God Emperor Chapter 3855: Soul attack



Wan Qi was the strongest in the space temple since ancient times. His spiritual power reached the ninth-third order during his lifetime, which was a superlative formation in that era.


Of course, the old Chi Tai is dead.


Now he is just a return of mental power.


In Buzhou Mountain, Zhang Ruochen played against him.


In the Sword God Temple, those figures who locked Zhang Ruochen with divine sense were the ancient temple masters of the Space Temple who escaped from Buzhou Mountain.


They all returned from their remnants of souls and corpses, and they all possessed infinite levels of cultivation and combat power. Some of these powerful people have even reached a limitless level of freedom.


So many immeasurables gathered together, more than any clan in the **** world.


Moreover, Zhang Ruochen can clearly feel that their cultivation has improved a lot compared to ten thousand years ago, which must not be underestimated.


Zhang Ruochen’s eyes finally fell on the evil eyes of the secluded pool.


All spiritual consciousness seems to be swallowed.


That darkness, that weirdness, that soul-suppressing power reminds Zhang Ruochen all the time that this is the biggest threat.


These two secluded eyes are called “Messengers of Darkness” by the spirits of the Earth Demon Sparrow and the Heavenly Dao Flute.


Zhang Ruochen had already seen it in the battle at the Sword God Temple.


At that time, the evil eyes of the secluded pool were not able to fly out of the Sword Soul Taipa because of the Sword Origin Divine Tree. And now, it not only flew out of Sword Soul Taipa, but also flew out of Sword God Temple.


The breath it exudes now is not the same as when Zhang Ruochen first saw it.


The power of Youtan’s evil eye originates from the “darkness” mentioned by the Earth Demon Sparrow and the Heavenly Path Flute Spirit. So, there are three answers.


One, the “darkness” has become stronger, so more power is given to Youtan’s evil eye.


Second, the “darkness” has awakened.


Thirdly, these secluded eyes are no longer messengers of darkness, they are eyes of darkness themselves.


In either case, it’s very bad.


Because, the power emanating from these two secluded eyes is the same as the black hand wrapped around the god’s lock. Then the “darkness” in the depths of Sword Soul Taipa should be the immortal person mentioned by the second Confucian ancestor!




Under Zhang Ruochen’s feet, a space teleportation formation quickly condensed.


In nothingness, there are no rules of space, no concept of space. But with Zhang Ruochen’s spiritual power and spatial attainments, even in nothingness, he can still escape.




A beam of space beams flew out of the Sword God Temple, disrupting Zhang Ruochen’s self-constructed space rules and preventing him from teleporting away.


“Dozens of masters in the history of the Space Temple are here, do you still want to escape across space?”


Wan Qi held a staff and slammed his feet.


Suddenly, the dense array of inscription patterns spread out in all directions, quickly wrapping the entire Sword God Temple, forming a seven-layered divine array of light.


Zhang Ruochen saw that there were seven “Hidden Heaven and Earth God Formations”, so he immediately used his haste and rushed to the real world without even thinking about it.


As long as he returns to the real world, he will be able to activate the space teleportation array again.


At that time, even if the dozens of space temple masters in the Sword God Temple take action together, they will not be able to keep him.


“I’m here, why would I let you go?”


Yan Jun was ready, and the four-pole demon flags were chopped down.


Behind each magic flag, there are many ghosts, there are human tribes, there are dragons, there are ghosts walking at night, and there are phoenixes dancing together.


Zhang Ruochen waved the Tianshen lock and played a black hand.


In the distance, the evil eyes of the secluded pool exude a strange brilliance, as if there are hundreds of millions of voices singing in the void.


The black hand was not under Zhang Ruochen’s control and trembled violently.


If it wasn’t for Yu Ding’s suppression, it would have broken free from Zhang Ruochen and flew towards Youtan’s evil eyes.


Zhang Ruochen had no choice but to mobilize the emperor’s rune, hitting the four-pole demon flag falling from above with a rain-like rune.


