Godly Student Chapter 5320: Come on!


“You don’t need to be so yin and yang. I naturally discovered the blow just now. It is indeed not simple. But even so, I can’t be as badly defeated as you are.

We now have seventeen people anyway. If you are afraid, you don’t have to do anything, just leave it to us! “Wu Zhiyu smiled disdainfully.

The power of the Holy Emperor’s Slash is indeed quite strong. It really surprised him that a mortal could exert such power.

But he doesn’t think it’s as scary as they say it is.

Because the power is great, it does not mean that it can kill everyone. People are alive, but moves are dead.

Is it because the enemy can kill immortals, they have to stand still and let them kill it?

So the power is great, but whether it can kill them is another matter.

And he didn’t think 10,000 people would be able to kill them.

“That’s right, if you guys are scared, just watch from the side. I’m just going to see if they’re really as strong as you said.” The strength of Shangfeng proves that they are just a bunch of waste.

“Let’s keep these sarcastic remarks until you defeat them, or else they will come back after a disastrous defeat. How embarrassing do you think that would be?” Jiang Kang sneered.

“I don’t agree with them!” But Uzzi came out against it.

“What do you mean?” Yu Jie frowned.

“Your arrogance and ignorance originally had nothing to do with us, it’s your own business. But now we all have a mission, that is to guard the passage, ensure that all people arrive here smoothly, and successfully complete the mission .

If something really happened to you, the five of us wouldn’t be able to keep the passage, and we would even risk our own lives for it.

So I don’t agree that you end up asking us to pay with our own lives because of your arrogance and ignorance. ‘ explained Uzzi.

“Yeah, I agree with that. You’re so stupid, if we don’t do it, you’ll have to die, and we don’t want to make trouble for ourselves.

In case you all do get killed by them, we’re going to be unlucky.

So for the time being, we have to act together. When it’s time for you to fight them, even if you die, it won’t affect the overall situation. I don’t care how much you want to die, it’s none of our business.

But now, absolutely not! “Shang Feng also reacted and hurriedly expressed his position.

Before meeting Cheng Yu, there was some contradiction between them, but they tried their best to cooperate in the battle.

And after a life-and-death battle, the conflict between them was basically resolved, and they all recognized the strength of the descendants of the Holy City.

Now there are only five of them left, and they completely treat everyone as their own.

But these newcomers always thought that they had lost so much before, and they looked down on them, so they naturally became more united.

If it weren’t for the fact that they lacked the ability to protect themselves now, and didn’t have enough strength to protect the passage, they really didn’t want to worry about the life and death of these newcomers.

Do they really think that being an immortal can do whatever they want in the Nether?

This is really a very stupid idea, otherwise why would they come from the fairyland?

But no matter how stupid they are now, they don’t think about these stupid guys, they have to think about themselves.

So they are willing to hold back this discomfort for a while, and they have to pass this difficult period first.

If there is no such worry, it has nothing to do with them how they want to find death in the future.

Anyway, the Holy City dispatched nearly 10,000 experts this time, so this is no joke.

Although I guessed that they couldn’t be as terrifying as Cheng Yu, judging from their Sacred Emperor Slash just now, their power should not be underestimated.

And they are only ten people at once, five times in a row.

But what if there were nearly 10,000 people at the same time? That scene was terrifying.

No matter how strong Cheng Yu is, he is definitely not as powerful as ten thousand people, so they dare not underestimate these people.

You have to work with them honestly first.

“Let’s cooperate when we cooperate, but don’t hold us back. If you are really scared and don’t dare to fight with them, you can go and defend the passage.” Wu Zhiyu said.

“Who do you look down on? Do you think your strength is really stronger than ours?” Jiang Kang said with some anger.

“Whether it’s strong or not, who’s mouth is big and who’s who has the final say, you’ll know in a moment. And what I’m saying is true, they have so many people now, we really need someone to guard the passage, otherwise we all What about the passage?” Wu Zhiyu didn’t care about Jiang Kang’s attitude, but said seriously.

“Since you said so, then we can go to guard the passage. I’m afraid you will ask us for help if you don’t persist for a few rounds, so should we help or not?” Shang Feng mocked.

“That’s because you think too much. Do you think we’ll be like you? We almost destroyed the passage just after we came here!” Yu Jie scoffed.

“We’re willing to guard the passage, we just hope we don’t regret it then!” Uzi didn’t want to argue with them anymore, because there was no point in arguing with them.

And the Lord, who had been standing beside them, was also very helpless.

None of these guys are worry-free, they all come from Immortal Realm together, but they are always cynical.

The immortal world sent people like this to make him worry. Are these people really capable of guarding this passage?

For him, this passage is a real source of life-saving.

As long as this channel is still there, he can always get support from the fairy world. But if the passage is destroyed, it’s all over.

But the problem now is that he doesn’t think these people are very reliable, but thinks that they are particularly unreliable.

And now the army of the Holy City has reached the back mountain~IndoMTL.com~ They are still talking slander here.

He really wanted to talk, but he didn’t dare to.

All of these guys are immortals and they are always arguing. He is a mortal, and he is not qualified to say anything, so he does not dare to say this.

“They’re coming in!” The Lord just reminded me lightly.

“Just waiting for them to come!” Wu Zhiyu said with great anticipation.

The army of 10,000 people may be frightening to others, but to him, it is quite exciting.

Especially when Uzzi said they were so scary, the more scary they were, the more he wanted to see them.

Can mortals really kill immortals?

Maybe, but he really hasn’t seen it, so he really wants to see how they do it.


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