Eternal Reverence Chapter 1: Li Fuchen


“Li Fuchen, you will not be my opponent after another ten years of practice.”


On the martial arts field, Li Fuchen, with a handsome face, fell and flew out, and the one who knocked him away was a young man in Tsing Yi.

“Hey, as expected, three moves were defeated.”

“This is the seventh time in a year that Li Fuchen has been defeated by Li Yunhe!”

“No, Li Fuchen was considered a genius in the past, and he kept suppressing Li Yunhe. He didn’t expect that in just one year, a genius would become useless, and people would become stupid even if he didn’t say his strength. Li Yunhe’s opponent, he still has to accept the opponent’s challenge.”

“You can blame Li Fuchen wrongly. He has always been a proud person and never avoided fighting.”

“Hey, if you want to blame Li Fuchen for having a fiancée named Guan Xue, who knows that Li Yunhe also likes Guan Xue. The three of them grew up together, but Guan Xue has already been betrothed to Li Fuchen. Li Yunhe is not happy.”

The schadenfreude laughter from the surroundings fell so harshly in Li Fuchen’s ears that his breathing became slightly rapid.

A year, everything happened a year ago.

A year ago, he was definitely a genius in the Li family, and Li Yunhe was never regarded as an opponent by him.

But one day, his talent suddenly lost. To be precise, his talent can no longer be used. Whenever he concentrates, his head hurts. The pain makes him unable to practice with peace of mind. , Li Yunhe noticed that Li Fuchen’s strength had not improved at all, so he changed his method to invite Li Fuchen.

Fist clenched, Li Fuchen looked up at the sky, and his heart was full of unyielding.

“Thief God, why did I Li Fuchen offend you? Why did you take away my talent? Do you know what the consequences of not having talent will be in this world where the strong are respected?”

Li Fuchen roared in his heart.

Unfortunately, God couldn’t hear his inner voice.

Looking at Li Fuchen with a sneer, Li Yunhe was very happy in his heart. He has always been jealous of Li Fuchen. He is jealous that the other party’s father is the head of the Li family. Whether it is resources or treatment, he is better than him. If his father is also Patriarch, his achievements must surpass Li Fuchen.

Now that the other party has become a waste, the patriarch can’t help. You must know that the Li family is not the only one who says the patriarch. There is an elder council behind the patriarch. Once the elder council makes a decision, the patriarch cannot change it. , Of course, most of the time, it is what the patriarch says, and the elders generally do not participate in family affairs.

“Li Fuchen, I advise you to take the initiative to give up Guan Xue, you are not worthy of her at all.”

Leaving a sarcastic remark, Li Yunhe turned and left the martial arts field.

The people watching the battle all left, leaving only Li Fuchen standing there alone.

Upstairs in the pavilion in the distance, a middle-aged man in white sees all this.

“Fuchen, although father is the patriarch, father can’t help you with this kind of thing, you can only rely on yourself.”

Looking at Li Fuchen being bullied, he is more uncomfortable as a father than anyone else, but he knows very well that once he stands for Li Fuchen, Li Fuchen will suffer more humiliation and resentment. In a world where respect and hierarchy are strict, everything depends on his own strength. External forces may make him look good on the surface, but secretly, who knows how many people will disdain and hate him.

The night was like water, Li Fuchen sat on the futon, and worked hard to practice the Hongyu Gong.

Hongyu Gong, the only yellow-level high-level practice in the Li family, is divided into seven levels. A year ago, Li Fuchen had already cultivated to the third level, but unfortunately, he has not made any progress this year, and Li Yunhe is taking advantage of it. In this year, he has cultivated Hongyu Gong to the fourth level, and only then can he crush him.


Although it has been experienced countless times, the pain in the head still makes Li Fuchen scream.

This kind of pain is a hundred times worse than physical pain, it is pain from the depths of the soul.

The body was dripping with sweat, and Li Fuchen opened his eyes unwillingly, and because of the clenched teeth, blood flowed down his lips, which was shocking.

“Is that still the case?”

Li Fuchen still can’t understand what happened to him. The external humiliation is a blow to him, but this ignorance is even more of a blow to him, as if there is an eclipse The bone poisonous snake eroded his bone marrow little by little, and by the time he realized it, the bone marrow had already been sucked up.

The night is over, and it is dawn.

Early in the morning, a guest came to the Li family, Guan Yue, the head of the Guan family.

In the conference hall, Li Tianhan, dressed in white, warmly greeted him.

“Guan Yue, what wind brought you here.”

Guan Yue is nearly eight feet tall and bears a strong waist. He smiled a little embarrassedly and said, “I have nothing to do today, come and see, by the way, how is Fuchen doing recently?”

“He is still like that. This incident has hit him hard. I hope he can survive.”

Li Tianhan looked a little sad.

“No hurry, maybe it’s just for a while, I believe he can survive.” After a while, Guan Yue took out a jade bottle from his arms, “This is a nourishing pill, which may be useful to him. .”

“Yang Shen Dan?”

Li Tianhan didn’t pick him up, looking puzzled.

