Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 1: Traveling into a local tyrant


Chapter 1 Crossing into a local tyrant

The capital of Ziyue Kingdom, the outskirts of Zidu.


A golden body was thrown into the mass grave outside the city like rags.


With a few shouts, the Corpse Crow was startled and flew up, and the unknown black feathers fell from the sky.

The bones are superimposed, the smell of decay, and the surrounding air is extremely cold and turbid.

“It’s so pitiful that the head of the Tangtang Mu family was dumped in a mass grave!”

“Isn’t it true? Such a wasteful and vulgar woman, who dares to think of the seventh prince, deserves to die!”

“But I didn’t expect it! The beauty of the Mu family…”

Before those people finished speaking, the originally gloomy and dead mass grave suddenly made some thin sounds, as if some power was awakening.

A disgusting stench woke Mu Qianxi from her chaotic consciousness. As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw a canine three times bigger than a normal wolf dog drooling in front of her eyes. .

She didn’t think about it, she shot directly, her right hand volleyed into the sky and turned into an afterimage, and a hand knife quickly and accurately slashed the evil dog’s neck!

“Crack!” The wolf dog fell to the ground, “Ouch…” let out its last wailing before dying.

The three people who were about to leave after releasing the evil dog and destroying the corpse, when they heard the shrill voice and looked back, they found that a pair of dark and treacherous eyes were staring at them at this time. .

The whole body exudes an icy aura, which is even more infiltrating than the gloomy wind in this mass grave!

The person who has clearly been determined to die, is now standing well on the mountain of bones.

“Damn it!” they exclaimed, running away if they wanted to!

Mu Qianxi opened the mouth and said, “All of them stop for me!”

The indifferent voice seemed to come from hell.

They were so frightened that they stiffened and dared not move again. “Don’t kill me! Don’t eat me, we’re just doing things with money!”

Mu Qianxi stood on the hill where the bones were piled up and walked down slowly, with tattered robes and blood all over her body, as if she had climbed out of hell.

She ignored the three and looked around, “What is this place? Am I not working on a new potion in the lab?”


Suddenly, there was a cramp in my mind.

Some familiar and unfamiliar information flooded her mind like a flood.

Mu Qianxi, the head of the Mu family!

The Mu family, the No. 1 rich family in Ziyue Kingdom!

The family is full of gold and silver, and the money is not bad, but this Mu family head is a waste!

In this world, the strong are respected! It is divided into martial arts and spiritual cultivation!

And Mu Qianxi can’t practice martial arts, let alone cultivate spirituality, a complete waste.

Even if she’s a piece of junk, she’s dressed in a vulgar manner, and can’t wait to carry all the gold, silver, jade, and jade in her family.

Wherever he goes, he is ridiculed, despised and despised.

And what I did today was even more outrageous!

In order to compete with the eldest lady of the Guozhangfu for a piece of her fiancé’s personal jade pendant, she was finally beaten to death by the eldest lady of the Guozhangfu, Ouyang Wei, and thrown into the mass grave.

And these three people were ordered by their eldest lady to throw the corpse. Not only did they throw the corpse, but someone even paid them to bring such a vicious dog over here, tearing her body apart, and wanting her to be left without any bones. !

They saw Mu Qianxi approaching like a resurrected evil spirit, and hurriedly knelt down and begged for mercy.

“Patriarch Mu, spare your life! My lady asked me to do all this, and that wolf dog was given to us by Miss Mu Er!”

There is only Mu Qianxi in the direct line of the Mu family, and there is no eldest or second lady.

Because Mu Ruyun has a good relationship with the head of the family, the head of the family almost blindly obeys her, making everyone call Mu Ruyun the second Miss Mu.

Miss Mu Er is usually considerate and caring. But he didn’t expect that his heart would become cruel, even more cruel than Ouyang Wei, the eldest lady of the imperial palace who was made a poisonous woman in Zidu.

Mu Qianxi paid no heed to these pleas for mercy, and of course she would clean up the mastermind.

And they, she won’t let them go.

The figure jumped like a ghost, wrapping his wrist around the back of his neck!

“Crack!” Three times!

“Boom bang bang!”

The three bodies were kicked away like balls, and fell to the ground violently, dying out of breath.

The method is as ruthless as a ghost, one blow will kill them, and they will be sent to Huangquan to travel.

She is the venerable master of the Chinese Ghost Doctor Sect. She robbed the King of Hell for life, black and white, and no one dared to commit it.

The people who offended her were sent by her unceremoniously to the King of Hell as condolences.

“Tick tock…”

Mu Qianxi shot twice, and the wound on his body opened wider, and the blood slid to the ground.

Under the bones of the mass grave, there is a turquoise slate greedily absorbing the blood from Mu Qianxi’s body.

Suddenly, a pale green light enveloped her body and disappeared with her.

Mu Qianxi opened her eyes and found herself sitting in a pavilion!

This is a quaint and delicate pavilion with a mysterious gray-green color!

And surrounded by a long lake, this exquisite pavilion is like an island in the sea!

“What is this place?” Mu Qianxi muttered.

At this moment, Mu Qianxi felt that there were fish swimming in the surrounding lake!


A sound of breaking water came, Mu Qianxi turned her head and saw a young man like a water demon swimming freely like a fish in the clear lake.


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