Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 1119: Open the realm of no self



With a small success of the Hidden Dragon Art, Ye Chen seemed to have something cracked in his body.


It was a shackle, a shackle that prevented Ye Chen’s progress. With the opening of this shackle, Ye Chen vaguely detected his own limit. Now, as long as he breaks through this limit, he can open the realm of selflessness.


“There are still three days to go to battle, I hope to open the realm of no-self within these three days.”


Ye Chen continued to maintain the posture and verve of looking back suddenly, the potential energy in the body continued to pour out, and it merged with the more pure and powerful real essence.




The Yunlai Barracks has been surging recently. Ever since Emperor Xuekong said that he would command an army of 50,000 people to go to the ruins of Xuanwu, the number of people in the Yunlai Barracks has increased from the original 50,000 to the current one. Of the 180,000 people, the more than 100,000 people are naturally not the people from the Yunlai military camp, but the people who came from other military camps outside the ranks of Jin Jiaxing.


Currently, there is one general in the Yunlai military camp, Emperor Xuekong.


There are more than 30 commanders, four of which are Zijin commanders who can’t see the end of the dragon.


Hundreds of major and minor cities.


Not to mention the centurion.


Everyone wants to join the Emperor Xuekong’s army and make some war fortune, because every time a general is dispatched, the enemies of the Xuanwu ruins will be bloodbathed, unless the enemy also dispatches a general.


Unfortunately, a general can only command fifty thousand people.


Emperor Xuekong has appointed four commanders, five major commanders, and eight minor commanders.


The four leaders are naturally Zijin leaders.


The five Dadus include the King of Arrows and Ye Chen.


The eight small capitals include the remaining five members of the Demon Hunting Team.


As for the others, Emperor Xuekong didn’t care who they were.




The wide yard.


A terrifying aura suddenly burst out from Ye Chen’s body. This aura disappeared in a flash, and finally merged into Ye Chen’s body. The next moment, Ye Chen’s black hair grew at a speed visible to the naked eye. The pupils of the eyes have turned into focused silver, giving people the feeling that they have forgotten themselves, but are extremely egoistic.


The realm of no self.


It’s done!


“Is this the realm of no-self?”


Ye Chen felt that his strength was not only much stronger, but also more concentrated. When he raised his hands, he was in the best state. In terms of effect, although it was not as good as Sanhua’s borrowing, Sanhua’s borrowing could double his combat power. The first stage of the Selfless Realm has increased by almost 70% to 80%, but after all, it is the first stage, and there will be a second stage and even a third stage.




The air fluctuates like water, and three flower phantoms appear above Ye Chen’s head. This is the phenomenon of using the three flowers to borrow the way, but when the blue flower is about to take shape, it suddenly collapses.


“Unfortunately, the Three Flowers Borrowing Dao cannot be used in the Selfless Realm. It seems that whether it is the Selfless Realm or the Three Flowers Borrowing Dao, you must be extremely focused. You cannot be distracted.”


The phantom of the three flowers dissipated, Ye Chen secretly said in his heart.




Blink, three days have passed.


Emperor Xuekong has gathered fifty thousand horses, as for the others who could not join Emperor Xuekong. Apart from regrets, I can only look forward to the next opportunity to join a certain general.


“Let’s go!”


With a wave of Emperor Xuekong, 50,000 people left Jinjiaxing through ten large teleportation formations.




The number of troops who come to Tianmuxing through the teleportation array every day is tens of thousands, such a large team is coming. Immediately attracted the attention of Tianmuxing high-level.


After a while, a Tianmuxing general flew over.


“It turned out to be Emperor Xuekong.” This Tianmuxing general clearly knew Emperor Xuekong.


Emperor Xuekong smiled and said, “Emperor Iron Fist. Long time no see.”


The army on Tianmuxing changes every 100 years, so do the generals and generals. The Iron Fist Emperor is one of the generals under the generals of Tianmuxing and has been stationed in Tianmuxing for more than 50 years.


The Iron Fist Emperor looked forty or fifty years old, with a resolute face, he said: “I originally planned to let people inform the various military planets, just now, a team returned to Tianmu Star, according to them, the ruins of Xuanwu A demon army has appeared, with a number of 50,000 people, now it’s alright, with you leading the team, it should be able to suppress them.”


“The demon army? This is a coincidence.”