The Yangshen Pill is not an ordinary pill, but a yellow-level high-level pill. One pill is worth thousands of gold coins. Although the other party’s daughter has a marriage contract with Fuchen, she has not yet come to the door, so she sent such a precious pill. , so that Li Tianhan was a little confused.

Guan Yue said unhappily: “It’s just an elixir, why don’t you look down on it?”

“It’s not about the pills, Guan Yue, do you have anything to say?”

An old friend of many years, Li Tianhan knows that the other party should hide things.

Putting the jade bottle on the table next to it, Guan Yue said with difficulty: “Tianhan, I’m here, I have something to discuss with you.”

“Speak! I’m listening!”

Li Tianhan has a bad feeling in his heart.

Clearing his throat, Guan Yue said, “Just a week ago, the little girl Guan Xue’s cultivation level broke through to the seventh level of Qi training.”

“Seventh level of Qi practice?”

Li Tianhan gasped, Guan Xue and Li Fuchen were the same age, fourteen years old this year, and at the age of fourteen, he practiced the seventh realm of Qi. Genius, Li Yunhai, who is fifteen years old this year, is currently practicing the sixth realm of Qi, while Li Fuchen and Li Yunhe are only in the fourth realm, which is a difference of three.

“I remember that she just broke through to the sixth level of Qi practice half a year ago?”

Li Tianhan asked.

Guan Yue said with a wry smile: “The little girl is talented and intelligent, and she actually cultivated my Guan family’s water moon art to the sixth level. You know, to a certain extent, the practice is more difficult to break through than the cultivation level. Those who can cultivate the Shuiyue Art to the sixth-level realm, without exception, are all warriors in the Yuanyuan realm, and there is not a single Qi realm warrior.”

“What a monster!”

Li Tianhan sighed with emotion.

“Brother Tianhan, the little girl has been accepted as a disciple by the Canglan Sect, so I’m afraid this marriage contract cannot be fulfilled.” Guan Yue didn’t hide it anymore, and got straight to the point.

Li Tianhan raised his eyebrows, “They are still young, so it’s too early to talk about a marriage contract, we can talk about it a few years later.”

Guan Yue said seriously: “This is also the meaning of the little girl. I hope Brother Tianhan will be successful.”

Li Tianhan’s face became ugly, and his eyes were fixed on Guan Yue, “Why, do you want to regret the marriage? It was your Guan family who offered to make an engagement at the beginning, but now you are the first Guan family to regret it. What do you think of my Li family, what do you think of me Li Tianhan, do you think that my Li family is in decline, and it is not worth you to close the family to marry?”

“Brother Tianhan, my Guan family will make compensation. You should keep this nourishing pill first. In a few days, my Guan family will give you the best Guan family restaurant in Yunwu City to your Li family. “

Now that the words have been spoken, Guan Yue is more relaxed.

Yes, the other party is right, marriage also has value. No one from the Li family has entered the Canglan Sect for ten consecutive years, while the Guan family is prosperous. Almost every two years, one or two children of the Guan family become Canglan. Lan Zong disciple.

This year, Guan Xue became a disciple of the Canglan Sect ahead of schedule. You must know that who can be recruited as a disciple in advance has no bright future.

If that’s the case, the Guan family wouldn’t be so anxious to propose to terminate the engagement. After all, the skinny camel is bigger than the horse. As one of the four major families in Yunwu City, the Li family is still very powerful, no better than the emerging family Guan family. weak.

It’s a pity that Li Fuchen is too unsatisfactory. Originally, his talent was not bad. He didn’t know what he did a year ago, but his talent disappeared. Genius, this is intolerable to the Guan family.

Besides, Guan Xue himself is not interested in this marriage contract. He has already proposed to cancel the marriage contract more than once. He has been pressed by him until now, and he thinks that he is worthy of the Li family.

“My Li family won’t want pills and restaurants. My Li family can’t afford to lose this person. Brother Guan Yue, this is the last time I will call you Brother Guan Yue. From now on, you and I will No friendship.”

Li Tianhan was completely heartbroken. The Guan family could rise up without the help of the Li family. He never imagined that the other party would cross the river and demolish the bridge.

“Brother Tianhan, the words have come to this point, and I have nothing to say. This time it’s my fault to close the house, so I’ll leave first.”

Taking a deep breath, Guan Yue got up and left.

“Bring the medicine pill.”

Li Tianhan waved his hand, and his invisible energy forced his hair, and the jade bottle flew towards Guan Yue.

He stretched out his hand to catch the jade bottle, and Guan Yue left silently.


When Guan Yue walked out of the hall, Li Tianhan smashed the armrest of the seat, his face ashen.

A few days later, the Guan family sent a letter to announce the termination of the engagement. At the same time, the entire Li family and even the entire Yunwu City knew about it.

Invisibly, both the Li family and Li Fuchen became the laughing stock of everyone. After dinner, everyone took this matter as a topic of conversation. Comparing with this topic was the news that Guan Xue had become a disciple of the Canglan Sect. It is very clear that the Guan family is about to soar into the sky and is accepted as a disciple by the Canglan Sect ahead of time. This is something that has never happened in Yunwu City for a hundred years.


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