Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 523: Dragon’s Blood Grass, Blood Flood Snake



The huge island has a radius of thousands of miles. Because of the dazzling sky of the colorful Xia Antian, you can see the colorful colors in the air from hundreds of miles away.


Around the island, people rushed over from time to time, looking from a distance, it looked like a black spot.


Ye Chen found Baohe Island half a month after the birth of Baohe Island, this island is not outrageous, at least Ye Chen has seen many islands larger than Baohe Island, but not a single island The periphery is shrouded in a vast and boundless colorful glow, and it is precisely because of the existence of the colorful glow that Baohe Island is extremely majestic and impressive, shocking the soul.




Not far away, a Spiritual Sea Realm master launched an attack and wanted to break the ban, but the multicolored glow was unusually tenacious, and the whole person was bounced back. Like a multicolored light belt, chase this person.


The multicolored light belt was castrated very fast, shuttled and intertwined, and after a while, the person who was killed was sweaty, bloodstained, and his face was ugly for several miles.


At the same time, similar scenes appeared frequently around Baohe Island. Those who could break the ban and enter would never be saved.


Pull out the emerald green long sword, Ye Chen took a deep breath, and slashed at the colorful glow with one sword.


The sound of a burst of energy sounded, and the colorful rays of light were torn out into a very thin opening, and the edge of the opening was intertwined with colorful silk threads, like cotton cloth being torn apart, the cloth was broken, and the silk threads were woven together again, and shot out. More colorful silk threads turned into light belts and attacked Ye Chen.


Ye Chen’s figure flickered, dodging the attacking light band.


“The strange power is actually intertwined with energy filaments. I can only tear open a small hole with all my strength, not enough to penetrate the whole body.”




A sword cut off the band of light in front of him, Ye Chen suddenly accelerated, passing between several bands of light, the long sword carrying a golden-blue light, slashing on the colorful rays of light.


There is a wide and long crack on the surface of the multicolored glow, and the multicolored threads are constantly annihilated and reborn, maintaining this balance point for a while.




Ye Chen turned into a streamer and shot into it.


“Hey, how could he break in?”


The previously embarrassed Spirit Sea Realm Great Master paid attention to the wine, and a look of surprise flashed on his face.


As soon as Bing entered the interior of the colorful glow, over the island, Ye Chen’s body sank, as if an invisible force was pulling him down, and it seemed as if a heavy mountain was pressing on his back, his true essence and qi and blood were stagnant Get up, breathing stagnates.


When the height was ten meters adjacent to the island’s ground, Ye Chen stabilized his body.


Looking back, the sea of ​​​​clouds was rushing in the direction of the colorful rays of light, and the fog was foggy. In the sea of ​​​​clouds, there was a crack that had not yet been healed. Obviously, this crack was left by Ye Chen when he passed through the sea of ​​​​clouds… Following the crack, Ye Chen saw the relative elephant outside through a much softer multicolored glow, the scene was distorted and blurred, as if it had been refracted many times.


Withdrawing his gaze, Ye Chen began to look at his current location.


In my eyes, the mountains rise and fall, some green and towering, some low and peculiar. On the mountain peaks, waterfalls and springs are colorful, and from time to time there are brilliant auras and precious lights rushing out, as if there are some treasures there, blooming that belong to own brilliance.


Because of the inability to fly at high altitudes, Ye Chen could only see the mountains within a small area, and his soul power was greatly reduced here, and the detection range did not exceed five miles.


Without too much pause, Ye Chen flew towards the area where Lingguang rushed out just now, trying his best to restrain his breath along the way.


After half a cup of tea, Ye Chen found the source of the aura.


In the cracks between the rocks, there is a spiritual flower with waxy white leaves and blue flowers. This spiritual flower is palm-sized, and the tiny blood vessels on the rhizome are clearly visible, just like the meridians of the human body. This spirit flower continuously released a condensed aura of substance.


“Stencil Flower!”


Ye Chen recognized the origin of the Spirit Flower, but it was the Refining Rib Flower that he had obtained in the foggy area. The Refining Rib Flower was a mid-grade spiritual flower. 30,000 pieces of mid-grade spirit stones are not too many to refine into a tendon-refining pill from precious materials.


It is important to know that the meridians of the human body are very important and relatively fragile. The meridians are not smooth, and the combat power cannot reach the peak. Jin Dan can not only heal broken meridians in a short period of time, but also strengthen the meridians, so that the tenacity of the meridians can reach a very terrifying level, and it is easily not damaged.


“Although this gluten-refining flower is a mid-grade spirit flower, the heat is only expected to reach the 10,000-year level. Even if the 10,000-year-old gluten-refining flower is not as good as the top-grade spirit flower, it is not far behind.”


Ye Chen’s mind moved, his hand moved, and the tendon flower came off and flew out, landed on his hand, and was immediately put into the storage ring by him.


In the storage ring, there are flower pots, large and small, with fertile soil, and in the corner, there is a jade bottle, the jade bottle stores the spiritual liquid that makes the flowers and plants grow vigorously. He bought these spiritual liquids from some special places. As for the nutritional potion that Wang Heng gave him at the beginning, he had already used up.


