God Emperor Chapter 3854: The sky is perfect





The tide of spiritual power erupted at a certain point in the universe, and the rays of light continued to spread outward.


The monks in the world are not surprised.


When this spiritual power fluctuated and reached the Asura Star Pillar Realm, the **** patriarch and the gods of the Asura tribe were destroying a shadow army.


He held the blood dragon halberd, standing on the dark and rotten ground, looking up at the sky.


“Good boy, this is perfect!”


Patriarch Xuejue was excited, his blood was boiling unconsciously, and he felt that he would have more bragging rights in the future, “My grandson’s spiritual power is at the 90th level, what do you compare to me?”


The top of the constellation.


The Shura Battle Spirit Sea was turbulent, with lightning flashes and thunder, and Luo Qiluo’s shrill and ear-piercing divine sound sound waves emanated from every drop of seawater, resounding through the sky.


Xu Tian was suspended above the sea of ​​​​war spirits, feeling the fluctuations of this spiritual power, giving birth to different thoughts.


He is different from the Xuejue Patriarch. He can see through Zhang Ruochen’s mental strength. It stands to reason that if Zhang Ruochen wants to hit the ninth level of spiritual power, he will have to practice hard for at least tens of thousands of years to accumulate the foundation.


This is obviously a forced rush!


There must be danger.


Even though Xutian was fighting with Luo Yuluo before, he could also feel the terrifying demonic energy released by Yan Luotianwaitian. Zhang Ruochen entered the Santu River after chasing a certain immortal and immortal demon powerhouse.


It was risky, but he knew why Zhang Ruochen had to do it.


Xu Tian looked at the undead God of War standing above the White Cang Star, and said, “I’ll leave it to you here. I’ll go see what big fish that kid has caught today.”


Luo Yuluo has been beaten back to its original form, transformed into a sea of ​​Asura battle souls, suppressed by Bai Cangxing.


It is not a one-time job to destroy her completely.


Indestructible, difficult to kill.


Leaving now, it is indeed a risk, if there are any variables, Luo Qiluo may escape.


Shibeiya and Yanxuan were both protected by Mingzhe, and asked them to contain Qinglu God King Shangke, but Zhang Ruochen chased after him, most likely the Supreme Pillar whose cultivation base has not been restored, or even the remnant soul of the Great Demon God. body.


It’s hard to count on them in such an uphill battle that you can fall if you’re not careful.


It’s not that the two are greedy for life, but they are very clear about the benefits and losses. There are others who are willing to sacrifice, why should I go first?


If Zhang Ruochen blew himself up, it is possible that he would perish with the enemy.


This is what they most want to see!




“This is Zhang Ruochen’s mental power fluctuations, he is perfect so soon?”


“Is there any reason for heaven? I have also survived the calamity of Yuanhui twice, and I have also been invincible in the holy realm. Why is the great **** Taiyi realm now?”


Where the spiritual power fluctuations pass, no one is not surprised, no one is envious, and no one is not looking forward to it.


The monk enters the perfect circle, and the fluctuation of spiritual power will continue to spread to the entire universe.


Such fluctuations, of course, can be covered up, they can be quietly broken through, and their strength can be hidden. But it needs someone with stronger mental power, or someone with a strong enough cultivation base to block the space on the side.


Most people don’t do this.


The sky is perfect, what’s the need to hide strength?


In the entire universe, those whose spiritual power reaches the ninth order or more are in the early tenth. If you really want to escape the world, stay safe and hide, who can find it?


The universe of heaven and the universe of **** are in turmoil, and the world is turned upside down. There are half-ancestors overpowering the heavens and the earth, there are Tianzun-level fighting skills, and there are unknown powerhouses that penetrate the sea of ​​​​stars.


Many gods know that this is a crucial battle that will determine whether the world will be peaceful for some time to come.


If you don’t get the result of the battle, you will lose, and it will only fuel the arrogance of those monks hidden in the dark, which will make it worse.


Under such great turmoil, Zhang Ruochen was completely flawless and still caused a sensation, causing turmoil in heaven and hell, and his influence even spread to the common people. Some are happy, some are worried.


