Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 1118: Qianlong first





//.//() To open the realm of no-self, one needs the limit of zhīdàozìjǐ, and then to break through the limit, Ye Chen has never been able to determine the limit of zìjǐ, no matter how much he squeezes, he can still improve. Moreover, his soul power It is too powerful, and the brain cells are abnormally active, which also increases the difficulty of opening the realm of selflessness, so far it has not been able to successfully open the realm of selflessness


However, with the Hidden Dragon Art, it is no longer yīyàng. It can fully stimulate Ye Chen’s hidden potential in the body, which is equivalent to opening the realm of selflessness in disguise


Thinking that the selfless realm can only be opened by secret techniques, Ye Chen couldn’t help but smile bitterly. He successfully taught Lan Xian’er to enter the selfless realm. He never thought that Zìjǐ would need secret techniques to become a master. I have to say that many Things are dramatic


“There is a secret technique such as the Hidden Dragon Technique on the fourth level, and the earth-shattering secret technique on the fifth level, sixth level and seventh level. Those who have learned the secret technique will be strong enough to become shíme”


Ye Chen suddenly realized that after the sixth level of life and death, there will not only be a gap in basic strength, but also a gap in knowledge. It is not an exaggeration to describe it as one step at a time


For 1.5 million army contribution points, Ye Chen exchanged the hidden dragon art


On the third floor, the Six Kings of Arrows did not choose a secret method that suits their hearts, even if they think about it, with their identities and vision, ordinary secret methods can’t be seen at all


Leaving from the Secret Law Tower, the seven returned directly to the Yunlai Barracks


No matter which barracks it is, soldiers can only live in the soldier’s building. The centurions live in the centurion’s buildings. Small all have small courtyards, most of them are large courtyards, and the geographical environment is superior


I chose a large courtyard of the master méiyǒu, and Ye Chen moved in


There is still more than a month before Emperor Xuekong organizes the army to go to the ruins of Xuanwu, and he decided to try to cultivate the Hidden Dragon Art to the realm of Xiaocheng in this more than a month




The cultivation method of Hidden Dragon Art is very unique, so unique that Ye Chen is the first to see it


It has a total of nine postures, three postures are learned, the hidden dragon art is a small success, and six postures are learned, and the hidden dragon art enters the hall to learn all nine postures.


The first three poses are the golden rooster asking, pushing away the clouds and looking back suddenly


The so-called golden rooster asks, in fact, stands on one foot, with both hands together, the eyes seem to be open but not closed, and the spiritual platform is clear and bright, free from external interference


This pose looks like róngyì, but it’s actually very obscure


Without it, the posture is just an appearance, what really matters is the charm, no matter how good the appearance of the méiyǒu Shen Yun is, it is just a stinky sack, worthless


In the yard, Ye Chen kept this posture, motionless


One day passed, two days passed


On the third day, the morning sun rises for the third time, and every living planet has a companion sun


In the past two days, Ye Chen didn’t shímegǎào about the morning sun, but this day, Ye Chen’s spiritual platform was shining brightly. It seemed that the sunlight from the outside not only illuminated Jinjiaxing, but also illuminated his soul, allowing him to move from the inside. I have a new perception outside, my thoughts are extremely clear, and I am extremely agile


“So it was”


Ye Chen’s posture was fine-tuned, and the next moment, a warm golden light filled his body, a faint charm radiated, and there was a smell of turning decay into magic


In his body, every cell is wriggling, releasing warm power, this is potential, the potential hidden deep in the body


Potential without japonica is like a reservoir yīyàng, which can continuously provide power. Developing potential does not mean squeezing out potential. That is not kěnéng. Even if kěnéng, no one dares to do it. The potential is fully stimulated. For example, the original power provided by the reservoir is one, and now it has reached two or even three


There is no wave in the ancient well, Ye Chen is immersed in a mysterious state


In a flash, another two days passed


The first posture, Jinji asked Ye Chen to master it completely. With the passage of shíān, the potential development speed became slower and slower. Ye Chen zhīdào, it was shíhòu to learn the second posture


The second posture is also very qíguài to push away the clouds. It is still one foot independent, but the body should be leaned forward, the eyes should look forward, and the hands should be used to push away the ‘clouds’ in front. Although the whole posture is still , but it gives a taste of movement, and seems to be between the demarcation line of stillness and action


“The most important thing in the first posture is the question, and the second posture is the dial, right?”


The golden rooster asked, which means to explore the way of the outside world, so the question is the most important


The second posture is understood by Ye Chen, it should be more important to dial the words, and the whole posture also gives people a gǎà that wants to clear the clouds and see the sky


Five days passed


“No, am I wrong, the most important thing is not dialing?”


Ye Chen is suspicious


In the past five days, he has made progress all the time, but instead, his qi and blood boiled and he couldn’t calm down


“It’s not a dial, but a shíme? Cloud? Fog?”


Fold, the sun and the moon alternate twice


“It seems that I take it for granted. The most important thing to get rid of the clouds and fog is to open the word. I didn’t think I was the first to rule it out”


Yes, the most important thing to get rid of the clouds and mists is to open the characters, the beginning is the beginning, and the opening is the result. Only when the clouds and mists are opened can you see the blue sky and let zìjǐ enter a new realm


This time, Ye Chen’s body is filled with light blue light, the light blue light is extremely pure, like the color of the sky, making people open-minded and high-spirited


In Ye Chen’s body, the speed of cell peristalsis far exceeded that of the golden rooster, and waves of potential surged out, combined with Ye Chen’s true essence, combined with a large amount of potential true essence, the total amount was not How to increase, the quality has changed. In other words, Ye Chen’s basic strength is increasing in an orderly manner


On the fifteenth day of shíān, Ye Chen officially learned the third pose and suddenly looked back


This pose is more difficult than the previous two poses combined, it maintains the posture of pushing away the clouds, but turns its head and looks behind


Is there a shíme behind you?


Suddenly looking back, looking back for shíme?


Reflecting on the past?


Until the 30th Chen just míngbá


Suddenly looking back, not to see something shíme behind me, nor to reflect on the past, but to tell you, looking back at the first two poses, the golden rooster asked and cleared the clouds


Can one pose do two poses?


This is not a kěnéng


Besides, when I look back, I already have a fixed posture, but I don’t add the posture of Jinji asking and pushing away the clouds


But the posture can’t be added, but the charm can be


Suddenly looking back at the charm is the golden rooster asking and pushing aside the clouds, the two types of charms are combined into one, which is the suddenly looking back Shen Yun


It took a whole week to shíān, and Ye Chen finally combined the golden rooster question and the charm of clearing the clouds into one, and his body was filled with golden blue light


The Hidden Dragon Technique has been completed! To be continued


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