Godly Student Chapter 6601: Anxious!


Latest website: However, although Marvin thought so thoroughly, not everyone was as clear as he thought.

Some people feel that they are now in the purple-robed man’s magic weapon, but they are very worried in their hearts.

Their strength is not as good as that of the purple-robed man, and now they are in his magic weapon, then their life and death are really in the hands of the purple-robed man.

At this moment, they finally understood. No wonder the man in purple robe wanted them to let go of their immortal thoughts.

What they should have thought of long ago is that they only need to let go of their fairy thoughts when they enter other people’s magic weapons.

But if you think about it carefully, even if they knew all this, there seems to be no way to change it.

The man in purple robe made it very clear just now.

Let go of the immortal thoughts, and they will have a chance to survive. If you don’t let go of your immortal thoughts, you will soon die.

It’s just that they now know that this place is just a magic weapon, and they also know that they have no way to escape unless the man in purple robe releases them.

But this holy city is really terrible, it actually has such a magic weapon.

You know, even in the fairy world, not everyone has such a magic weapon.

If nothing else, just talk about the fairy spirit here. Even in the fairy world, not every place has such a strong fairy spirit.

If such a place were discovered in the fairy world, I am afraid there would be many strong people fighting for it as a place to establish a sect.

So it can be seen that this magic weapon is really amazing, especially the casual cultivators like them will really drool when they see it.

Coupled with the mountains of immortal-level resources in front of them, there are many resources that even mortal immortals like them need to advance to virtual immortals.

These resources are very difficult for them to obtain in the fairy world. After all, their strength is limited and they do not have a powerful force to back them up.

Every resource they obtain in the fairy world must rely on their own strength to fight for it.

Now that I see so many resources at once, how can I not be greedy!

However, the man in purple robe has made it very clear that this is for them to refine the elixir. If they dare to use it privately, needless to say, they will not even have bones anymore.

But this just shows that this holy city is not simple.

They really foolishly thought that this holy city was just a mortal cultivating force in the human world.

Have you ever seen a mortal cultivating force that can provide so many immortal-level resources?

Let alone the human world, even the mortal cultivators in the fairy world may not have this ability.

Because the immortal-level resources must be competed by the immortals, and ordinary cultivators do not have the strength to compete with the immortals for resources.

So this holy city is simply not something they can deal with.

What’s more, what they see now is just a magic weapon of the purple-robed man.

If they could go to the Holy City’s lair, perhaps it would surprise them even more.

But they don’t dare to say such things now.

The Holy City’s lair is definitely the Holy City’s biggest secret. Even if they have surrendered to the Holy City, the purple-robed man will definitely not let them know where the Holy City’s lair is.

So they shouldn’t think so much for the time being.

Their only thought now should be to survive first.

Only by surviving can they be qualified to learn more.

Moreover, they still want to return to the fairy world. It is impossible to return to the immortal world by working for the immortal mansion.

Because the Immortal Mansion gave them only one task, which was to destroy the Holy City.

But with their strength, can they destroy such a holy city?

Let alone these casual cultivators, based on what they see now, even if the army of the Immortal Mansion comes in person, they will probably have to stay in the human world.

So they were really lucky. Fortunately, Marvin was not the kind of die-hard person.

Knowing that he was no match for those strong men in the Holy City, he still persisted.

Marvin did not, but sent a letter of surrender to the strong men in the Holy City early.

I have to say, this move is really wonderful.

The method of returning to the fairyland by destroying the Holy City is obviously not feasible, but Marvin just found another way for them to return to the fairyland, and that is to let the Holy City help them.

Although their life and death are now controlled by the Holy City, he feels that this is much more reliable than the promise of the Immortal Mansion.

Let’s not talk about whether the promise of the Immortal Mansion is true or not, whether we can really return to the Immortal Realm after destroying the Holy City.

Even if it’s true, so what?

With such a powerful holy city before them, can they pass this level?

What ability do they have to destroy the Holy City?

If those guys in the inner dynasty are still obsessed with destroying the Holy City for the Immortal Mansion, they believe that they will definitely be destroyed in the end.

But this kind of thing is not what they should be concerned about. They just need to complete the tasks assigned by the man in purple robes honestly.

As long as enough elixir is refined for them, they can return to the fairy world.

This sounds much more reliable.

But, how can the Holy City send them back to the fairy world?

An even more important point is that they have really completed the task assigned by the purple-robed man and refined enough elixir for their holy city. Will they really keep their promise?

They won’t kill the donkey, right?

After all, these people in the Holy City are very vicious at first sight and are not so easy to get along with.

Even though they don’t kill people now, when they kill people, they are not merciless at all.

It is said that when they were in Bai Maple City before, although they all surrendered to the Holy City, they still killed those ordinary cultivators.

Before, they were still a little confused as to why they wanted to kill all the mortal cultivators.

But now, they obviously understand.

It turns out that the Holy City needs them to refine the elixir. Since they are refining the elixir, the monks under the immortals are naturally of no use.

However, there are still some immortals who do not know how to refine elixir~Soverse.com~I don’t know what the purple-robed man will ask them to do.

And this is what those immortals are worried about. Seeing that the people in purple robes have given tasks to the immortals who can refine elixirs, they also want to know what their tasks are.

In particular, the task of refining the elixir seems to be very simple, at least for those who can refine the elixir.

What’s more, the purple-robed man even provided them with various methods for refining elixirs.

This can’t help but make them all envious. If they have the opportunity to obtain those alchemy methods, maybe they can successfully refine the elixir, right?

And now they don’t know if their mission will be difficult, or if it will be life-threatening.

But they didn’t dare to ask, so they could only stand there and wait anxiously for the purple-robed man’s arrangements.

I just hope that their tasks are the same as those people’s. Even if they are more difficult, it doesn’t matter, as long as their lives are not in danger!


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