But few people know that this breakout is dangerous and unusual.


On the broken Santu River, there are bright talismans flying everywhere, filling the sky and the earth, as if this space has been transformed into a talisman world.


Up to the ninth level of mental power, Zhang Ruochen has been able to fully activate the emperor’s talisman.


A single thought can provoke hundreds of millions of runes, and it will be head-to-head with the magical powers played by Yan Jun.


The two people moved rapidly, hundreds of millions of miles in an instant.




The invisible seal of Vientiane was printed, and the demon cloud was scattered. The four-pole battle flag was unstoppable. Yan Jun vomited blood and flew out like a shooting star.


Zhang Ruochen moved in the space, chasing after him, drawing out a long river of runes, like a divine whip, hitting Yan Jun.




The robe on Yan Jun’s chest was broken, the runes entered the body, and the bloodstains were deep enough to see the bones.


Some of these runes were drawn by Murong Buhu during his lifetime, representing the legacy of the ancestors of the strongest rune spirit since ancient times. Some of them were cultivated by Emperor Fu, representing the Dao Fruit of a different kind of Heavenly Venerate who was once invincible for an era.


The ninth level of spiritual power, holding the emperor’s talisman, it is difficult for Yan Jun to interfere with the invisible seal of Vientiane.


And Zhang Ruochen, who has these two peerless cards, has the upper hand and pursues Yan Jun in the starry sky.


Don’t say that Yan Junxiu has not fully recovered, even if he has fully recovered and has reached the peak of immortality, Zhang Ruochen has the confidence to compete with him.


“The Arrival of Heaven”


Where the two of them passed, it shook the sea of ​​stars, scaring the gods from all walks of life to escape with the planet and the big world, for fear of being hit by the aftermath.


An immeasurable Bone Race, who had no long lifespan and had already retired to the world, was blasted out, with white hair 30 feet long on his skeleton head, and he fled when he got his way.


“My day, the blood-refined demon flag of the four clans, this is the sixth pillar of the seventy-two demon gods, Yan Jun, the son of the great demon god, run quickly, what are you still doing?”


This white-haired skeleton ran with steady steps while shouting in the starry sky: “Jun Yan is here and pierced the Santu River!”


He shouted all the way, everyone knew that Zhang Ruochen was chasing and killing the sixth demon god.


“Impossible? This is the sixth pillar. It is said that the cultivation base has reached the peak of immortality. Di Chen has just broken through the 90th level of spiritual power, so he can hunt down Yan Jun?”


“Impossible, absolutely impossible.”


“Crack! Crack!”


One of the white-haired skeletons slapped the faces of the two gods and scolded: “You know the shit, Zhang Ruochen is holding the Emperor Talisman and the Invisible Seal of Vientiane, which is already against the sky. Hurry up, you dead clan. You have a grudge with Zhang Ruochen, so don’t be targeted!”


The two young dead gods sensed the fluctuation of divine power from the rear, and were too frightened to speak, and immediately fled.


How could they have imagined that in this desert region of the universe, where life and planets are hard to see in trillions of miles, they can also encounter unpredictable disasters?




As he fled, Jun Yan said: “Zhang Ruochen, if you forcibly rushed to the ninth order, you must have injured yourself. If you push the emperor’s talisman like this, I am afraid it will hurt the foundation. I advise you, but don’t do it. Let’s chase it again, consolidate the realm, and recuperate the injury is the most important thing.”


“Didn’t Yan Jun accept me as a demon slave? Where did the spirit of the prince of demons go?”


Zhang Ruochen waved out a long river of runes and hit Yan Jun’s vest, blood spattered.


The powerful body of the gods and demons was also traumatized. It is conceivable how tyrannical the power of the Emperor Talisman is.


But at this time, Zhang Ruochen stopped suddenly and watched Yan Jun leave.


Yan Jun wants to leave, Zhang Ruochen alone cannot keep him.


