Godly Student Chapter 6362: Very interesting technique!


These people in the inner court actually don’t know much about the Cheng family they are going to attack next.

As a disciple of the Inner Dynasty, discussing such a topic is obviously a bit treasonous.

So no one dared to discuss it openly, and they only dared to discuss it secretly within a small circle and among a few people they trusted very much.

But after some people learned the true situation of the Cheng family, some changes did occur in their hearts.

But they are disciples of the Inner Dynasty after all, and they cannot betray the Cheng family no matter what.

Now they are only four or five days away from their destination, and they are still waiting for news from Tianshan City, so everyone is idle.

Everyone talked a lot, but most of the topics they talked about were about the Cheng family.

It’s just that not everyone’s talk is quite as extreme.

Even those immortals are talking about the Cheng family. After all, this is their mission goal.

However, most of what they talked about did not take them to heart, especially the ten immortals at the level of virtual immortals.

Ten virtual immortals come to deal with a mortal force. In their opinion, this is really outrageous.

But there is no way. There are strong and weak Xuxian. If they are strong and have a high status, they can naturally be assigned to them.

“Although the Cheng family cannot be treated by us, it is really interesting that they, mere mortals, can withstand the pressure of the immortals!” said Fang Junliang, a monk in the early stage of Xuxian.

“You don’t even think about it. A mere force in the human world has attracted the attention of the Immortal Mansion. If this force has no ability at all, how is this possible?” Ning Yu, a cultivator in the early stage of Void Immortal, said with a smile.

“I have no interest in either the Holy City or the Cheng family. I am more interested in their techniques.

A mortal who has practiced this kind of skill can actually compete with mortal immortals. This kind of skill is extremely rare even in the immortal world.

After we destroy the Cheng family or the Holy City, we can obtain such a technique.

Maybe we can kill everyone in the fairy world in the future! “The Immortal Yan Xiangyang, who is also in the early stage of Virtual Immortal, said with expectation.

“Then you are overthinking it. No matter how powerful this technique is, it is just a set of cultivation methods for mortals. It must only be useful for ordinary cultivation, and may not be useful for immortals like us!

And even if it is really useful, at most it can only improve one’s combat power by another level. ” said Jiang Shao, the Immortal in the early stage of Virtual Immortality.

Ordinary cultivation techniques are of no use to immortals.

Lingyuan transforms into Xianyuan, which is a completely reborn transformation. Xianyuan can be said to be an upgraded version of Lingyuan, but it is completely different from Lingyuan.

How can we use ordinary cultivation techniques to bring out the power of the immortal energy?

So after becoming a mortal immortal, if you want to exert the power of immortal energy to a greater extent, every mortal immortal must change its original skills and use immortal-level skills.

In his opinion, it is indeed a good technique for a mortal to reach the level of an immortal.

But that’s all. The monks in the Tribulation Stage have risen to another level and can just deal with mortal immortals.

But for them, being able to deal with mortal immortals is their limit.

It would be ridiculous to use such techniques to deal with virtual immortals like them.

Moreover, if practicing such a technique at the immortal level, can it still bring about a leap-forward improvement in strength?

This is obviously impossible!

“I don’t think so. According to the information we currently have, only monks in the Tribulation Stage who have practiced this set of techniques can resist the power of mortal immortals.

But monks below the Tribulation Stage cannot do it. Why is this? Yan Xiangyang asked rhetorically.

“Does this need to be said? Let’s not talk about ordinary cultivators in other realms, let’s talk about Mahayana monks who are only one realm lower than the Tribulation Stage.

This technique can only cross one realm, so even if they practice this technique, they can only be tied with the Tribulation Stage at best.

If you want Mahayana monks to resist the power of mortal immortals, it will be impossible no matter what techniques you practice.

So the question you asked is stupid. “Jiang Shao said with a smile.

“But I don’t think so!” Faced with Jiang Shao’s ridicule, Yan Xiangyang was not angry, but said seriously.

“Oh? Then tell me, do you think their Mahayana monks can withstand the power of the immortals?” Jiang Shao said.

“Of course I don’t mean that. The reason why I say that monks below the Tribulation Stage cannot resist the power of mortal immortals is not because of the gap in strength between them.

It’s because there is an essential difference between the monks below the Tribulation Stage and the monks at the Tribulation Stage. As for the difference, I don’t need to tell you, you all know that it is the power of the Immortal Essence. ”

“So what you are saying is that the reason why monks in the Tribulation Stage resisted the power of immortality through that mysterious technique is because they have the power of immortality in their bodies?” Jiang Shao obviously heard what the other party meant.

“Yes~Soverse.com~That’s what I think. If my guess is true, it means that this set of exercises is not simple, and it may even be an immortal-level exercise. Law.

So for us immortals, we can also practice. “Yan Xiangyang nodded.

“But this is just your guess!”

“It’s really just my guess, but as long as we can get that set of exercises, we can test it ourselves and know whether it’s true or not.

For us, this is an opportunity and it’s not a loss! Yan Xiangyang said with a smile.

He is really looking forward to this set of exercises.

Although he did not come to the human world voluntarily, since he came to the human world and heard that the mortal cultivators in this holy city can really fight against mortal immortals, he was quickly absorbed by the holy city’s skills. .

Although he has not yet seen the true strength of the monks in the tribulation period of the Cheng family and whether they can really fight against the immortal power, he is indeed very interested in the Holy City’s techniques.

If he can really obtain this kind of skill, it is indeed possible for him to achieve cross-level combat.

To be honest, skills that can transcend levels of combat are extremely rare even in the fairy world.

After all, in the fairy world, there are only a few immortals who want to fight across levels.

If the skills of cross-level fighting can be seen everywhere, it means that it is the norm for immortals to cross-level fighting.

But everyone can fight beyond the level, doesn’t that mean that they can’t cross the level?

And those immortals who cannot fight beyond levels are even weaker.

After all, most people have the ability to fight beyond levels, but only a few immortals do not have the ability to fight beyond levels. Those people are really sad.

However, he felt that if his conjecture was true, then he would become one of the very few people in the fairy world who could fight beyond the level. What a majesty this was!


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