Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 1354: The Pagoda



In the middle of the land of the gods, there is an ancient super high tower. The tower has a high number of layers and extends to the clouds. There is a place that the legendary supreme cannot touch. The eaves of each layer of the tower There are four bells on each of them, and the bells do not move at all, and the wind blows, and it cannot be shaken.



On the plaque on the first floor of the tower, there are two words, “Aragami.”



On this day, dozens of people from each of the five major tribes flew to the Pagoda of the Wild God, ten of which were young masters of the tribe.



Among the members of the Eagle Tribe, Lan Yue whispered to Ye Chen: “Ye Chen, how much progress has been made in understanding Shouzi in two months?”



She is very aware of the horror of Zhanxiong, Kang Xueli and Xie Xing. A hundred years ago, these three were no weaker than Ying Tianjie. After a hundred years, I really don’t know what realm these three have reached. Maybe they are already the strength of the legendary supreme. .



“Daji has grasped the essence of three or four points. Don’t worry, my prosperity and decline have been completed. Relying on defense, it is not that I have no chance to fight.”



After a while, everyone came to the Desolate God Tower. The faint pressure released by the Desolate God Tower made everyone dare not make a loud noise.



Xinghai Tribe, Battle Tower Tribe, Bauhinia Tribe, Cloud Tribe, and the four major tribes arrived a little slower than those of the Eagle Tribe.



The leaders of the five major tribes didn’t look sideways, and there was no eye contact with each other. The young masters looked at each other. After all, they were the ones who broke into the Desolate Tower this time, and they had to see if there were any new faces this time.



“Hey, who is the young man in the black robe from the Cloud Tribe? Why haven’t I seen him before.”



“It should be the newly rising genius of the tribe in the cloud!”



“It seems very extraordinary, but I have surrendered to him, how is this possible?”



Some young masters were very puzzled, and immediately did not dare to look at each other again. It seemed that if they looked at each other again, their fighting spirit would disappear.



Xinghai tribe, Xie Xing frowned slightly, the black robe young man brought him a lot of pressure, and he always felt that the other party seemed familiar, but he was sure that he had never seen each other.



“Who is it? Damn black robe!”



How the evil star is unclear, the black robe looks ordinary, but it can block the observation.



Zhan Xiong and Kang Xueli were also looking at the young man in black robe. Zhan Xiong’s eyes were like a torch, and he wanted to pierce through the black robe, but no matter how hard he tried, his eyes wandered beyond the black robe, “What kind of black robe is this? It can actually block my Zhantian magic eye, it should not be a holy artifact, and it is not allowed to use a holy artifact in the Desolate God Tower.”



The Arrogant Pagoda pays attention to absolute fairness, so the sacred artifact cannot be used, only the supreme treasure can be used.



Kang Xueli closed her eyes. If someone with extraordinary mental power was here, she would definitely find that there was a heart eye in the sky, and this heart eye was watching the young man in black robe.






The young man in the black robe moves in his heart, and when his mental state reaches a very high level, he will give birth to the mind. The mind is more powerful than any other eye. , but he thinks that he is still inferior to Kang Xueli in the mental realm. Of course, although the mental realm is not as good as the other party, it is still okay to interfere. The next moment, the black robe will automatically move without wind, and there will be a distorted emptiness on it, making it impossible for the mind to observe. What happened, unless Kang Xueli stubbornly wanted to see through, but obviously, Kang Xueli gave up. Since the other party didn’t want others to know her identity, there must be a way to stop the observation.






At this moment, the young man in black robe changed color slightly, his eyes saw through his black robe, and following the source of his gaze, the young man in black robe saw Ye Chen in the Eagle Tribe.



The two looked at each other.



Ye Chen’s Nether Eye, which contains the will of hell, can penetrate all secrets.



“Magic power, pure magic power, is it the blood of the legendary great devil?”



Ye Chen has never seen such pure magic power. Compared with the other party, Tianmozun is like a firefly compared to the sun and the moon. It is not worth mentioning at all. It was far inferior, Ye Chen couldn’t think of other possibilities, only the explanation of the blood of the Great Demon King.



“Ye Chen!”



The young man in black robe knew Ye Chen, and he came to the Desolate God Continent thanks to Ye Chen.



The outside world is different from the Wild God Continent. It is very difficult for the outside world to become the Supreme Being, while in the Wild God Continent, it is much easier, but for the blood of the Great Demon King, it is the same everywhere. The only difference is that there are leaves in the outside world. Chen, Ye Chen first became the supreme, and the young masters in the world were invincible, and he was born too late, the first opportunity was seized by Ye Chen, and he insisted on becoming the supreme in the outside world, it was difficult for him to suppress Ye Chen, as the blood of the great devil, He was not allowed to be crushed on the head, so he was sent to the Wild God Continent by the top of the Demon Race through unique means. He wanted to raise a mountain in the Wild God Continent, and then return to the universe starry sky with an invincible attitude to completely suppress Ye Chen.



But what should come will come, and the two met in the land of the gods.



“Now that everyone is here, let’s get started!”



Chen Tianding, the leader of the Cloud Tribe, spoke.






The leaders of the four major tribes nodded.



“Ten of you, try your best to break through, and don’t have any distractions.” Ying Liexiong instructed Ye Chen ten people.









Ten young masters from each tribe, a total of fifty young masters entered the first floor of the Desolate Tower.



There is a universe in the Desolate God Tower. Fifty young masters entered, but after entering it, everyone was not together.



This is a unique space, Ye Chen looked forward, a mass of flesh and blood squirmed, and soon flesh and blood turned into a desolate person, holding a big knife, killing Ye Chen.



The sword in Ye Chen’s hand is not the Heavenly Sword. In the Desolate God Tower, he cannot use the holy weapon, but can only use the supreme weapon. This sword is the supreme sword, the Heavenly Star Sword, which was given to him by Ying Lixiong. It is the fifth-level supreme sword.






Ye Chen killed the opponent with one sword.



The opponent on the first floor of the Desolate God Tower is very weak. Ye Chen estimated that it is roughly equivalent to the weakest ordinary supreme, any genius supreme can kill him in seconds.



The second floor, the third floor…



Every time he passed the level, the opponent’s strength would increase. Soon, Ye Chen had reached the four hundred level.






Outside, the bell rang frantically. Which floor bell rang once, indicating that one person passed this floor. For fifty young masters, the first few hundred floors are not difficult at all, that is, who is faster and who is slower That’s it.



Finally, one person was eliminated, a young master of the Battle Tower Tribe.



This young master saw his first elimination, his face was ashes, the blow was too great, he knew that his strength was not very good, but the first elimination was too humiliating.



The leader of the Battle Tower Tribe snorted coldly and ignored the opponent.



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