Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 4672: The last glory of the ancient times

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Chapter 4672 The last glory of the ancient times

If the nearly two hundred Martial Emperors of the human race had insisted on the same belief from the very beginning and fought the enemy with their lives, then they would surely be able to fight against the three half-step Martial Gods, and they would not be in the current embarrassment. situation.

But the strength of the three half-step martial gods is one aspect, and more importantly, people like Ma Baoguo have no determination to risk their lives at all.

Without a doubt.

The defeat of Emperor Wu on the battlefield was only a matter of time.

As one of the Twelve Demon Kings, the performance of the Demon King Mietian is even more frightening.

The Heaven Extinguishing Demon King is like a ruthless killing machine.

Holding the divine halberd of space, he exudes the power of space, and black light radiates from his whole body, like a black moon hanging in the sky.

More than a dozen Martial Emperors teamed up, and all kinds of attacks pierced through the void, crushing and crushing towards the Heaven Extinguishing Demon King.


When these attacks landed on the Demon King Mietian, they all seemed to sink into the sea, not only did not cause any waves, even the attacks disappeared without a trace.


Seeing the approaching Demon King Mietian, the group of Martial Emperors wanted to distance themselves immediately.

But it’s too late!

I saw the Heaven Extinguishing Demon King wave his right hand, and the Space Divine Halberd released a strange energy.

The power of space surged, and a wave of domain ability came to suppress it.

In an instant!

The land with a radius of thousands of miles is shrouded in space.

This group of Martial Emperors touched the edge of the space field, and they couldn’t leave at all.

Whether it is elementalization or using the power of space, there is no way to escape here.

“What is this?”

Many Martial Emperors were shocked.

At this time, the Extinguishing Demon King stepped forward, and bursts of light burst out from the Space Divine Halberd.

In an instant, he appeared in front of these Martial Emperors, like a mountain, bringing endless oppression to people.

If more than a dozen Martial Emperors join forces, they may be able to withstand the blow of the Demon King.

It’s just that the atmosphere of fear is flowing among the dozen or so Martial Emperors.

Seeing the arrival of the Heaven Extinguishing Demon King, the four or five Martial Emperors did not choose to fight, but chose to use elementalization and move at the speed of light, using the usual method of escape in this space field.

“Come back!”

The remaining Emperor Wu was extremely angry.

But following the fall of the Heaven Extinguishing Demon King’s halberd, they also had no choice but to bite the bullet and use their moves to blast at the Heaven Extinguishing Demon King.

The Heaven Extinguishing Demon King landed on their attack with a halberd.

In an instant, the space shattered, and a huge space crack was formed immediately, completely resolving the attacks of these Martial Emperors.

Next second!

It was another halberd, which directly cut off the bodies of the two Emperor Wu, and at the same time created space cracks.

Every halberd of the Extinguishing Demon King can tear apart space and create space cracks, completely ignoring all defenses!

“How to get out!” Ma Baoguo panicked, he kept looking for the exit in the space field.

But this area seems to be completely isolated from the outside world, and there is no way out at all.

At this moment, Ma Baoguo felt a strong aura coming from behind, which made the hairs all over his body explode.

Ma Baoguo couldn’t help but stop what he was doing, and his body couldn’t help shaking.

“It’s useless. This is the king’s “killing domain”, which can isolate everything and confine the space. Unless your realm is above this king, and you can still use the power of space. “

The voice of the Mietian Demon King was like a death urging, which made Ma Baoguo cry.


Ma Baoguo roared unwillingly, and the five lightning whips continuously lashed at the Demon King Mietian.

Ke Mietian Demon King remained indifferent, allowing Ma Baoguo’s attack to fall on him.

As before, all attacks are like stone sinking into the sea.


Ma Baoguo finally came to his senses, the Demon King of Mietian did not use the Defense of the Demon King, and the reason why they were able to make their attacks ineffective was not because of how powerful the Demon King’s defense was.


A layer of space shield invisible to the naked eye was formed outside the body surface of the Extinguishing Demon King.

Although Ma Baoguo reacted, it was too late.

When the space divine halberd fell, Ma Baoguo’s body had already been separated.

The Heaven Extinguishing Demon King didn’t even look at him again, just a movement of his mind, he disappeared in place, used space to move, and appeared beside some other fleeing Emperor Wu.

This is a carnage!

The space divine halberd of the Heaven Extinguishing Demon King is not only his weapon, but also his martial soul.

And there are two kinds of martial soul abilities.

One is the space shield.

The second is the field of killing.

In the field of killing, except for the Heaven Extinguishing Demon King, the power of all the attacks of the targets will be cut in half, and the power of all the attacks of the Extinguishing Demon King will be doubled.

Moreover, any attacks performed by the Demon King of Extinguishing Heaven will not consume any energy or mental power.

Even within the Slaughtering Domain, the Demon King of Extinguishing Heaven can still perform unlimited spatial movement.

After the killing field dissipated, more than a dozen Martial Emperors were all killed in Huangquan.

The Heaven Extinguishing Demon King looked around the battlefield, and soon found a new prey.

With the passage of time, the number of human emperors has dropped sharply.

Every Emperor Wu died in the boundless void.

Not even a single corpse was left behind for many of them.

This battle can only be described as tragic.

Nearly two hundred Martial Emperors worked together to fight these three half-step Martial Gods.

It can be seen that the current number and strength are far from the opponents of these three half-step warriors.

Although God’s Domain in the ancient times was incomparably bright, it had the most powerful lineup and the most powerful Emperor Wu beyond the long history of God’s Domain.


What they are facing is the most powerful Shura Demon Palace in the history of the Demon Realm!

Even Lin Yun couldn’t help feeling emotional when he saw this scene.

“It’s not that the Asura Demon Palace is too strong, but that the hearts of God’s Domain are not in harmony.”

If more than half of this group of Martial Emperors have the mentality of dragon gods and tiger gods.

Even if everything is unfavorable, even if the end is dead, even if you will fail in the next second.

But still never give up, I respect the heaven with my life!

Invincible in the Three Realms!

How could it end up in this situation.

At this moment, Lin Yun also understood what the Immemorial Immortal said earlier.

The key to this battle is not the relationship between the two true gods, but what is meant by the relationship between Emperor Wu.

Since Emperor Wu began to back down, and since Emperor Wu began to abandon his companions, God’s Domain has been completely defeated in this battle.

Even in the end, relying on the ancient gods to turn the tide and respect the heavens with their lives, one person died together with the demon king Shura and the eleven demon kings.

But since then, God’s Domain has never been able to reproduce the glory of the ancient times.


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