Eternal Reverence Chapter 2: Golden charm


“Have you heard that the Guan family and Guan Xue are about to break up with Li Fuchen.”

“It’s really pitiful. Not to mention the lack of talent, and even the loss of a fiancée. This is the biggest blow in the world.”

“Hmph, it’s good for him to be ashamed of himself, and he also implicated the Li family to be ashamed.”

“Stop talking, he’s here.”

By the sidewalk, the discussion stopped abruptly.

Li Fuchen passed by these people expressionlessly.

Guan Xue broke his engagement with him, he was not surprised at all, since the other party showed his amazing talent, it has slowly changed. Although the surface is still gentle and polite, the pride in the bones can’t be concealed no matter what. This is the pride of a genius. In her eyes, mediocrity may be no different from ordinary people, so now he just has a touch of grief.

What really made Li Fuchen unacceptable was that the Guan family had to cross the river and demolish the bridge.

When the Guan family first came to Yunwu City, they were suppressed by other families. Without the support of the Li family, the Guan family could not have a foothold in Yunwu City. For this reason, the Li family also offended one of the four major families in Yunwu City. Yang family.

“Is this the warmth of human affection?”

Li Fuchen muttered.

As usual, Li Fuchen came to the top of Li’s Back Mountain.

He likes to stand on high places, probably because he wants to be a strong man in his bones, looking down on all beings.

Today’s weather is a little strange. The sky is changing, and the tide-like clouds have a hint of gold.

“If one day, I can blow away this cloud with one punch, I will die without regret.”

Li Fuchen slammed into the sky with a punch, imagining that his punch would penetrate the golden clouds and reach the depths of the starry sky.

With a grin, Li Fuchen was about to go down the mountain.

Suddenly, he froze.

In the line of sight, the golden cloud layer broke through a big hole, and a golden streamer shot out, lasing towards his location, the speed was so fast that time seemed to stand still, and there was silence between heaven and earth.

Li Fuchen wanted to escape, but his body couldn’t move at all.

The golden light was dazzling, and Li Fuchen couldn’t help closing his eyes. The next moment, his eyebrows became hot, and he passed out.

Li Fuchen had a dream. In the dream, he galloped across all worlds, and he was invincible. With a sword, the light of the sword shone on Jiuzhongtian, punched out, punched through the abyss, and reached Jiuyou.

“What a cool dream!”

The tightly wrinkled brows stretched out, and Li Fuchen’s face was full of domineering.

When Li Fuchen woke up, it was still dark.

“What happened?”

Li Fuchen looked puzzled, he touched his forehead, and his mind subconsciously rose to his mind.


The brain vibrated violently, and an unprecedented picture appeared in his consciousness. Here is chaos. At the center of the chaos, there is a gray fog. In the fog, I do not know when a small golden charm appeared. The existence of the talisman made his spirit better than ever, and the gray mist seemed to condense a little, gradually forming the shape of a gray ball of light.

“This is my mind, is the grey mist my soul? What is that little golden talisman?”

Li Fuchen’s heart is full of absurdity. Such a strange scene is completely beyond his cognition.

Looking away, Li Fuchen was attracted by the golden charm in the gray mist.

The golden talisman is not worn out at all, but it has the meaning of endless simplicity and vicissitudes, as if the heaven and the earth have existed since the beginning, and will always exist forever.

I don’t know how long it has passed, and under exhaustion, Li Fuchen’s consciousness was repelled from his mind.

“It’s getting dark, go home first.”

With doubts, Li Fuchen returned to the Li family.

When passing the martial arts field, Li Fuchen saw Li Yunhe, who was sparring with a Li family boy.

Slap his opponent at will, Li Yunhe grinned at Li Fuchen, “Li Fuchen, are you interested in making a couple of gestures, you have just broken through the fifth level of Qi training, and you lack an opponent, you are more resistant to fighting. “

Practicing the Qi realm, the first level is more difficult to cultivate than the first level, and the opponent’s ability to break through to the fifth level of the Qi realm so quickly has nothing to do with the fourth-layer Hongyu Gong.

“I have something to do today, I’ll talk about it in a few days.”

After speaking, Li Fuchen left immediately.

“This guy.”

Li Yunhe’s face turned gloomy. This was the first time the other party did not give him face.

“Hmph, trash is trash after all. It seems that he can’t practice for a year, and his will has been disintegrated. He doesn’t even have the courage to fight with me.”

Li Yunhe sneered.

After dinner, Li Fuchen hurried back to his room.

Consciousness entered his mind, and Li Fuchen was surprised to find that what was originally a gray fog has now turned into a gray ball of light, with only a trace of fog lingering outside, looking hazy.

“I don’t know if the gray fog will turn into a gray ball of light, will it be good for me?”

Li Fuchen thought to himself.

Put these things aside first, with consciousness withdrawn from the mind space, and Li Fuchen began to try to cultivate.

A quarter of an hour has passed.

Half an hour passed.

Li Fuchen opened his eyes, his face full of surprises and surprises.

In the past, he could only concentrate on his work for a while, but tonight, he continued to practice for half an hour, and his head didn’t hurt at all.

“Could it be because of my soul that my soul is a gray fog, which looks very scattered. Now that the gray fog condenses into a gray ball of light, I can concentrate on my cultivation?”