But Yan Jun did not use the power of order to escape, but fought and walked, obviously wanting to lead Zhang Ruochen somewhere. Zhang Ruochen felt the invisible crisis, so he suppressed the idea of ​​continuing to pursue Yan Jun.


“I’ve sent it here, Yan Jun, let’s go. Another day, I will definitely invite Tianmu and the gods of **** to visit the devil land.”


Leave these words, Zhang Ruochen turned around decisively, and returned along the broken Santu River.


“He just retreated like this? Is he going to take the next step and deal with King Feima?”


Yan Jun stopped, and the soul sensed the breath of King Hima who escaped from Yan Luotian and Tianwaitian, and Zhang Ruochen was rushing to chase after King Hima.


Soon Yan Jun made a decision and sent a message to King Feima: “Contain Zhang Ruochen for a while, and I will help you and lead him to the world of nothingness.”


Zhang Ruochen sensed that Yan Jun was catching up, and he was neither happy nor disturbed.


But doubts arose.


Does Yan Jun care about the life and death of King Feima?




Zhang Ruochen sensed that King Feima, who was far away in another star field, did not escape.


Since King Feima has recovered to the early stage of immortality, when he sensed Zhang Ruochen’s breath, he fled directly, and he was completely able to escape.


Instead of fleeing, he greeted him.


The distance between the two quickly narrowed.


“King Feima is so courageous, really think that this time, you can still escape?”


Zhang Ruochen’s divine voice spread across space to test King Feima.


King Feima calmly said: “With one enemy and two, do you think you have a chance of winning? This battle will definitely bring down your realm.”


The magic rules released by King Feima and the runes emanating from Zhang Ruochen have touched together in the starry sky, forming a thousand thunders, annihilating countless rules of heaven and earth.


Zhang Ruochen flashed, crossed the star field, reached the top of King Feima, and pressed down with a palm.


It came so suddenly that King Feima didn’t even have time to introduce Zhang Ruochen into the world of nothingness.


In her field of vision, the starry sky above her head disappeared, leaving only an endless palm with countless runes flickering on it.


King Feima has long known that Zhang Ruochen is not what it used to be, but this sense of oppression still suffocates her and makes it difficult to fight.


The rune hand imprisoned her.


The five fingers shrank, and King Feima’s demon body made a “kaka” sound~IndoMTL.com~ The body seemed to be crushed.


Although she is in the early stage of immortality and immeasurable, her combat power is not as good as that of the immortal immeasurable initial stage of the world, and there are many flaws. A one-on-one confrontation with Zhang Ruochen is completely self-defeating.


King Feima was not afraid and said, “Zhang Ruochen, today is your day of death!”


Follow her voice.


With a bang, the starry sky where she and Zhang Ruochen were located collapsed as a whole, and hundreds of billions of miles of space were fragmented, engulfing countless stars.


The talisman hand condensed by Zhang Ruochen was shattered by this unknown force, and King Feima escaped with it.


Standing in the broken space, Zhang Ruochen felt that his body was constantly being pulled downwards, his eyes were calm, and he looked into the depths of nothingness. I saw two huge eyeballs, suspended at the end of the darkness.


The eyeball is like a secluded pool.


But this is because the distance is too far. If you are close enough, you will find that it is huge, like two dark oceans.


Behind the two eyeballs, there is a magnificent sword temple suspended.


In the temple, the Sword Origin Divine Tree was enveloped by a strange dark power, and its brilliance was extremely dark.


One after another powerful figures stood in the temple, locking Zhang Ruochen with divine sense, and the killing intent was boiling, as if they had deep hatred.


Jun Yan came from the rear, protected his body with four demon flags, led the four clans of ghosts, blocked Zhang Ruochen’s retreat, and said with a smile: “Zhang Ruochen, I have long recognized the black hand you controlled. Origin, use it, it must be a disaster. Now, you know, it is not that you are chasing and killing this gentleman, but that this gentleman intends to lead you to use black hands?”


Zhang Ruochen said: “How do you know, I didn’t use black hands on purpose to lure them out? Tianmu is almost here!”


“Tianmu can’t come!”


In the Sword God Temple, Wan Qi’s voice sounded.


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