Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 4671: Night Demon Bloodbat

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Chapter 4671 Night Demon Blood Bat

The huge abyssal troll rampaged and killed the remaining Martial Emperors.

The Shura energy of the abyss troll not only possesses a more powerful corrosive ability than devil energy.

Moreover, its own self-healing ability is also very powerful, and it is not afraid of the attacks of these Martial Emperors at all.

Emperor Yutianwu looked around and saw that his former companions were all killed in the **** mouth of the abyss troll. The scene was extremely tragic.

Emperor Yutianwu was completely stunned.

At least one-third of the nearly two hundred Martial Emperors of the human race have died.

On the other hand, looking at the three half-step warriors, except for the abyss troll who was arrogant and arrogant, relying on his powerful body, rampant and injured.

The Vampire Demon King and the Heaven Extinguishing Demon King are not hindered at all. It is difficult for the attacks of many Martial Emperors to even touch them.

As the dead third child said.

Emperor Yutianwu could see the situation clearly.

Whether in the boundless void or in the battlefield of God’s Domain, they have all fallen into a huge disadvantage.

If things go on like this, defeat is only a matter of time.


Even in the current situation, it is because Lin Yun killed six demon kings in the Martial Emperor realm, and the extreme demon king has not yet made a move.

It is really hard for Emperor Yutianwu to imagine what kind of terrifying combat power the Shura Demon Palace would have in its heyday.

If that is the case, I am afraid that by now, their entire army has been wiped out.

A dazzling black light flickered in the boundless void.

The blood-colored bats summoned by the Vampire Demon King galloped in all directions like thousands of horses.

Human Martial Emperors along the way attacked one after another.

Now, everyone is aware of the weakness of this group of **** bats.

“These are all half-soul, half-energy states, completely immune to physical attacks, attacking them with energy, otherwise they can’t be destroyed at all!”

Emperor Luotian immediately sent a voice transmission to remind everyone.


When facing the **** bat, most Martial Emperors could not escape at all.

The number of **** bats is increasing, first tens of thousands, then hundreds of thousands, then millions.

To the end!

The number of **** bats exceeds ten million.

Almost the entire battlefield was overwhelmed by **** bats.

Such a huge number came from all directions, making every Martial Emperor overwhelmed.

In an instant!

In the boundless void, bright light clusters exploded one after another.

The scene in front of them moved everyone, even gnashing their teeth and eyes tearing apart.


Luo Tiandi and the others roared angrily.

Because the bright light clusters were not the attacks of the Martial Emperors, but the self-destruction of the Martial Emperors!

Even if it is a middle-level Martial Emperor, if he is surrounded by tens of thousands of **** bats at the same time.

It only takes a moment, and it will be completely wiped out.

Moreover, all the immortal energy, spiritual power and vitality in the body will be sucked out, and finally turned into a mummy, and suffered inhuman torture before death.

Instead of dying in such a humiliating manner, most Martial Emperors would only be able to self-destruct if they were surrounded by **** bats.

The weak have no choice.

The dazzling light clusters exploded one by one.

The explosion of each light group means the fall of a Martial Emperor.

In this era, even someone as strong as Emperor Wu is worthless.

“We fight with you!”

Several middle-level Martial Emperors from Tiger C Group came to the Vampire Demon King with the help of the space power of the other Martial Emperors in spite of everything.

They have attacked the Vampire Lord many times before.

However, even the joint attack of ten intermediate Martial Emperors could not completely break through the Vampire Demon King’s defense.

In the current situation, these Martial Emperors disregarded their lives and blew themselves up without a moment’s hesitation.

In an instant!

The terrifying ray of light swallowed up the entire land of hundreds of miles around.

All the stars in the surrounding area have already been destroyed.

The power of a mid-level Martial Emperor’s self-detonation is equivalent to that of a high-level Martial Emperor’s jade nuclear bomb.

One can imagine the power of the self-destruction of the ten intermediate Martial Emperors.

At that moment, the void seemed to be shattered.

One after another space cracks appear from the void.

The astonishing self-explosion energy evolved into an energy shock wave, which spread rapidly in all directions.

This scene!


Thick smoke filled the void, shaking the void.

Until the light dissipated, the figure of the Vampire Demon King reappeared before everyone’s eyes.

It’s just him at this moment, with a contemptuous smile on his pale face.

A large number of cracks appeared in the Demon King’s Arm.

Even if it is a half-step Martial God’s Demon King’s Defense, it can’t completely resist the self-destruction of the ten intermediate Martial Emperors, and they are destroyed together with their souls.

The blood-sucking demon king suffered a loss. Not only was the demon king’s defense damaged, but his body was also injured, and blood flowed out.

When everyone saw this scene, they were overjoyed.

The self-destruction of these ten Martial Emperors was not in vain.

Injuring the Vampire Demon King this time also made them realize that half-step warriors are not invincible.

It was just what happened in the next second, but it completely crushed the last hope in their hearts!

“It’s just a group of ants, even if they die, what kind of impact can it cause?” The indifferent voice of the Vampire Demon King entered everyone’s minds.

Immediately afterwards, the Vampire Demon King raised his right hand and scratched towards the void.

“Return to the coffin!”

With the movement of the vampire king’s divine mind, millions of blood-colored bats flew back into the night coffin in the boundless void.

With the tight closure of the night coffin, the wounds on the blood-sucking demon king recovered in just an instant, and even the demon king’s defense was restored to its original state.

This scene left everyone stunned, and it was truly shocking.

Looking at the stunned expressions of the crowd, the Vampire Demon King said proudly: “This is my “Night Demon Blood Bat”, are you desperate? “

Night devil blood bat, this is the super god-level martial soul of the blood-sucking demon king, the martial soul ability of the night coffin.

After the night coffin is opened, the vampire king can release up to 100 million night devil blood bats.

The night devil blood bat is in a state of half soul and half energy, which is completely immune to physical attacks.

The night devil blood bat can move at a thousand times the speed of sound, and after attacking the target, it can quickly absorb the enemy’s vitality, fairy energy and spiritual power.

After the vampire king casts “Return to the coffin”, the night devil blood bat will return to the night coffin, and transfer all the absorbed vitality, energy, and spiritual power to the vampire king.

The Vampire Demon King’s injuries were healed, and his devilish energy and spiritual power were greatly replenished.

The original realm of the Vampire Demon King was far above these Martial Emperors.

With the addition of such a tricky martial soul ability at this moment, many Martial Emperors are helpless.


Just like before, the self-destruction of the ten Martial Emperors was enough to hurt the Vampire Demon King.

All it takes is a steady stream of Emperor Wu’s self-destruction, which will definitely bring a huge threat to the Vampire Demon King.


The Martial Emperors in God’s Domain not only have different levels of strength, even in the crisis of life and death, nearly half of the Martial Emperors did not choose to fight for their lives.


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