Li Fuchen is not stupid, he quickly thought of the key to the problem.

This night is destined to be a restless night.

Originally, Li Fuchen thought that the golden charm only had the effect of maintaining the soul, but in the next few days, Li Fuchen knew that he was wrong.

The golden talisman not only maintains the soul, but also transforms it.

Now his soul is not only completely condensed into a ball of light, but also slowly transformed into a light green color. As his soul changes color, Li Fuchen only feels that his mind is clear and abnormal, as if countless circuits have been opened up, and his thinking is not only extremely fast, And be able to draw inferences from one case, by analogy.


The third layer of Hongyu Gong was in operation, and Li Fuchen’s five hearts turned to the sky, slowly absorbing the free vitality between heaven and earth.

After the Hongyu Gong had run for the thirty-sixth time, Li Fuchen’s body was shaken, and his true energy escaped from the meridian belonging to the third layer of Hongyu Gong and entered a new meridian, destroying the dry and rotten. One meridian was opened, followed by another.

Half an hour passed, three new meridians opened up in Li Fuchen’s body. These three meridians were combined with the meridians belonging to the third layer of Hongyu Gong, forming a more complicated luck route.

“Red jade art, the fourth floor?”

Li Fuchen was taken aback.

The first layer of Hongyu Gong is more difficult to cultivate than the first layer, and the meaning of the skill is not enough. Even if the three meridians are opened, it will not work smoothly. He clearly broke through the meaning of the skill first, and then opened the three meridians.

“I haven’t practiced Hongyu Gong for a year. I thought it would take at least a few months to raise Hongyu Gong to the fourth level. I didn’t expect it would only take three days.”

Li Fuchen is in a good mood, and the color change of his soul seems to not only make his thinking quicker, but also increase his understanding. Although his understanding was good in the past, he is definitely not as domineering as he is now.

Practicing Hongyu Gong at night, during the day, Li Fuchen spends his time practising martial arts.


In the yard, Li Fuchen slapped the tough wooden stake with his palm, and the force of his palm penetrated into it, and the top half of the wooden stake suddenly cracked.

If this slap hits a person, it can definitely shock the person to death.

“Dacheng gravel palm, it seems that Li Yunhai can’t do this!”

The Crushed Stone Palm is a low-level Huang-level palm technique. It is fierce and domineering. Li Fuchen’s current cultivation base is still low. If his cultivation base reaches the seventh or eighth level of Qi training, one palm is enough to shatter boulders.

Practicing palm technique in the courtyard, practicing sword technique, Li Fuchen likes to be in the back mountain of Li’s house.

At the top of the back mountain, the wind was so strong that the trees squeaked.

Holding a steel sword, Li Fuchen walked around, and his clothes were flying. At this moment, his expression was stern, his eyes were like electricity, without a trace of emotion, and some were just passionate about swordsmanship.


A sword pierced the trunk of a thick-waisted tree. Li Fuchen twisted his wrist and slashed it horizontally. The top half of the tree rose into the sky, and the back came first. Li Fuchen also jumped into the air and swayed out with a sword.


In the void, the cross-shaped sword light flashed away, and the top half of the tree was torn apart.

The yellow-level low-level swordsmanship, the tiger tooth cross cut is complete.

In five days, the crushed stone palm was completed, the tiger tooth cross cut was completed, and Li Fuchen’s comprehension reached an unprecedented peak. It seems that any martial arts have no secrets in his eyes. It only takes a little time. Cultivation to the realm of Dacheng.

“Swordsmanship is the foundation and the key to whether I can enter the Canglan Sect. It seems that my swordsmanship comprehension exceeds that of palm.”

At the same level, swordsmanship is more difficult to comprehend than palms. After all, swords are outside the body. When you use them, you can do whatever you want with a pair of fleshy palms. Yes, under a sword, either death or injury is very dangerous.

“The four major clans in Yunwu City, my Li family is weak. Now that the Guan family is crossing the river and demolishing the bridge, the Yang family is eyeing them, and the city owner is also relatively close to the Guan family and the Yang family. If I become a disciple of the Canglan Sect, I will definitely be able to help the Li family return to the peak. .”

Taking a deep breath, Li Fuchen’s eyes flashed a terrifying light, “Canglanzong, I will definitely enter, I want everyone to see, my Li family is not so easy to bully.”

Originally, Li Fuchen only had longing for Canglan Sect, but now, he is not only longing, but also has ambition.

The world is dominated by the aloof sects.

The Yunwu City where the Li family is located is one of the countless cities in the Canglan Region, and the Canglan Region is ruled by the Canglan Sect.

Canglan Sect is a kendo sect. More than 70% of the people practice swordsmanship. Whether it is a family member or a commoner, they are all proud to be a disciple of the Canglan Sect. You must know that once you become a Canglan Sect The disciples of Lan Zong can step into the sky in an instant.

In recent years, the Li family has been declining, precisely because no one in the Li family has become a disciple of the Canglan Sect for ten consecutive years, and the other three families have more or less one or two people every two years. Being able to become a disciple of the Canglan Sect, under the circumstances of one change and another growing, the Li family will naturally decline more and more, and the right to speak has gradually become the last seat.


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