Godly Student Chapter 5319: Your chance is here!


“Who are these guys? They are obviously only monks in the tribulation period, why are they so powerful?” Those who survived the injuries and survived the tribulation period masters of Tian Qiongfeng, but at this time their hearts were full of panic and doubts.

They really don’t understand why these people can exert such a powerful force.

“It should be the reason for the exercises. I saw it just now. They are all using the same trick. If they are simply too powerful, there may be other reasons!” Another injured person also analyzed. .

“But what kind of practice can be so terrifying? It can make a cultivator so powerful. If we can practice such a practice, can we also be so powerful?” Many people are envious in their hearts.

It is also during the Tribulation Transcendence period, but people can practice such powerful and terrifying exercises, which instantly increase their strength too much.

Perhaps such a big move cannot be endlessly erupted, but as long as it erupts once at a critical time, it can completely change the situation of the battle, which is enough to prove its value.

Like now, under the siege of so many of them during the tribulation period, their speed of going up the mountain has obviously slowed down, and there is a danger of being besieged.

If it takes a little longer, the reinforcements from the other five peaks will also arrive. At that time, it is impossible for them to go up the mountain, and they can completely disappear before they go up the mountain.

But now it’s the complete opposite because of their horrific ult.

The tribulation period that their Tian Qiong Peak lost this time is definitely the most in history.

More importantly, in these battles, they constantly refreshed the humiliating record on Tian Qiong Peak.

It’s really getting worse every time.

If it continues like this, there will be no one in Tian Qiong Peak in the future, and all of them will be killed by these sneak attackers.

“How could they possibly tell us this kind of secret? This kind of exercise is terrible, and even if they didn’t make that terrible big move, their strength seems to be stronger than us, I really don’t know. How the **** did they do it.”

“These people are supposed to be members of the pilgrimage, right?”

“It is estimated that, apart from the Holy Dynasty, who else dares to come to our inner court to provoke?”

“Alas! Since the appearance of the Holy Dynasty, our dynasty has really begun to decline. Not only did our foreign dynasties not keep, they were all occupied by the Holy Dynasty.

Now they’re also attacking our inner court, and they attacked twice in more than three months.

It was the first time that the top of Tianqiong Peak was lifted, and now that so many masters have been killed, our inner court is really becoming more and more restless, and more and more unsafe! ‘ someone lamented.

In the past, they thought they could be part of the dynasty, especially the people in the inner dynasty. In fact, they were really very proud and very proud.

But now, they find that their pride is really worthless.

In the face of absolute strength, people will come and leave if they want, and they can’t do anything about it. This is really irritating.

“Then what can we do? People have this strength. If they want to come to the Inner Dynasty or our Tianqiong Peak, we can’t stop them.”

“It’s okay for them to come to the Inner Dynasty, but why do they always only stare at us Tian Qiong Peak? It’s not just our Tian Qiong Peak that has a grudge against them!”

Many people really don’t understand why they always go to Tianqiong Peak to make trouble, can’t they go to other peaks?

If there are so many more times, there is a real possibility that there will be no people in Tian Qiong Peak, and only the five houses will be left.

“You didn’t see them and didn’t come to Tian Qiong Peak to carry out the massacre? Their purpose is only the back mountain.

If we don’t stop them, they will probably only go straight into the back mountain, and it’s impossible to kill so many people! “

“If you say so, as the guards of Tian Qiong Peak, it would be wrong for us to stop them!” Someone said unconvinced.

“Of course not, I mean it’s our responsibility, whether it’s them or us.

Their job is to back the mountain, our job is to stop them from going up the mountain. But we are not the opponents of others, so we can only blame our own skills for the situation of heavy casualties. “

“That’s true, but why are they always thinking about our back mountain? Is there really any treasure there?

In addition, the vision of the back mountain has become more and more obvious in the past few months. Could it be that this treasure is about to be born? So they are here for treasure? “

“It’s possible, but we can’t enter the back mountain again, so we probably won’t have a chance to know about this!”

Actually, it’s not just the people from Tian Qiong Peak, everyone in the inner court is actually very curious about the attraction of Tian Qiong Peak that can attract so many people to sneak attack.

And they were also curious about what the vision of the mountain behind Tian Qiong Peak meant.

Unfortunately, even the five principal elders don’t have that qualification, and even more so.

“If this kind of thing happens a few more times, then Tian Qiong Peak won’t be able to hide it, maybe we will know it, but whether we are still alive at that time, then we can only depend on our fate. !” One said with a wry smile.

In the current situation, there is really no sense of security in Tian Qiong Peak.

No one knows what kind of masters will attack Tian Qiong Peak next time, and whether they will have a chance to survive at that time is really unpredictable!

Under normal circumstances, it is impossible for people from Tian Qiong Peak to enter the back mountain without an order.

But it’s obviously not normal now, and they don’t know if the back mountain has the ability to stop so many intruders.

Now they also just want to kill these sneak attackers, and a large number of masters follow them into the back mountain.

Actually ~IndoMTL.com~ The army of ten thousand people in the Cheng family had not yet entered the back mountain, but when the Sacred Emperor Slash started to be released on the halfway up the mountain, the immortals in the back mountain had already noticed it.

Especially like Uzi and the others, there is even a certain sense of fear about this blow.

Now there are people on Tian Qiong Peak who are releasing this trick, and there are still many people who release it continuously. If they don’t know the identities of these people, it will be a failure.

“They still came. Knowing that we suffered a huge loss last time, this time they wanted to send a team of 10,000 people to destroy us and destroy the passage. It’s a good idea.

Old Wu, didn’t you say that the descendants of the Holy City mean nothing to you? Now is your chance, a team of 10,000 people, you can have fun!

But I want to remind you that their blow just now was not a joke. Don’t think you are an immortal, they are just mortals, so you can block it casually.

I can tell you responsibly, if you are really hit, you will be half dead if you don’t die! “Shang Feng sneered at Wu Zhiyu.


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