Gourmet Food Supplier Chapter 1143: Rural kitchen plan in 3 provinces in southwest China



When she heard Yuanzhou’s name, the girl looked up at Yuanzhou carefully before continuing to speak.


“Okay, please take the elevator here to the seventh floor and you will arrive at the president’s office.” The girl at the front desk said while reaching out to indicate the location of the elevator.


“Thank you.” Yuan Zhou nodded in thanks, then walked quickly into the elevator that had just opened.


When the elevator went up, the girl at the front desk sat down and said, “I didn’t expect this Mr. Yuanzhou to be so young, he seems to be a few years older than me.”


The girl at the front desk is a senior who has just interned. She is twenty-two this year.


Of course, Yuanzhou didn’t know about it. He took the plan and went all the way to the seventh floor. At this time, Zhong Lili was waiting at the elevator door.


“Mr. Yuan, please come inside.” Zhong Lili stepped sideways to get out of the way.


Yuanzhou’s face was calm, and he didn’t ask how long Zhong Lili had waited. He nodded and followed Zhong Lili to Zhou Shijie’s office.


Walking to the door of the office, Zhong Lili politely knocked on the door, and then said, “President, Mr. Yuan is here.”


“Please come in.” Zhou Shijie’s voice sounded, followed by footsteps.


“Wow” as soon as the wooden door opened, I saw that Zhou Shijie had come to the door.


“Xiao Yuan is here, sit inside.” Zhou Shijie said with a smile.


“Hello, President.” Yuan Zhou greeted.


“Okay, I’m an old man who is naturally very good, just thinking about eating the food you make.” Zhou Shijie first replied to Yuan Zhou, then turned his head to Zhong Lili next to him and said, “Xiao Zhong, go and bring two cups of warm water. Come.”


Zhou Shijie knew that Yuanzhou only drank boiled water, so he directly let Zhong Lili take it.


“Okay president.” Zhong Lili nodded competently, then turned around and left.


“Thank you, President.” Yuan Zhou said.


“You’re welcome, Xiao Yuan, this is your first time here.” Zhou Shijie led Yuan Zhou into the door and sat on the sofa beside him.


Zhou Shijie and Yuan Zhou sat opposite each other at the tea table.


“Well, this is my first time here.” Yuan Zhou nodded.


“How about it, do you have any thoughts of sitting in a few years?” Zhou Shijie said in a natural tone.


The meaning of Zhou Shijie’s words is obvious. He wants Yuan Zhou to be the president of the Huaxia Chefs Union in the future.


Yuanzhou frowned slightly, glanced at Zhou Shijie, and then said, “I don’t have this idea for the time being.”


“Haha, you’re just too attentive, if you continue to progress like this, no one will be convinced if you don’t sit in this position in the future.” Zhou Shijie laughed.


Yuanzhou’s goal is to become a master chef, and he really hasn’t thought about the chairman.


“This is the purpose of my visit today, President Zhou, please take a look.” Yuan Zhou didn’t answer, he directly handed over the folder in his hand and bluntly changed the subject.


“Xiao Yuan think about it carefully, there is nothing else in this place, but it is convenient.” Zhou Shijie took the document and said seriously.


“I will.” Yuan Zhou nodded.


“Okay then, I’ll see what this is.” Seeing Yuan Zhou’s promise, Zhou Shijie’s smile became even brighter, and he lowered his head and started to turn it over.


“President, Mr. Yuan’s warm water.” Just as Zhou Shijie bowed his head and Yuan Zhou didn’t speak, Zhong Lili came in with two glasses of warm water and put them down.


Zhong Lili is tall and tall, wearing high-heeled shoes, she bent down slightly and put down the water glass in her hand.


Zhou Shijie didn’t lift his head, just nodded.


“Thank you.” Yuan Zhou said warmly.


“You’re welcome.” Zhong Lili shook her head, then turned and walked out the door.