The rune, the magic energy, and the magic shadow cancel each other out, and both are burning.


King Feima stood hundreds of thousands of miles away, with his hands in a seal, displaying the supernatural power of “Thousand Spirit Blood Demon”, from the right side, he attacked Zhang Ruochen, who was fighting against Yan Jun.


At the same time, the construction of the seven divine formations in the Sword God Temple was completed. Under the urging of dozens of ancient masters of the Space Temple, the formations turned into seven heavens and earth, trapping Zhang Ruochen in them. .


Zhang Ruochen escaped from the confrontation with Yan Jun, and moved to avoid the attack of Qianling Xuesha.


Looking up, the void world is no longer visible, only seven clouds and seven heavens can be seen, with different colors, like a dull rainbow.




The figure of Jun Yan moved directly to the opposite of Zhang Ruochen, only a few dozen feet away, and said with a smile: “I have to admire you, and I can still keep calm until now.”


Zhang Ruochen derived the four images of Tai Chi, and suppressed the violently shaking black hands under the Shaoyang Mountain. He said: “Is Jun Yan too confident? If I explode my heart, how many people will be alive?”


Yan Jundao: “Is it you who is overconfident? My god’s spirit is at the peak of immortality, so I can’t suppress your self-destruction thoughts? Besides, the masters present are like clouds, all spirits are not weak, and you are too young Look at the monks in the world!”


Wan Qi said: “Press him with his soul and capture him.”


“It’s better to cut it, but you can never hide the hidden danger.”


Yan Jun had a strong desire to kill, and felt that Zhang Ruochen was a great threat, and he could not stay alive.


The pair of secluded eyes opened their mouths and said, “His first-grade Shinto is extremely valuable for research. It would be a pity to kill him like this.”


Zhang Ruochen saw that Yan Jun and Youtan Xiemu were not the same people, and there were contradictions and oppositions.


The two should only be cooperative.


In the end, Yan Jun stepped back, released his demon soul, turned into thousands of black tentacles, and flocked to Zhang Ruochen.


King Feima and the gods in the Sword God Temple also released their soul thoughts at the same time, displaying their soul attack, directly attacking Zhang Ruochen’s soul and spiritual power.


Youtan’s evil eyes are the most terrifying, and I don’t know if Zhang Ruochen has hallucinations. In the two-eyed boy, the water waves gushing out, each drop of water contains thousands of souls.


Faced with so many boundless soul attacks, Zhang Ruochen’s pressure doubled, and he immediately released the Ten Thousand Buddhas Array for defense.


However, even if it is the Ten Thousand Buddhas Array, it will be penetrated in an instant.


A wisp of divine soul flows through the Suduohuan silver trees, like an iron chain that locks the soul, approaching Zhang Ruochen.




Zhang Ruochen looked up at the sky.


The Taoist platform flew out from the eyebrows and turned into an altar with a height of ninety-nine feet. The Taoist secret patterns and pictures on it were lit up one after another.


With the operation of the Dao Soul Platform, the flying spirits will be collected.


Zhang Ruochen held up the mani beads again, drawing out the Brahma fire and burning the soul between heaven and earth.


Given’s heart’s voice came from his spiritual world: “Their souls are too strong, the power of attack will continue to flow, and the Ten Thousand Buddhas Array, Taoist Terrace, and Mani Beads will not last long. , will be completely broken. Don’t stop me, I want to completely unlock the seal in my body.”


Zhang Ruochen calmed down and said, “Don’t do stupid things, your life energy has already flowed away a lot before, and your breath is unstable. It would be very dangerous to forcibly unseal the seal. Don’t worry, I have sensed the variables in the heavenly secret. Just hold on for a while.”


Not a moment.


An earth-shattering divine voice came from the depths of the space: “You are so arrogant, do you really think there is no one in the **** world?”




