Godly Student Chapter 6361: Good or bad!


Although their mission this time is to destroy the Cheng family, many of them have no idea what kind of force the Cheng family is.

Now that they heard that the Cheng family actually had such a big structure, they couldn’t help but feel awe in their hearts.

Even if the Cheng family is an enemy of the inner dynasty, they can’t bear to destroy such a force.

In fact, the Inner Dynasty and the Outer Dynasty have been at war over the years, and the powerful men of the Holy Dynasty even dared to come to the Inner Dynasty to attack them, which also caused great losses to the Inner Dynasty.

A lot of them are actually worried.

As more and more people die in court, the more they worry about whether they will be next.

But they had no choice. They had achieved their current achievements only under the cultivation of the Inner Dynasty.

It can be said that without the cultivation of the Inner Dynasty, they would not be where they are today.

In the past, they were indeed proud of their status as internal dynasties, but now they may lose their lives at every turn, and they are indeed worried.

It’s just that although Neichao has become a very dangerous place, they have no way to leave Neichao.

Because they also know that if they dare to betray the inner dynasty, they will definitely not end well.

In recent years, because the status of the Inner Dynasty in the world has plummeted, so many people have died, and there are indeed some people who want to rebel from the Inner Dynasty.

However, although the inner dynasty cannot destroy these outer dynasties and holy dynasties, it is more than enough to deal with them.

So how can they dare to rebel from the inner dynasty?

But now the Cheng family dares to do such a thing, allowing everyone in the world to go to the Cheng family to receive tasks, and there is no need to join the Cheng family. This is simply good news for casual cultivators all over the world.

No wonder the Cheng family can attract monks from all over the world!

To be honest, if they were not inner court disciples, they would definitely go to the Cheng family to take over the task after hearing such news.

For casual cultivators, they just want freedom, but lack the resources to practice.

The appearance of the Cheng family obviously satisfied them. How could anyone refuse this?

But now that their inner court has sent troops, and there are immortals accompanying them, it seems that the Cheng family has come to an end.

Thinking of this, they couldn’t help but feel a little regretful.

The world is changing so fast, no one knows what the future will hold for them.

If the inner dynasty really fails, they may one day become casual cultivators.

The existence of the Cheng family is obviously the most friendly to casual cultivators.

In the past, everyone would worry about losing resources for cultivation if they became casual cultivators, but now that the Cheng family is here, I believe no one will worry about losing resources after becoming casual cultivators.

Even they are not worried that there is no way out.

It can be seen that the existence of the Cheng family is really necessary.

It’s just that although they want the Cheng family to continue to exist, this kind of thing is not something they can decide.

As long as these immortals take action, nothing will happen!

“I used to wonder how the Cheng family had so many resources to support so many monks in exchanging resources.

But now I have some understanding, it is because the Cheng family is related to the Holy Dynasty.

For so many years, the Holy Dynasty has always been the most mysterious force.

But one thing is very clear, that is, the people of the Holy Dynasty are very powerful.

This also means that they have a lot of resources, so the Cheng family has so many resources to support so many monks! “The man said.

“If that’s the case, isn’t this holy dynasty doing good things? Because they support the Cheng family, how many monks in the world have the resources to practice?” Someone said, stunned.

For a moment, he even felt that he was the bad guy.

Indeed, based on what they are talking about now, what the Cheng family has done is indeed a great merit in the world.

Let everyone in the world have the resources to practice, what a big deal this is.

The Inner Dynasty has been in charge of the world for so many years and has so many resources, but they have never seen the Inner Dynasty do such great things.

So in comparison, he felt that the Holy Dynasty was more than a little bigger than the Inner Dynasty!

“This is not something we can care about. No matter what, we are all people from the internal dynasty.

But this Holy Dynasty is the enemy of the Inner Dynasty. As long as the Holy Dynasty exists for one day, our Inner Dynasty will basically have no good life.

The previous position of being in charge of the world’s resources will no longer exist! “Someone said.

“But even if the Inner Dynasty is in charge of the world’s resources, I have never seen the Inner Dynasty do anything like what the Cheng family did.” Some people’s moods are a little complicated now.

Don’t you think that the Cheng family and the Holy Dynasty are a blessing to the monks in the world?

Now that they are about to be destroyed, I really don’t know how to describe this feeling.

“Why do you think so much? As long as the inner dynasty does not lack our resources, it is enough. What does the matter of the monks in the world have to do with us?

The Cheng family and the Holy Dynasty have such a big pattern, but it does not mean that each of us must have such a big pattern.

And are the Cheng family and the Holy Dynasty really doing this to help the monks in the world? “Someone said.

Although he also admires what the Cheng family has done~Soverse.com~, no matter what, he is a member of the inner court.

So it is naturally impossible that because of the huge structure of the Cheng family, he would betray the inner dynasty. This is absolutely impossible.

“Isn’t it?” someone asked doubtfully.

“Of course not. The reason why they did this was clearly to win over the monks from all over the world, and the purpose was to overthrow the dominance of the inner dynasty.

So their overall plan is completely based on their own selfishness. ”

“But if everyone in the world can get enough resources to practice, I think it is understandable even if it is selfish.”

“You want to die? You are a disciple of the Inner Dynasty. Do you really want to betray the Inner Dynasty for the sake of the Cheng family?” The man couldn’t help but glared when he saw how stubborn this guy was.

“Of course I will not betray the Inner Dynasty. I just think that the Cheng family is not a bad force. The contribution it has made to the world of cultivation is incomparable even to the Inner Dynasty.

But if we want to destroy such a force, will we become sinners in the world of cultivation? “The man said.

“If the Cheng family and the Holy Dynasty cease to exist, everything in the world will return to the control of the Inner Dynasty. Whether we are sinners or heroes is not the Inner Dynasty’s final decision.

Do you think the inner court will regard us as sinners? “The man said disdainfully.

“But I still think it’s always bad for us to do this kind of thing!”

“You must not let the generals hear this, otherwise you will be dead now.

No matter what, you must always remember who you are.

How the world’s major events will change is not something we can decide.

We just have to obey orders and that’s enough.

As for the good or bad lives of monks in this world, what does it have to do with us? “The man couldn’t help but kindly reminded him.


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