Godly Student Chapter 6600: Great future!


Latest website: “Those who know how to make elixirs should stand on the left!” Cheng Yu said straight to the point.

These people looked at each other. Could it be that the man in purple robe wanted them to refine the elixir?

However, they did not dare to hesitate. Being able to refine the elixir was a good thing. After all, the man in purple robe had just made it clear that if he did his job well, he would have a chance to return to the fairy world.

If the man in purple robe really wanted them to refine the elixir, the job would be much simpler than they imagined.

So those immortals who knew how to refine elixirs immediately stood to the left of the purple-robed man.

On the contrary, those who stood still and did not know how to refine the elixir were in a hurry.

The purple-robed people need people to refine the elixir, but they don’t know how to refine the elixir. Does that mean they are useless?

If it is no longer useful, will it be killed?

At this moment, they thought of too many things at once, and cold sweat broke out on their foreheads.

I was really afraid that the people in purple robes thought they had no value, so they went and killed them all.

“Sir, although we don’t know how to refine elixirs, we can also do other work for you. We can even help your holy city deal with the inner dynasty!” An immortal was very afraid that he would be killed by the purple-robed man, so he hurriedly He spoke.

“Yes! Sir, please don’t kill us. As long as you give us a chance to live, we are willing to do anything!” When the others heard this, they became even more anxious and even knelt on the ground and asked Cheng Yu requested.

They feel regret now.

If they had known how to make alchemy earlier, they would have saved their lives in the future. They had to learn how to make alchemy back then no matter what.

Now that others are showing their worth, can they not be anxious?

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you yet, you are still useful to me!” Cheng Yu said with a smile.

“Thank you for not killing me!” When the immortals heard this, they felt relieved.

Although I don’t know what kind of tasks the purple-robed people have for them and how they can show their value, but since the purple-robed people still use them, at least it means that there is no problem for them to save their lives.

Cheng Yu did not pay attention to these people, but directly took out a bunch of immortal resources and elixir formulas, and stunned these people again on the spot.

So many immortal-level resources?

You must know that they are casual cultivators. To be honest, they have never seen so many immortal-level resources at one time when they were in the immortal world. They have already piled up into a mountain.

“These resources are the tasks given to you. There are also some formulas for refining various elixirs. You can refine the elixirs according to your own abilities and the resources here.

The more you refine, the greater your value becomes. The greater the value, the greater the reward.

I know that you are actually just casual cultivators in the immortal world. Even if you come to the human world to deal with my holy city this time, you will only be captured by the immortal government forcibly.

So I won’t embarrass you.

As long as you refine more elixirs in our holy city, you will naturally have a chance to return to the fairy world.

But if you don’t work hard enough to refine more elixirs for my holy city, then I don’t need to tell you what will happen to you.

Finally, there is another point. Whether it is the fairy spirit here or the resources of these immortals, it is best for you not to have any inappropriate thoughts.

Your mission is only to refine the elixir for me. If I find out that you are just using all the resources here to practice, then you will never want to leave here.

Because this is just a magic space for me.

I can clearly see every move you make here. So you must not use your cleverness to play tricks on me, otherwise you will lose your own life. This is not cost-effective, do you understand? “Cheng Yu said to the group of immortals on the left who can refine elixirs.

“Understand, understand, we will definitely refine the elixir here. Except after refining the elixir, we will never use anything here for private use!” Marvin was the first to say.

By this time, he had already seen through everything.

To be honest, this holy city is too mysterious.

He believed that what he saw now was just the tip of the iceberg of the Holy City.

The Holy City even has such magic weapons, no wonder there are so many powerful immortal-like mortal cultivators.

In comparison, this holy city is really incredible.

He even really doubted whether this holy city was a certain Immortal Sect in the Immortal Realm. He had to flee here only because he offended the Immortal Mansion.

Perhaps the strength of this holy city in the fairy world is still a little behind.

But in this human world, even the Immortal Mansion may not be their opponent.

After all, the power of the Immortal Palace is not here, and they cannot send too many people to the human world.

So this holy city can be said to have absolute power.

The Immortal Mansion has captured these casual cultivators here to deal with such a holy city. This is purely to let them die.

But judging from the current situation, Xianfu seems to have known this from the beginning.

That’s why we captured these casual cultivators and sent them to the human world.

But if he had not chosen to surrender to the Holy City before, then he would definitely die at the hands of the powerful men in the Holy City. Then why would he talk about returning to the fairyland after destroying the Holy City?

By the time the Holy City is destroyed, he will be finished already and return to the fairy world.

But it’s different now, even though he chose to surrender because he was afraid of death.

But now it seems that this is the real right choice.

And the Holy City obviously has a way to return to the Immortal Realm. Instead of working for the Immortal Mansion to get a vague opportunity to return to the Immortal Realm, it is really better to surrender to the Holy City and refine some elixirs for the Holy City. A chance to return to the fairy world.

More importantly, working for the Immortal Mansion means working hard.

But it is different for the Holy City. What they are waiting for now is the magic weapon of the purple-robed man.

The strength of this purple-robed man is very likely to have reached the level of a pseudo-true immortal. ~Soverse.com~With people like this around, can those in the Inner Dynasty really defeat the Holy City?

So if he wants to work for the Immortal Mansion, he has to go to war with the Holy City. The possibility of death is too high.

But now, he only needs to stay in this magic weapon to refine the elixir for the Holy City. Is there any easier and safer task than this?

More importantly, this person should not be the Holy Lord of the Holy City. After all, the Holy Lord is not so easy to see.

Not to mention such a mysterious force in the Holy City.

From this point of view, even the purple-robed man’s strength is at the level of a pseudo-true immortal, so their holy master may really be a true immortal.

With the support of a true immortal, and in this human world, what safer place could there be?

If I had known this was the case, why would he have had to wait so long? He would have fled from the inner court and sought refuge in the Holy City.


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