Zhou Shijie read quickly, and as soon as Zhong Lili left, he raised his head.


“Xiao Yuan, you are really very thoughtful. This proposal is very good. This local chef is also a chef, so he should have a reputation.” Zhou Shijie started to praise.


The person who brings food to people and enjoys it on the palate is the chef, not to mention that many local chefs have unique skills.


Hearing Zhou Shijie’s praise, Yuan Zhou breathed a sigh of relief.


After all, this is Yuanzhou’s first time making a plan, and he is still a little nervous, but now it seems that he has done it very successfully.


“It seems that I still have the talent for planning and copywriting.” Yuan Zhou thought happily.


“Then President, look at when the preparations for this event can begin. I will be responsible for the funds.” Yuan Zhou said.


“You can do it tomorrow.” Zhou Shijie said immediately.


“Thank you, President.” Yuan Zhou said.


“You’re welcome, but Xiao Yuan, you are too sincere. You can’t give out the funds alone.” Zhou Shijie said with a smile.


“President, I have money.” Yuan Zhou said this with confidence.


“I know that you are rich, but which of your ingredients don’t cost a lot of money, you just need to pay a part.” Zhou Shijie said.


“The rest?” Yuan Zhou knew that Zhou Shijie was saving money for him, so he didn’t refuse.


“Our kitchen union provides a part, and another part is of course looking for the government. This is a good thing to publicize. It can be done even better with the help of the government.” Zhou Shijie said.


“Yes.” Yuan Zhou nodded.


“But our province is too small. After all, this is Xiao Yuan’s first time as a promoter.” Zhou Shijie frowned and thought.


“This way, expand it a little bit. Let’s organize this activity together in the three southwestern provinces. What do you think, Xiao Yuan.” Zhou Shijie asked.


“If you agree with the president, then it’s naturally good.” Yuan Zhou said.


“Of course I want to be bigger, Xiao Yuan, you should also become famous, leave this to me.” Zhou Shijie saw Yuan Zhou’s agreement ~IndoMTL.com~ immediately decided.


Without waiting for Yuan Zhou to speak, Zhou Shijie immediately picked up the phone on the table and made a call.


“Xiao Zhong, come in.” Zhou Shijie said immediately as soon as the call was connected.


No wonder Zhou Shijie was so fast. He really felt that Yuanzhou was too low-key, and he did not participate in many activities, or there were only a handful of activities he had participated in so far.


It’s rare that Yuanzhou himself is willing to be famous. Zhou Shijie naturally gave him some publicity. Famous chefs and famous chefs naturally have to be famous.


“President, what’s the matter?” Zhong Lili opened the door and walked in.


“Look at this plan, but if it is to be a big event in our three southwestern provinces, the initiator is Xiao Yuan.” Zhou Shijie handed the plan to Zhong Lili and said.


“Okay, I’ll leave it to you tomorrow.” Zhong Lili took it and said simply.


“Yes.” Zhou Shijie nodded, and Zhong Lili went out with the plan.


“Let me know what Xiao Yuan thinks in the future. You don’t have to come over in person, so I can just go to your restaurant for a meal, old man.” Zhou Shijie turned to look at Yuan Zhou and said with a smile.


“We can have dinner together at noon.” Yuan Zhou said.


“Haha, that feeling is good, let’s go, let’s go now.” When Zhou Shijie heard this, he immediately pulled Yuan Zhou up, turned around and walked out the door.


“It’s not yet lunch time.” Yuan Zhou reminded.


“Xiao Yuan, you are eating your own craft every day. That’s because a hungry man doesn’t know how hungry he is. I haven’t eaten it for more than a week. Eat it.” Zhou Shijie said while pulling Yuan Zhou, very fast.


“You can go first now.” Yuan Zhou said.


“The relationship is good, but the one who saves is always behind the mustache.” Zhou Shijie said with a smile.


While speaking, the two went directly to the lobby on the first floor and were about to walk out of the gate.




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