Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 4670: Overall disadvantage

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Chapter 4670 Comprehensive disadvantage

The words of the devil king of **** just fell!

150,000 Yin soldiers and Yin generals all came to kill Lin Yun and others.

And those nearly a hundred ghost generals are even more jaw-dropping.

Some of them were holding sharp blades, and the moment they swung, the dense soul energy formed an attack, overwhelming the sky, like sword energy, like rainbow light, like thunder, emerging endlessly, and suppressed Lin Yun and the others.

This is indeed something that Lin Yun and others did not expect.

These ghost generals are no longer like Yin soldiers and Yin generals, they can only use their bodies as weapons.

Instead, it can unleash a long-range attack.

And similarly, the attacks they release are all soul energy.

Besides using the power of the soul, there is no other way to crack it.

World Extinguishing Divine Sword Art – Eighth Form!

Lin Yun was the first to bear the brunt of the attack and used his sword tactics.

The sword qi condensed by the soul power of the Hundred Paths poured forward like a torrential rain, resisting the attacks released by these ghosts.

Just unexpected.

The two soul energies collided together, and extremely majestic energy fluctuations burst out in an instant.

The huge wave of soul, wave after wave, spread rapidly in all directions.

Even if it is as strong as Lin Yun, this sword can only destroy the attacks released by these ghost generals, threatening them with powerlessness.

Since the war, Dragon God and others and Lin Yun have understood each other’s meaning without much communication.

In addition to Lin Yun, Mingshen and Fengshen, the three Dragon Gods still followed the previous deployment to attract some Yin soldiers and Yin generals to share some pressure for Lin Yun and the three.

It’s just that these ghostly generals appearing now are not so easy to deal with.

At the same time.

In God’s Domain, battlefields have spread throughout the entire Eastern Continent, and even parts of the Western Continent have become battlefields.

Countless souls died in this battle.

Still limbs and fragments are scattered all over the God’s Domain.

Blood stained area after area.

Looking at the God’s Domain from the boundless void, one can clearly see that the entire God’s Domain is now blood-red.

Like a sea of ​​purgatory.

The sound of fighting, roaring, and screaming came and went one after another.

Although Lin Yun has eliminated six of the twelve demon kings in the Asura Demon Palace.

But now the human race is still at a disadvantage.

When many Martial Emperors went to the Boundless Void to deal with the half-step Valkyrie.

Ghost-faced Demon King and Hunshi Demon King, these two high-ranking peak Martial Emperors, in the realm of the gods, they are like entering the realm of no one, and no one can stop them at all.

A large number of half-step Martial Emperors, high-ranking Martial Venerables, and even middle-ranking and low-ranking Martial Venerables followed suit.

But there is still no way to threaten these two demon kings.

The special martial soul ability of the Demon Lord of Confusion is almost terrifying “devil’s brain”.

Even before these half-step Wu Emperors and Wu Zun approached the Hunshi Demon King, they died halfway and disappeared in ashes.

“Sink into fantasy! Fantasy annihilation!”

The Demon King of Confusion is invincible, with the movement of his divine sense, with him as the center, dense beams of energy beams shot out from his body.

Each beam of energy contains different elemental energies.

Just a moment!

The dense beams of energy shot madly in all directions, and wherever they passed, everything was annihilated invisibly.

The ghost-faced devil king is like an executioner, holding a killing blade, and shuttles around in the high air in the form of a ghost face.

Half-step Martial Emperor, all became the souls of his sword!

For the human race in God’s Domain, this is definitely a massacre.

Half-step Martial Emperors and Martial Venerables all need to deal with these two high-level peak Martial Emperors.

Therefore, in the human army, there is no one who can fight against Wu Zun and half-step Wudi in the demon army.

Combined with the number of the demon army, it is three times that of the human race.

Even some strong men in God’s Domain are brave and good at fighting, and they are not afraid of life and death.

Still powerless to parry.

This is definitely the most tragic battle in the history of God’s Domain.

Even if Lin Yun killed the six demon kings ahead of time, it was still a drop in the bucket, and it was difficult to affect the overall situation.

The terrifying power of the Asura Demon Palace is fully reflected at this moment.

Since the start of the battle, except for the fight between the two true gods, Taikoo Tianzun and Shura Demonzun, which was evenly divided, God’s Domain has lost the wind in the rest of the battlefield.

The two hundred Martial Emperors that God’s Domain claims to have spent ten years cultivating them.

But now facing half-step Martial Gods and Martial Gods who surpassed the Martial Emperor Realm, there was no way to hurt them.

How many people have fallen into despair at this moment!

In the boundless void, the fight between nearly two hundred Martial Emperors and three half-step Martial Gods has also entered a fierce stage.

In a certain place in the boundless void, a low-level peak Martial Emperor dressed in green robes was full of despair at the moment.

Facing the **** mouth opened by the abyss troll, he dropped the giant ax in his hand, closed his eyes, and wanted to meet his end.

Just now!

In the distance, a nine-story tower burst out with endless divine light, and a force of space shrouded the Emperor Wu, shifting him to a distance, narrowly avoiding the attack of the abyss troll.

“Third, what are you doing? Why don’t you defend yourself!”

The person who rescued him was none other than Emperor Yutianwu.

Using his spiritual sense to transmit sound, he questioned the Emperor Wu.

The third child’s face was pale, and the despair in his eyes could no longer be hidden.

He smiled wryly at Emperor Yutianwu, “It’s a dead end in the end, why do you have to defend yourself. It’s better to catch him now, long-term pain is worse than short-term pain.”

Emperor Yutianwu wanted to slap him on the face, gritted his teeth, and roared angrily: “What are you talking about! Tianzun and the others didn’t give up, and neither did the regiment leader. The soldiers in God’s Domain are all persisting. In a big battle, we must…”

Emperor Yutianwu hadn’t finished speaking when the third child interrupted him.

“Yu Tian, ​​you have always been smarter than us. As smart as you, how can you not see the situation clearly?”

“All parties are at a disadvantage, defeat is only a matter of time, and don’t forget that the head of the twelve demon kings of the Shura Demon Palace has not yet appeared…”

When Emperor Yutianwu heard these words, he was speechless for a while, not knowing how to refute.

Before Emperor Yutianwu came over, the third child suddenly exhausted his last ounce of strength and used his martial soul ability to form a hurricane, enveloping Emperor Yutianwu and flying to the rear.

At the same time, behind the third child, the abyss troll came through the void, opened its **** mouth, and directly swallowed the third child.

“It’s terrible! Doesn’t this guy take a bath?”

Swallowing a low-level peak Martial Emperor not only failed to satisfy the abyss troll, but made him furious because it just didn’t suit his appetite.


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