Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 1440: Guardian of the Law



Chapter 1440 The Law Guard



On the ground floor!



A huge khaki figure patrols everywhere. Once an intruder is found, they will attack them in groups. These khaki figures are extremely powerful and their own defenses are also extremely high. Ordinary primary demigods take a long time to solve one.



The Earth Law Guard is completely transformed from the power of the Earth Law. Unlike the Earth Law Fragments, the Earth Law Guard cannot absorb it.






As Ye Chen walked all the way, the sword of the sky was like a stream of water without a body, and the guard of the Law of Earth would fall apart and disintegrate completely.



The realm of the Law of Water has doubled, and Ye Chen’s swordsmanship of the Law of Water has surpassed the original realm.



“Fuck me all!”



In the distance, a dazzling ray of light suddenly rushed forward. Along the way, a large number of earth-law guards were evaporated. Some of the sky-defying supreme and junior demigods who could not dodge were even more miserable. They didn’t even have time to let out their screams, and they burst into light. , the crystals of divine power on his body have been sucked away.



Unbiased, Ye Chen was right on the dazzling path of light.



“Not good!”



Ye Chen quickly turned into a water man and flew away.






The water man was directly evaporated by one-fifth, and the rest flew far away before stopping.



“Hey, interesting, forget it, spare your life.”



The speed of the dazzling light did not decrease, and he continued to move forward. When he reached the entrance of the stairs leading to the first basement floor, a khaki figure ten times taller than the ordinary earth law guard stopped him, of course, also stopped him. moment.



But at this moment, Ye Chen could clearly see the appearance of the other party. The Supreme Being from the Crystal Universe, whose whole body is made of transparent crystal, exudes a halo of divine power ten times more dazzling than Ye Chen’s. It is roughly estimated that the other party The crystals of divine power in the body are probably more than a thousand, otherwise it is impossible to be so brilliant that people can’t open their eyes, but the dazzling light before is not from the crystals of divine power, but the power of the law of light, which is one of the top laws. .



In less than half a breath, the guardian leader of the law of the earth melted, and the other party turned into a light and disappeared at the entrance of the stairs.



“It is the Supreme Light of the Crystal Universe, stronger than rumored.”



“It is worthy of being one of the five supreme beings in the Chaos Battlefield. Each is strong against the sky. Compared with them, we cannot be called the supreme being against the sky at all.”



Everyone was talking in awe, in awe.



“Supreme Light, one of the Five Supremes?”



Hearing everyone’s discussion, Ye Chen was very surprised.



This Bright Sovereign is the most powerful Heaven Defying Sovereign Ye Chen has ever seen. There is no one. Compared with him, Yinhui Sovereign is far worse. Four, collectively known as the five supreme.



“It’s dangerous, but fortunately he didn’t target me.”



The loss of one-fifth of the body is not a big problem for Ye Chen, and the sword element is also lost. The mystery of the water movement is not understandable to ordinary people. Of course, the main opponent did not target himself. It is not known how much faster than the water movement, otherwise it would not be one of the top laws.



After the guardian leader of the Law of Earth was wiped out by the Supreme Light, he reconvened after a while, still blocking the stairs.



Soon, Ye Chenchen came to the entrance of the stairs and fought fiercely with the leader of the guardian of the Law of Earth.



After five breaths, Ye Chen successfully passed through and came to the ground floor.



The Supreme Being of Light was not seen on the first basement floor. Obviously, the Supreme Being of Light had already passed this floor. With his strength, he could do it in a short period of time.



The ground floor is guarded by the law of earth, and the underground floor is guarded by the law of fire.



The Guardians of the Law of Fire are firemen with extremely strong explosive power.



Fortunately, Ye Chen’s law of water just restrained the law of fire, so it is easier to deal with the law of fire than the law of earth.



The second underground floor is guarded by the Law of Water.



The law of water guards are very difficult to entangle, sometimes turning into a pool of water to sneak attack, sometimes turning into a vortex to entangle the invaders, sometimes breaking apart, and condensing into a series of water arrows.






A thunder light flickered indefinitely, quickly surpassing everyone, like a thunder knife.



“It is Huya Supreme, powerful, and it is estimated that the five Supremes are stronger than him.”



“Huya Supreme comprehends the law of thunder. Although the law of thunder is not one of the top laws, it is undoubtedly a powerful law, much stronger than the basic law.



There are also many Heaven-Defying Supremes and Demigods on this floor, and everyone is talking about it.



Most of the Heaven Defying Sovereigns have similar foundations. For example, they are all quasi-demi-gods, they are all mid-level ninth-level martial arts wills, and they are all in the realm of spiritual perfection. In comparison, Ye Chen’s foundation is a little worse. He has not yet reached the quasi-demi-god cultivation level, but he has the Sky Sword and Xuanwu Holy Armor, especially the Sky Sword. After absorbing a fragment of the Law of Wind, the power of the Sky Sword has greatly increased, which greatly compensated for the lack of cultivation.



In addition to the Heavenly Sacred Artifact, what truly reflects the strength of the Heaven-defying Supreme is the power of the law. The law is strong and weak. From high to low, it is the top law, the powerful law and the basic law. The one who can comprehend the top law is the evildoer. There is nothing that they can’t do among the evildoers, and those who can comprehend the powerful laws are the elites among the evildoers. Seriously, Ye Chen may not be the evildoer among the evildoers. So far, he has only practiced more than a dozen times. It has only been ten thousand years, and many Heaven Defying Supremes have cultivated for hundreds of thousands or even millions of years.



After half a day, Ye Chen came to the third underground floor.



Guarding the third underground floor is the Law of Wood Guard.



The guards of the Law of Wood are rooted in the earth one by one, and the branches on their bodies are extremely soft, like whips. When countless whips are Even Ye Chen is tired of dealing with it. The law guard is very difficult to kill, as long as the roots are not completely dead, they will recover immediately.



It took three days for Ye Chen to break through.



If the law of water is difficult to entangle, and the law of wood is difficult to kill, then the law of gold guards on the fourth underground floor are fierce and concentrated.



Fortunately, the Heaven-Defying Supreme who came here does not have divine power crystals in his body, which can quickly make up for the consumption and fight for a long time.



A week later, Ye Chen came to the fifth underground floor.



This layer is relatively more difficult, because it is guarded by the law of the wind.



The law of the wind is one of the powerful laws, not comparable to the basic laws.



The law of the wind guards move very fast, almost as fast as Ye Chen, and their shots are very sharp, comparable to the law of gold, and the degree of intractability goes up to the law of water.



If it wasn’t for him to hone himself, Ye Chen would have left. The fifth underground floor is guarded by the Law of Wind. Who knows what kind of perverted guard the sixth and seventh underground floors are. He is neither Huya Supreme nor Guangming. Supreme, even if there is any treasure below, he can’t grab it.



His only motivation is to improve his cultivation. The other Heaven-Defying Supremes are all quasi-demi-gods. If he wants to be promoted to a junior demigod, it is as difficult as going to the sky, at least in the short term. The demigod cultivation base can completely rely on the crystallization of divine power to break through in a short period of time. As long as you continue to fight, you can speed up the breakthrough. (To be continued) [This text is provided by the Qihang Update Team]


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