The seven Tibetan Heaven and Earth God Arrays were violently attacked and swayed.


Yan Jun’s eyes sank: “Yan Renhuan is here…kill!”


Yan Jun couldn’t wait any longer, he directly broke into the Ten Thousand Buddhas Formation and attacked Zhang Ruochen.


Soul attack is a waste of time. When Yan Renhuan comes in, it will be difficult to kill Zhang Ruochen again.


King Feima also realized that something was wrong, followed Yan Jun’s footsteps, and broke into the Ten Thousand Buddhas Formation from the other direction.


Before Zhang Ruochen broke the 90th order, the Ten Thousand Buddhas Array was severely damaged by Yan Jun, and there were many flaws. Otherwise, Soul Attack and King Feima would not be able to break in so easily.


“I have a book of ghosts and gods”




Yan Renhuan used the divine lance to penetrate the seven-layered divine formation and descended from the sky.


His whole body is burning, his hair and skin have been burnt away, his facial features have been moulded to the lake, and his blood and flesh are exposed, making him look particularly hideous.




He throws the lance.


The lance is like an arrow from a string, passing like a meteor, flying into the Ten Thousand Buddhas Formation.


Yan Jun felt that he was locked, and immediately grabbed the Tianlong flag, the magic energy was running wildly, and he waved it upwards.


With a loud bang, Shen Lance shattered thousands of dragon shadows, slid over the edge of the Tianlong flag, and hit Yan Jun on the shoulder.


Yan Jun’s right shoulder exploded, broken bones flew out, and blood mist formed a ball.


The spirit shrouded in the Ten Thousand Buddha Forest was also scattered by this lance.


Zhang Ruochen escaped from the attack of the gods’ spirits and rushed out immediately, the rune trailing a long path of light behind him.




Yan Jun’s reaction speed was amazing. When Zhang Ruochen was carrying the imperial rune and attacked with a punch, he actually suppressed the pain and injury, and slapped it with his left hand.


Fist and clap.


Jun Yan snorted ~IndoMTL.com~ and flew backwards out of Wanfolin.


Yan Renhuan’s tall and straight figure fell into the Ten Thousand Buddha Forest, and when he brought up the lance again, only those eyes were still bright on the face of the flesh and blood.


But he gritted his teeth and seemed to be enduring something.


Zhang Ruochen had already felt the secrets in the dark and knew about Yan Renhuan’s situation. With heavy eyes, he took out the mani beads and handed them over, and said, “Is it too late?”


“The curse has already entered the soul, and it has also rotted the blood.”


Yan Renhuan took the Mani Bead and squeezed it tightly, and then the painful expression dissipated a little, and his eyes swept over Yan Jun, King Feima, and the gods of the Sword God Temple, saying: “You have Mo With Nizhu in hand, this seat finally has the confidence to clean up the hidden dangers for the Yama clan and the **** world before the blood burns out.”


If you are hit with a blood curse, not only will the blood in the body burn, but the spirit will also fall into madness.


Manizhu can suppress the curse and keep Yan Renhuan awake.


Yan Jun’s voice sounded: “Tianzun, why is this so hard? If you agree to our conditions, you will still be Tianzun, and you will become the greatest patriarch of the Yanluo clan. Because, you will lead the Yanluo clan and truly stand proudly. With the top of the universe, the gods crawl and the world trembles.”


“If you can’t even protect your own clan and relatives, what’s the point of being great? What’s the point of standing on the top of the universe? You are the ancestor, I don’t recognize it! War, the blood of the Yama clan today is destined to be stained. The sky is red.”


Yan Renhuan’s figure teleported, waving his lance horizontally, and the divine blood swept out along his arm, turning into bright red flames.


What about dry blood?


Only when the ink is splashed into a painting, it will leave a lifetime of bright colors.




Yan Jun couldn’t escape at all. The Tianlong flag and the Renzu flag in his hand were blown away, his stomach was cut, and he was almost cut off.


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