Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 2: Bite a beautiful boy



Chapter 2 biting a beautiful boy


The eyebrows are like ink paintings, the skin is like snow, and the exquisite face is like a painting of a god.


Long gray-green hair slid from her shoulders into the lake like fine silk.


The thick eyelashes like butterfly wings flickered slightly, and he opened his eyes.


A pair of pale green and clear eyes are captivating.


Spirit-like innocence, no blasphemy.


He looked at Mu Qianxi, his cherry red lips opened.


“It was you, ugly woman, who entered my space and woke me up.”


The face of Mu Qianxi, who was admiring the beauty of this person, turned cold.


“Young man, if you come ashore for me, I promise not to kill you, but you dare to call me ugly.”


“I’m so ugly, I don’t let anyone tell me.”


The young man’s voice was as green and beautiful as the elf’s song, but his mouth was poisoned.


Mu Qianxi walked to the pavilion, the shadow reflected in the water.


In an instant she was terrified herself.


The long golden dress was tattered like a beggar’s outfit.


Messy hair is no better than a chicken coop!


There is also the face. This face is covered with a thick layer of powder. I can’t wait to apply the rouge gouache all over the world on my face.


Can’t stand it, can’t stand it at all, has to wash it off.


“Pfft!” Mu Qianxi jumped into this clear lake.


At this time a scream came. “Ah! Ugly woman, get out of here! How dare you dirty my Shuiling Lake!”


Suddenly, the water in the lake became turbulent, trying to send Mu Qianxi flying.


“Wow!” Mu Qianxi quickly swam to the boy, strangled the boy’s neck in front of him, and said, “Young man, if you dare to do anything, I will break your neck!”


This skin is cool and delicate, like fine china.




Suddenly, there was a sharp pain in his body, and Mu Qianxi stared at the water monster-like boy in front of him.


“Damn, what are you doing!”


The boy’s face was also white, and he said angrily: “You hurry up, hurry up!”


The whole body seemed to be torn apart from the inside out, and large drops of sweat appeared on Mu Qianxi’s forehead. Hearing the young man’s vicious words again, she became even more angry.


I didn’t do anything, I just lowered my head and bit the boy’s arm!




A scream came, and the boy wailed!


“Ugly woman, hurry up! It hurts!”


Mu Qianxi doesn’t care how painful the teenager is, because she herself is going to lose her mind!


Muscles, blood vessels, as if a beast broke in, crumbling frantically. If she didn’t bite the boy’s arm, she would probably bite her own lips!




A icy aura hits, and the soul has a terrible pain at this moment! Let Mu Qianxi’s head go blank!


Even if Mu Qianxi fainted, he still didn’t let go of the boy’s arm!


“It stinks! Ugly woman, you…you…”


The frantic voice made Mu Qianxi wake up, and then she also smelled an unbearable smell.


When I opened my eyes, I saw a vast expanse of darkness, surrounded by clear and visible lake water, which had disappeared!


“You… hurry up… let go!”


Mu Qianxi wrapped his hand around the young man’s neck, making sure that he could subdue him before the young man could attack her.


The boy’s perfect arm was left with a blood mark that was deeply visible to the bone. Biting like this, you can see how painful she was just now!


Mu Qianxi asked, “What’s going on?”


“The water in this Shuiling Lake has the effect of washing the marrow and cutting sutras. Your filthy body is soaked in it, of course…” The young man said, pinching his nose unbearably.


“There are so many impurities in your body!”


The water in the whole lake is all the impurities she excreted, and the most of them are toxins.


It seems that Mu Qianxi, the Mu family head, is not very stable.


“Can’t stand it, can’t stand it!”




The boy couldn’t stand the smell of this lake, and his figure surfaced.


The delicate collarbone, delicate skin, and the pair of red plums were exposed in front of Mu Qianxi.


Even if I only see the upper body, but this figure is really good.


“Stay still.”


Mu Qianxi’s hand increased.


“Get out of here! Hurry up. Even if your blood wakes me up, I won’t admit you.”


A powerful force almost made Mu Qianxi fly out.


At this moment, a blue light enveloped the two of them, and the boy’s face turned hideous. Annoyed: “How is it possible!”


At this time, a voice sounded like a voice from ancient times in Mu Qianxi’s mind.


“The pavilion of eternity, the nine-level pavilion of chaos, the nine-level realm, the time of consummation, the sun, the moon and the constellation, all can be controlled!”


“My name is Chaos Jiuchong Pavilion, I will contract with you, my life and soul will be connected, and will coexist together, are you willing?”


The young man’s moving voice made Mu Qianxi bewitched, and Mu Qianxi said unconsciously, “I will.”


A light green light flew into Mu Qianxi’s eyebrows.


Mu Qianxi stared at the young man in front of her with wide eyes. At this time, the delicate face of the young man became darker than the bottom of the pot.


“You’ve taken possession of my body, so be satisfied! Get out now!”




The boy’s feet suddenly popped out of the water and kicked towards Mu Qianxi.


Mu Qianxi curled her lips and said, “It looks good, but you are too small!”


“Ahhh! Ugly woman, I’m going to kill you!” A roaring voice came from the lake.


The boy suddenly kicked Mu Qianxi flying, which caught Mu Qianxi by surprise. Damn young man, who dared to kick her away, I’m afraid he will be smashed into meat sauce now.




This fall, Mu Qianxi didn’t fall into meat sauce, but landed on a comfortable, wide and compact ground.


And this ground is actually warm!


What did Mu Qianxi finally realize? Under her body, there seems to be a human flesh pad.


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