Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 524: Imitation, sub-element tower





In the back is a fierce and unparalleled Blood Flood Serpent, and in front is a thick air wall. If you go left or right, you will be intercepted by the Blood Flood Serpent, and Ye Chen has almost nowhere to go.


“You can’t get entangled with blood snakes. The defense of the ancient monsters is the most tyrannical. It is absolutely difficult to kill them within an hour or two.


My mind was spinning, Ye Chen withdrew his body-protecting essence, and pieces of sword light floated around his body. With a bang, the sword light drove his body and shot towards the air wall. Bang, the mud splashed behind him, and the tail of the blood serpent was as red as blood. Jade, as hard as a diamond, split the ground into a deep pit.




The sword light condensed the supreme killing sword intent, and the moment it touched the air wall, it just smashed the air wall and passed it smoothly.


Through the air wall, Ye Chen locked onto the figure of the old man in the distance and quickly chased after him.


Behind him, although the speed of the Blood Flood Serpent was not slow, how could it be able to match Ye Chen’s sword-light flying technique? After two or three breaths, he was thrown out for several miles, and Yinsen’s pupils were full of anger.


“Old man, hand over the dragon’s blood grass, and this incident will not happen.” After a while, Ye Chen chased the old man a mile away, and the scenery on both sides quickly regressed, like a foam phantom.


The old man was wearing a mink robe, a hat on his head, and without turning his head, he smiled and said: “Little brother, you can instantly break through the air wall and escape the pursuit of blood snakes, your strength is good, but in front of the old man It’s not enough to see, if you know the current affairs, leave quickly, lest the old man get angry.”


“Oh, it looks like you made up your mind not to return it.”


Ye Chen’s tone was calm, giving people a sense of depth.


“Those who have a predestined relationship with the treasure know that I should get the dragon’s blood grass.”


“Then die!”


After chasing after about 300 meters, Ye Chen’s left index finger was empty, and a waist-thick Qing-sè Zhenyuan finger smashed through the air, and the space was like water.


“Hey! This is the spatial mood?” The old man glanced back, his pupils shrank suddenly, and before he could avoid it, he turned his left hand and patted it.




The old man’s hand released a golden light, a golden shield floated out, and the true essence finger slammed on the golden shield, making a tooth-stinging metal explosion, and the sparks scattered like fireworks.


Staggering back a few steps, the old man stood on a boulder and looked at Ye Chen, “Since you really want to die, the old man will fulfill you.”


There are many treasures on Baohe Island, and the old man does not want to entangle with Ye Chen, provided that the other party does not come to entangle him.


“Who lives and who dies, what you say doesn’t count.”


Stopping his steps, Ye Chen’s eyes were filled with murderous intent, and his expression was a little more serious. His broken fingers already had 40% of the fire, and the power was second only to Jin Yaozhen’s killing sword, which had broken through to 80% of the fire. As expected, it was unexpected to only take a few steps back.


“This old man has killed countless people with this fishing rod. Today he has to add another xìng life.” The old man in Minoyi shook the fishing rod in his hand and looked at Ye Chen expressionlessly, as if he was looking at a fish. A fish that is automatically delivered to your door.


“I’m afraid the result will disappoint you.”


Ye Chen didn’t take the initiative to take the initiative. The old man in the scorpion was very strong, and the fishing rod used as a weapon was even more unpredictable. Before Mō knew the details, a rash attack would only bring opportunities to the opponent.




A strong wind blows, and the air is filled with the unique color of Baohe Island.


The old man in the scorpion made his move, the fishing rod in his hand flicked, and the silver light escaped into the void, silently rushing towards Ye Chen’s neck, the fishing line was stretched straight and straight, blending with the color in the air, the naked eye Difficult to tell where the fishing line is.


Ye Chen did not expect the opponent’s attack to be so fast. He leaned back, flicked his left hand, and the sword energy and silver light collided.


With a ding sound, the silver light bounced off. It was a sharp silver blade. The end seemed to be tied with a transparent fishing line, which occasionally showed a crystal sheen.


The old man in minion sneered, the skinny palm holding the fishing rod sank, and the real essence flowed very fast along the fishing line. In an instant, the tip of the sharp silver blade flashed a pressing cold light, trembled in the air, and once again Knocked down Ye Chen.


Ding ding ding!


The sharp silver blade is like a maggot on the tarsus, and it is not far from Ye Chen at all times.




Like a shadow, Ye Chen suddenly slumped down and slid out against the ground.


“Earthquake Sand!”


A skinny palm was pressed on the ground, and the yellow halo filled the air. With the rumbling sound, the hard soil instantly trembled hundreds of times, and it was shaken into pure sand. The state recovered, and the volley went backwards.


“This guy is amazing.”


This is the first time Ye Chen has met a warrior of the same level who can tie him. The opponent has a lot of fighting experience and is wily. Every shot is the best time, the best angle, and no flaws. At the same time, pressing step by step.




The old man in mink clothes shook his head slightly, and pulled the arm holding the fishing rod back. In front, the sharp silver blade circled around Ye Chen, and the transparent fishing line encircled Ye Chen. As long as the circle narrowed, Even if Ye Chen’s defense was doubled, he would still be cut in half.




At the critical moment, Ye Chen left a shadow, and his real body rose into the sky, reaching a height of ten meters.


“Old man, it’s my turn.”


As soon as he was in the air, Ye Chen flicked his hands rapidly, and the moment the bō pattern in the space rippled, the lotus heart sword qi was shot at the old man in mino clothes like pear blossoms in a torrential rain.




