Gourmet Food Supplier Chapter 1142: Let’s talk about business



Recently, Rongcheng likes to rain at night, so Yuanzhou felt a wave of water vapor and coolness when he opened the window when he woke up.


“It’s cool in the morning, and it’s probably very hot in the afternoon, but it’s good for the harvest.” Yuan Zhou took a deep breath, then picked up his clothes and washed.


After a quick wash, Yuan Zhou put on his sports clothes and went out for a run.


To say that the current Yuanzhou is 176, but wearing short-sleeved shorts and sportswear, he looks tall and straight, his legs are long and his arms are strong, and his serious look is also very male.


Yuanzhou always started running along the back alley, but today he just ran to the entrance of the alley, and there was a person standing there.


It’s Wu Hai who hasn’t run for a long time in sportswear.


“Morning, Compass.” Wu Hai raised his hand and touched his mustache, then greeted.


“It’s rare to see you exercising.” Yuan Zhou gave Wu Hai a strange look.


“I’m a painter and I don’t need to exercise often. Anyway, I don’t need chicken feet to be crazy.” Wu Hai said naturally.


“Oh.” Yuan Zhou nodded and said nothing.


“Compasses, you don’t have anything to ask me?” Wu Hai ran to the place next to Yuanzhou and asked with a thief look on his face.


“Ask what?” Yuan Zhou was thinking about the plan, but he couldn’t remember what he wanted to ask Wu Hai.


“What happened last night.” Wu Hai said proudly.


“Last night?” Yuan Zhou glanced at Wu Hai and said nothing.


“Hehe, there were a lot of fruit after ordering last night.” The pride on Wu Hai’s face could not be suppressed.


I’m a little curious about this Yuanzhou. It’s true that most of the diners ordered fruit after dinner last night. This is the first time that fruit has been on the menu.


But because of Yin Ya’s arrival last night, Yuan Zhou didn’t pay much attention to this unusual point.


What’s more, this post-dinner fruit is on the menu for diners to order, and the system naturally prepares it every day, so Yuanzhou is not very surprised.


“Then what?” Yuan Zhou asked leisurely as he ran.


“That’s all because of me. I told everyone that no one ordered fruit after dinner.” Wu Hai pointed to the tip of his nose and said.


That’s right, Wu Hai deliberately got up early to exercise today to tell Yuan Zhou about this, and he was really unscrupulous.


“It’s rare to see you so generous.” Only then did Yuan Zhou look at Wu Hai.


“I’ve always been generous.” Wu Hai said proudly.


“Haha.” Yuan Zhou didn’t turn his head this time.


“Sooner or later someone found out about the fruit, but now I found out and told them, and they naturally have to thank me.” Wu Hai said with a complacent face, rubbing his moustache.


Wu Hai told everyone that the reason for the fruit after dinner is that firstly, it was found out that it was inevitable, and secondly, he felt that such a fanciful thing should be done by him.


Yuanzhou ignored Wu Hai’s boast and ran away slowly.


And Wu Hai is running on the side and talking or boasting from time to time, but the main purpose is to boast.


For Wu Hai, even boasting has to be listened to.


Fortunately, Yuan Zhou had already practiced the skill to keep the expression on his face when Mount Tai collapsed in front of him. He joked that Yuan Zhou practiced his expression in front of the mirror every day as a fake.


During breakfast, Cheng Ying heard Yuan Zhou’s words this time. She entered the store with Zhou Jia, but the two met at the intersection of Taoxi Road.


As soon as the breakfast time was over, Zhou Jia looked at Cheng Ying and then walked out of the store. As soon as she left, Yuan Zhou said, “You go back first, I have something to go out, so you can’t follow me.”


Yuanzhou seemed to know what Cheng Ying was going to say, and put an end to Cheng Ying’s request to follow in advance.


“But, Master, I can drive, so it’s very stable.” Cheng Ying still didn’t give up, and took out the black driver’s license book in her wallet.


This time Yuan Zhou was silent.


“Master, let me take you off. If my dad knew that I didn’t take you there, maybe he would confiscate my car when he got home. It’s not easy for me to buy a car.” Cheng Ying looked at Yuan Zhou pitifully and said.


“You drive away when you get there.” After Yuan Zhou finished speaking, he went upstairs to change his clothes.


“Yeah, it’s true that the master is the most stubborn and soft-hearted.” Cheng Ying succeeded in the battle and smiled quietly.


When Yuan Zhou went downstairs, he rarely wore a short-sleeved shirt, beige slacks, and a pair of white sneakers.


This kind of Yuan Zhou looks like a college student, but his face is much more mature because of his serious look.


“Master is handsome even in casual clothes.” Cheng Ying praised Yuan Zhou immediately after seeing Yuan Zhou go downstairs.


Yuanzhou nodded expressionlessly, and then praised: “Cheng Zhaomei’s daughter is just like him, she is very honest.”


One more thing, the eyes of the masses are sharp.


In this way, under Yuanzhou’s hidden expression of satisfaction, Cheng Ying brought Yuanzhou to the front of her car.


Cheng Ying drove a Volvo black sedan and opened the co-pilot’s door. Cheng Ying looked at Yuanzhou and said, “Master, go in first.”


Yuanzhou paused for a while, then said, “No, you go first.”


Cheng Ying, like Technician Cheng, basically did not violate Yuan Zhou’s words, so she nodded and entered the cab from the other side, and Yuan Zhou sat in the co-pilot’s seat.


“The gentleman’s demeanor must not be forgotten.” Yuan Zhou fastened his seatbelt and thought to himself.


“Master, where are we going?” Cheng Ying asked.


“Can you find the Chef’s Union building?” Yuan Zhou said.


“No problem, I’ve been there with my dad a few times.” Cheng Ying nodded, then started the car and drove out of the garage to the road.


Cheng Ying, who was driving, was a little different from usual. Her white face was sullen and her eyes were looking straight ahead very seriously~IndoMTL.com~ While Yuan Zhou was sitting quietly, neither playing with his phone nor in a daze, The plan in his hand was spinning in his mind.


Cheng Ying would subconsciously look back at Yuan Zhou at traffic lights before driving.


Because the distance is not far, the car arrived at the downstairs of the Chef’s Union building in half an hour.


“Master, it’s here.” Cheng Ying stopped the car.


“Well, I’m sorry.” Yuan Zhou nodded, then got up and got out of the car.


“No trouble, Master, when will I come to pick you up?” Cheng Ying asked with wide eyes.


“Ten forty.” Yuan Zhou said.


“Okay, Master, I will definitely be there on time, you are busy first.” After Cheng Ying finished speaking, she drove away quickly, as if she was afraid of Yuanzhou’s repentance.


“This little girl.” Yuan Zhou smiled a little, then shook his head and turned to walk into the building.


This is the headquarters of the Chefs Union. It is said to be a building, but it is actually a seven-story building. With an antique green tile building, the car just stopped in front of the circular flower bed directly opposite the building. The whole environment here looks very quiet.


When I got closer, I found that the door is a whole piece of glass sliding door, which looks like a combination of modernity and antique.


The “ding” door made a slight opening sound, and a little girl in a skirt immediately stood up at the front desk facing the door.


“Hello, this is the China Chefs Union General Meeting, what’s your business?” the little girl asked in a clear voice.


“I have an appointment with President Zhou. I am Yuan Zhou.” Yuan Zhou said.


Yes, Yuanzhou had this idea two days ago, and made an appointment to interview Zhou Shijie today. Originally, Zhou Shijie said that he would come by himself, but Yuanzhou refused.




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