Put the tendon-refining flower in the flowerpot and fill it with soil. Ye Chen’s mental power withdrew and flew to the next area where the aura erupted.


“A lot of spiritual plants!”


“Almost every mountain has an aura rushing out, which is unimaginable in the outside world.”


The two spirit sea realm experts who came in together looked at each other, full of joy.


“What are you waiting for! Go picking.”


Suppressing the excitement, the two of them activated their True Qi and flew low.




Screams were heard from another area.


Next to a blood-red spirit grass, there is a person and a beast. The scream is a pale-faced spirit sea realm. One of his arms was bitten off by something, and the blood spilled from the fracture. It was cloudy pus, which was extremely disgusting, and over time, the person’s shoulder slowly corroded, and the pus became more and more.


Across from him is a blood-red poisonous snake more than ten meters long. The upper half of the poisonous snake is towering.


“Damn, why is there a ninth-level blood serpent next to the dragon’s blood grass.” The man’s face was full of despair. The blood serpent was an ancient monster with strong poison. The poisoner has no special antidote and will surely die unless Step into the realm of life and death, cultivate the body of immortality, and then ignore toxins.


“Go to hell!”


Knowing that he was going to die, this man encouraged Zhen Yuan and made a death-defying counterattack.




The body of the Blood Flood Serpent didn’t move, its tail flicked, and it didn’t even get a shadow. The great power of the Spirit Sea Realm had a dented mouth, and the play flew out, with no vitality.


“Blood Serpent!”


Hundreds of meters away, Ye Chen stood on a hillside with lush vegetation, covering him with only a pair of eyes.


The name of the Blood Flood Snake, Ye Chen, is like thunder. Among the poisons in the world, the Blood Flood Snake can rank in the top ten. It is said that no one can resist the venom of the Blood Flood Snake below the level of life and death. The strength of the monsters is not inferior to that of the water ape clan. In terms of rank alone, the ninth level does not seem to be high, but don’t forget that the opponent is an ancient monster with strong combat power. Only the top-grade qualifications like Sun Xiaojin can match.


“My strength is at most comparable to that of the Blood Flood Serpent. If I want to get the Dragon’s Blood Grass, I still need to think about a strategy.”


Although Ye Chen has entered the Spirit Sea Realm, his strength is comparable to that of the top real-life powerhouses, but compared with Sun Xiaojin, he is not necessarily stronger than the opponent. Based on this, it can be inferred that the blood serpent’s strength is naturally not inferior. Self, not to mention the other party has the top ten venom in the world, it is definitely a big killer copper.


After thinking about it for a long time, Ye Chen didn’t come up with a good solution. When the monster level reached the ninth level, Zhimu was no different from ordinary people, and it was difficult to deceive with inferior means.


“I had no choice but to use the avatar of my body to steal it.”


Having made up his mind, Ye Chen stepped out of the grass and trees, his true essence was pushed to the limit, and he volleyed out!




The Blood Flood Snake saw Ye Chen at a glance, its scales spread out, its body swelled in a circle, and a purple-green demonic energy emanated from Lei.




A venom arrow shot out, as fast as lightning, and the vegetation along the way withered, unable to withstand the erosion of the venom breath.




The body is like a shadow, Ye Chen’s real body swept out of the shadow, and went around behind the blood snake, near the dragon’s blood grass.


Xue Jiao Tuo reacted very quickly, the scales on the back shook a bit, fell off, shuddered in the air, and shot out, it rained pear flowers.


“It’s really tough!”


Ye Chen doesn’t dare to underestimate the scales’ attacking power. He only wears the top-grade defensive treasure gold gilt armor on his upper body, and his limbs and head are undefended. If his true essence is broken, he will inevitably be seriously injured. The body of immortality is only cultivated to the first level of flesh and blood healing, not to say that there is no real immortality and no injury.




The body became thinner, like a shadow, Ye Chen ran towards the dragon’s blood grass against the ground, and there was the sound of breaking through the air caused by the sharp shooting of the scales.


Ye Chen’s split avatar is too clever to vomit Even though the Blood Flood Serpent had all kinds of means, it was too late to stop him at this time, so he had to swim and chase desperately.


As soon as the dragon’s blood grass was in hand, there was an unprovoked gleam of luster in the air. The luster was looming, and it was extremely strange. Under vigilance, Ye Chen twisted his body and forcibly avoided it.




A hair-thin crack appeared on the ground in an instant. At the end of the crack was the position of the dragon’s blood grass. I saw a flash of silver light, and even the grass and soil were dug out of the soil under the dragon’s blood grass. It was so fast that it almost surpassed Ye Chen’s visual ability.


“This dragon’s blood grass, this old man laughs at him.”


The voice came from a distance, and what made Ye Chen’s face look ugly was that before the other party left, a wall of air blocked the way, and if he stepped back, it was a furious blood serpent.


“Old guy, you are too rude, you stole my things, and you want to kill me.” Ye Chen’s soul force detection range is five times that of Linghai Realm’s great power, reaching about five miles. , so the appearance of the person who shot him was seen in his eyes. As for the other party, he didn’t know anything, but Ye Chen’s soul power was one level higher than his.


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