Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 1353: The Great Demon King Bloodline



“I underestimated him.”


Ying Liexiong is also observing Ye Chen these days. He is very surprised to see that Ye Chen spent four months and the time profound meaning has increased to 80%. He thought that Ye Chen could improve the time profound meaning within a year at most. When he reaches the peak of 70%, the secret meaning of the peak time is usually 70%, and he can make his mind withdraw from the strange space. He is ready to consume some power to maintain Ye Chen’s vitality.


“Yue’er, this little girl’s vision is really good, she just found a peerless genius to come back. Compared with the outsider called Xie Xing from the Xinghai tribe, this child’s talent and talent are much higher.”


“Hopefully he can get two time shares for my Eagle Tribe, maybe I can give him some more time to learn the martial arts.”




The days go by, and the young masters of the five tribes are preparing.


Xinghai tribe.


“Xie Xing, this time you must get the first one for my Xinghai tribe.” On the island surrounded by the sea, the leader of the Xinghai tribe stood side by side with a young man. The young man was very handsome and had eyes. With evil spirits, this kind of evil spirit is not acquired, but born with it. The Evil Spirit clansmen generally have this kind of evil spirit, but they are not as strong as young people, down to the essence of evil spirits.


Xie Xing smiled calmly, “Leader, don’t worry, I was careless last time. I didn’t expect the War Bear of the Battle Tower Tribe to be no less powerful than me. At some cost, I can surpass him completely.”


“This is the best, you can rest assured and bold, I can make up for you with all my strength.”


“Thank you boss.”


The evil star looked up at the sky, and the head of the Xinghai tribe beside him disappeared silently.


“Three hundred years, I don’t know when I will be able to return to the outside world, to the familiar starry universe.”


He disappeared seven hundred years ago, but he came to the Wild God Continent only three hundred years ago. Four hundred years ago, he fell into a Jedi, and by chance, he came to the Wild God Continent.


“When I return to the cosmos starry sky. The evil spirit clan will definitely rise, and the demon clan can only be on an equal footing with my evil spirit clan.” Xie Xing’s ambition is very great, he wants to control the entire evil spirit clan, let the evil spirit clan Become one of the most powerful races in the universe, not behind the demons and humans.


Clenching his fist tightly, a terrifying evil phantom appeared above the evil star’s head.




The tribe in the cloud. High above, looking down at the common people.


On the cliff where the sea of ​​​​clouds swayed, a young man with infinite charm stood with his hands behind his back. He stood there quietly, but he seemed to be the center of the world, the ruler of the Eight Wildernesses. His temperament has a terrifying magic power. People with a lower cultivation base can’t help being attracted to him when they see him, and want to surrender to him. His body contains a domineering aura. It contains the breath of a king, the aura of a leader, and the aura of a peerless genius, which is difficult to describe.


“As expected of the bloodline of the Great Demon King, the essence of the Demon Race.”


An old man floated over, and it was Yun Zhong tribe leader Yun Ying Mi with a smile.




The young man didn’t look back, neither humble nor arrogant.


“Looking at your appearance, you should be very confident about this year’s Desolation Tower.”


“Confidence is illusory. I only believe in strength.”


Yun Yimiao doesn’t mind the opponent’s ‘arrogance’ either. He knows very well how terrifying the Great Demon King’s bloodline is. The opponent has already had the power of a legendary supreme in less than a hundred years since he came to the Wild God Continent. This is simply unimaginable. You must know that when the other party came to the Desolate God Continent, he only cultivated at the seventh level of life and death.


“It’s best if you have this confidence, but the War Bear from the War Tower Tribe and Kang Xueli from the Bauhinia Tribe can’t be underestimated. They may also have the strength of the Legendary Supreme. The most important thing is that, like you, they come from the outside world. The young master named Xie Xing, he should be your rival.”


“Evil Star Supreme, I have long wanted to defeat him, but unfortunately there has been no chance. I will let him know that there is only one genius in this world, and that is me.”




Yun Mimiao smiled. To be honest, he wasn’t quite used to getting along with the blood of the Great Demon King.




The battle tower tribe, with towering towers.


