, are based on the food culture of Gui Province, and the food culture of Guizhou is rich in exotic animals, and Qian cuisine is one of them.


“Well, that’s true. Our Qian cuisine has a lot of flavors. It’s a fusion of many cuisines and it has developed into what it is today.” Colin nodded.


“Although your province has many mountains and abundant products, there are two things that have not been produced since ancient times, that is, salt and cotton.” Yuanzhou said.


Hearing this, Colin raised his brows and looked at Yuanzhou more seriously.


“Let’s not talk about the origin and history of chili peppers, let’s just say that bad chili peppers need to be made from fresh Dangwu Township red chili peppers with thick meat and not too spicy taste in August to September every year. It’s spicy and fragrant.” Yuan Zhou said in a straightforward manner.


“Yes, indeed.” Colin nodded.


Yuanzhou continued: “But your province does not produce salt, and today’s bad chili peppers will add a lot of salt to the chili peppers, one for seasoning and the other to prevent spoilage, both of which are contrary to The old practice of bad chili was changed.”


Colin raised his eyebrows, his old face looking forward to the follow-up.


“I have checked the history of Gui Province and Yun Province, as well as the history of salt administration in Sichuan Province, and found that in the past, most of the salt in Gui Province came from well salt and rock salt in Sichuan Province, and of course a small amount came from Yun Province. rock salt.” Yuan Zhou said.


“In Guizhou, a province with little salt, the Miao people in southeastern Guizhou use sour instead of salty, and the spiciness is actually mainly sour and spicy.” Yuanzhou affirmed.


“So you restored the old bad peppers?” Colin said?


“Yes, the steps are at the end of the notebook, put it in slightly acidic water, and then use it to concoct fresh peppers, without adding a little salt to balance the acid water and peppers.” Yuanzhou nodded.



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