The old man in Minoyi took a deep breath and hit the ground with a palm.




A sand wall filled with a halo of earthy yellow rose up, blocking the sword energy.


There are so many sword qi, the sand wall only stops the blink of an eye, and after the blink of an eye, it is pierced into a sieve and hits the body-protecting essence of the old man in mino clothing.




The old man in Minoyi was hit by a few sword qi, and in horror, his feet sank, sank into the sand, and disappeared without a trace.


In mid-air, Ye Chen sneered, and the attack range of the Lotus Heart Sword Qi expanded, as if a summer rainstorm had shot riddled holes in the area where the old man in the scorpion had disappeared, blowing green smoke.


“Crack Palm!”


A figure with blood stains rushed out of the sand under Ye Chen’s feet, and slapped it upwards with a palm in the air.


“Jin Yaozhen kills the sword!”


Ye Chen had been on guard against the old man in mink clothes breaking out of the sand, and plotted against him. He slid a step back, the long sword was held in his right hand, and he slashed vertically.




The sword glow of the golden blue color collided with the palm strength of the natural yellow color, one contained tremor strength, the other contained the potential for smashing and bursting, and the bursting force exploded, forming a golden, green and yellow intertwined ball of light, killing both of them. It is swallowed up and rapidly expanded.




The old man in the minion vomited blood and fell, and was blasted into the depths of the sand. Ye Chen bent his body and ejected into the sky, enduring the incomparable pressure in the sky.


“Pick up my sword again.” Ye Chen took the lead in recovering from the stiffness, falling down along the pressure, and the sword slashed again into the sky, the dazzling sword glow was like a solar storm, the sword qi had not yet arrived, and there was a lot of sand on the surface A sword pit emerged, and countless sands were crushed into fine particles by the tremor sword.


“This kid is tricky.”


The old man in the mink cloth bit his head and burrowed down, less than a few hundred meters deep. The giant force acted on the sand and passed down layer by layer.


Ling hún force sensed that the old man in the cloak was not dead yet, Ye Chen slashed out with one sword after another, and the power of Jin Yaozhen’s killing sword was unquestionable.




At this moment, the old man in mink clothes finally changed his color. From the storage spirit ring, a small pagoda emerged. The small pagoda was only one foot high. Times, dozens of times, as the true essence poured into it, the small tower radiated a lot of light, suddenly enlarged, broke the surface of the sand, and emerged from the top of the tower and the body of the tower.


“What is this?”


Ye Chen hurriedly distanced himself, in shock.




The sand waves surged violently, and the entire tower appeared in the air. On the first floor of the pagoda, the old man in the scorpion was soaked in blood, and he was putting medicinal pills in his mouth.


“The breath with the top-quality treasure is moving, it’s a semi-top treasure!” Ye Chen understood that the pagoda was a treasure, and it was an extremely rare defensive treasure. It is not limited to the treasure armor, it can be other shapes, and the treasures that can become bigger and smaller are only the top-quality treasures and the imitations of the top-quality treasures.


I don’t know where this old guy found a semi-superior treasure. Although the semi-superior artifact is only an imitation of the super-superior artifact, it also has three or four points of genuine power. Some top semi-superior artifact It can even reach four or five points, five or six points of power, and even the king of life and death will not ignore it.


“Little brother, I am willing to return the dragon’s blood grass to you, how about we both clear it?” The old man in the robe poured his true essence into the pagoda, while passing through the pagoda, he made conditions with Ye Chen.


Ye Chen raised his brows, “Are you willing to return the Dragon’s Blood Grass?”


The semi-superior treasure appeared, Ye Chen thought it was going to be a protracted battle. After all, it was impossible for him to break the semi-superior pagoda, and the opponent could recover in it for a while before coming out.


“That’s right, the old man is willing to return it.” The old man in mink clothes was extremely straightforward, and he shot out the blood-red dragon’s blood grass and shot the pagoda from the air.


Let the dragon’s blood grass fall to the ground, Ye Chen cautiously approached the past, and only then took it in his hand when he found that nothing was out of the ordinary.


“It is indeed the dragon’s blood grass, what is this old guy paying attention to?”


Ye Chen’s eyes flickered.


The old man in Minoyi was a little anxious in his heart, and his face was very calm: “You can also see that my pagoda has a strong defense, you can’t attack it, and I can’t attack you, so the best solution is to Stop fighting.”


“Needless to say, I’m not interested in knowing Ye Chen doesn’t expect the other party to tell the truth. Originally, the pagoda didn’t appear, so he would definitely take some time to kill the other party. Now the situation has changed, he can’t Regardless of the consequences of forcing a shot, who knows what the other party has behind. If he really wants to fight to the death, it is not the situation he wants to see, so getting his own dragon blood grass and hurting the opponent is the best result.




In a flash, Ye Chen turned into a streamer and escaped.


He let out a sigh of relief, and the old man in the scorpion looked at the direction Ye Chen was leaving, his eyes gloomy.


“Fenyuan Pagoda is an inferior product among the imitations of the top treasure, Hunyuan Pagoda. Every time it is used, it will be damaged a little. I have used it this time, and I don’t know how long it will last.”


The old man in Minoyi returned the dragon’s blood grass not because of other things, but because he cherished the Yuanyuan Pagoda. Even if the Yuanyuan Pagoda is damaged, it is a life-saving treasure. It will never be used until the time of life and death, so naturally it will not be used. and Ye Chen dry consumption.


Put away the Yuanyuan Pagoda, and the old man in mink clothes quickly left this place and disappeared into the sky.


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