A young man stronger than a bear is exercising while holding a metal iron tower. His body gives people a strong sense of impact, as if his body is a supreme treasure, indestructible, every hair on his body , is sharper than any weapon. As long as it is stimulated, it can easily penetrate all substances. This is pure body refinement, and it is purer than Ye Chen’s immortal sword body. It is hard to say which is better.




The metal tower was thrown to the ground, and the strong young man jumped up and slapped the top of the metal tower with his palm. It got stuck, and the metal tower sank a point. With another beat, the metal tower continued to sink for hundreds of consecutive After photographing it, only one top of the metal tower is left exposed to the ground.


“Ninety-nine tasks have been completed today, and the last one is still missing.”


The strong young man speaks to himself.




The Bauhinia tribe is respected by women. Here, the strong are basically women, and there are very few men. They generally exist as vassals, and women are in charge.


The Bauhinia Tribe is surrounded by countless flowers. The entire Bauhinia Tribe seems to grow in countless flowers and is inseparable from the flowers.


Among the flowers in the south, a woman is picking flowers. Strangely, what she picked is not a real flower, but a phantom of a flower, one, two, three, and soon, the flower in her hand becomes A bunch of purple and red looks a bit illusory. A maid came over and was shocked when she saw the flowers in the woman’s hands, because what she saw was not a bunch of flowers, but snakes, which were very hideous.


“Princess, the boss invites you to come over.”


“Okay, I’ll be right there.”


The woman followed behind the maid with this bouquet of flowers.


After a while, the two came to the gorgeous hall of the Bauhinia Tribe.


On the main seat of the hall, a beautiful woman with a charming charm glanced at the flowers in the woman’s hands and couldn’t help smiling, “Xue Li, it seems that your mental state has reached a higher level.”


The woman threw the flowers at random, and the phantoms of these flowers were immediately imprinted on the walls on both sides of the hall, becoming vivid murals, “The demigods left the heart characters broad and profound, almost second only to the chapters of Wu Zhi. The word for martial arts, recently, I learned about the word for heart, and I have a new entry.”


“It’s the best. Last time, my Zijinhua tribe held the martial character for 30 years. This time, I will strive for 40 years. For these 40 years, I will give you 10 years, okay. Let your supreme martial arts reach the perfect state, and the will of martial arts reach the ninth level.”




The mystery of time, the higher the level, the more difficult it is to improve. It is more difficult to comprehend than the mystery of power. This is not to say that the mystery of time is stronger than the mystery of power. The main thing is that the mystery of time cannot be separated from the mystery of space, and the mystery of space is also If the Profound Truth of Time is not opened, as the realm of Profound Truth of Time increases, the power of time and space will become more and more terrifying, one will be prosperous, and one will be lost.


It took another six months, and Ye Chen finally raised the time mystery to the realm of 85%.


“Save some time for Shouzi.”


After the profound meaning of time reaches more than 80%, it is much easier to withdraw from the mind. Ye Chen doesn’t plan to continue to comprehend the words of time. It will be difficult to make a difference in the next two months. , strive to improve the power of the Five Elements Defense Swordsmanship, which flourishes and declines, and makes it the ultimate swordsmanship.


“This is Shouzi for you.”


For Ye Chen’s request, Ying Liexiong did not refuse, but admired it very much. When most people see the words, they are mad. How can Ye Chen be so calm and leave the rest of the time to keep the words? It is the best allocation to increase strength.


Obtaining the Shou word, Ye Chen immediately entered the strange space, time was running out.


He is not sure that he can fully understand the essence of Shouzi in two months, because Shouzi is more profound than Bazi, Pozi, and Magical characters, but as long as he can understand two or three points, it should be enough. Make prosperity and decline become the ultimate defense sword move.


A Dacheng supreme defense sword move is twice as important as a Dacheng supreme attack sword move. The attack is high and the defense is weak. If others find your flaws, they can still defeat you, but if your defense is also high, Even if others find your flaws, it will be difficult to beat you. Attack is used to defeat others, while defense is used to protect yourself from being defeated by others. Ye Chen’s advantage is that he has an immortal sword body, and the immortal sword body cooperates with Sheng. Extremely declining, I am afraid that the ordinary legendary supreme, can’t help Ye Chen.


ps: The blood of the great devil has appeared, and the third one is asking for a ticket!


——(To be continued…)


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