Emperor Xuekong smiled. As a general of the human race, she naturally would not be afraid of the generals of the demon race. To reach their realm, she still had to speak with strength.


“Be careful, you have to show the prestige of our human race.”


Emperor Tekken has a lot of confidence in Emperor Xuekong. Emperor Xuekong is not a one-star general, but a three-star general, and the highest is a five-star general. To become a general, in addition to the approval of the five marshals, he must also be a five-star general. General, as for becoming a five-star general, it is not easy to kill a one-star general, a two-star general, a three-star general, and a four-star general, a total of four-star generals.


“It’s nature.”


Emperor Xuekong nodded.


In this way, Emperor Xuekong led 50,000 horses and rode a puppet battleship to the depths of the Xuanwu ruins.


The large-scale Tianwang-class battleship can only accommodate 5,000 people. If there are more, it will be too crowded. There are ten large-scale Tianwang-class battleships, and the seven people of Ye Chen Wanjian Wang are on a black battleship. The owner of this battleship is a Ordinary commander Hei Xuanwang.


With 50,000 horses, it is natural to go deeper into the ruins of Xuanwu, otherwise it will be difficult to encounter too many enemies.


A full hour passed before the ten warships returned to the starry sky.


Standing in front of everyone, Emperor Xuekong turned back and said: “Now start casting the net, remember, keep your distance, don’t spread too much, and don’t get too close.”


The so-called casting net operation is to spread out the forces and divide them into 100 teams, each with 500 people. The 100 teams are centered on the 500-strong team led by Emperor Xuekong, with ten The team led by the commander is the backbone, and the team led by fifty major commanders is the meridian. Overall, it looks like a long net, sweeping away all the enemies in front.




The operation of casting the net went very smoothly. Within a week, the crowd had wiped out a full 30,000 enemies. Basically, no enemy could escape from the net.


“Attention, there is a big fish ahead, nine million miles away.”


“We have a little fish here, seven million miles to the right.”


“There are small fish ahead.”


There are 100 teams, and the distance between each team is no more than 8 million miles. In this way, they can communicate with each other by using the secret technique of the soul, and they will not lose any information and lose contact.


“A big fish and four small fish? Divide into five fronts, go to 30,000 people on the big fish side, and go to 5,000 people for each small fish, and eat them all.” The news reached Emperor Xuekong, and Emperor Xuekong immediately spoke. .


The big fish represents 5,000 people and horses, and the small fish represents 500 or 1,000 people and horses.


The net is tightened, and when the enemy finds out, there is nowhere to escape, and there are Terran soldiers everywhere.




Ye Chen shot very quickly, the Longquan sword was unsheathed, and when it was raised, a beam of scorching sun-like sword energy pierced out. In a straight line, at least dozens of people died under this sword. Very sharp.


This time is the time to grab the enemy. Whoever shoots first, whoever has the most powerful trick, will gain more, and the one who shoots slowly won’t even be able to drink the soup.


In less than a cup of tea time, all the enemies have been eliminated. In the face of the Terran army ten times their own, they are not even qualified to make waves.


After cleaning the battlefield, the 100 teams spread out again and continued to cast their nets.


“Dadutong, do you think we will encounter that 50,000-strong demon army this time?”


Ye Chen’s deputy, a small general chatted with Ye Chen.


“The odds are low, but not impossible.”


The diameter of the Xuanwu ruins is hundreds of light-years in diameter. On average, there are more than 10 million people on both sides of the Xuanwu ruins. It is estimated that there are more than 10 million people. Giants, Barbarians, Demons, Evil Spirits, Yashas, ​​and various weaker races, but even if there are a lot of them, there are not many distributed. It is easier said than done to encounter an evenly matched enemy army. .




Between the two chatting, a barren ruin space suddenly fluctuated. This kind of fluctuation is very huge, which makes people tremble. It is necessary to know that the space of the universe is different from the space of the true spirit world. It is a real space, containing the mystery of the origin of the universe, even if it is the Supreme Being of the Nine Heavens of Life and Death Realm, it is impossible to cause such a vast space fluctuation.


“Space fluctuation, what’s the situation?”


There was a lot of discussion.


Emperor Xuekong frowned, and after a while, he said, “Everyone gather and head to the source of the wave.” She felt that this wave was unusual, and it would be a pity not to take a look at it.


Fifty thousand people gathered together again, and under the leadership of Emperor Xuekong, they swept towards the source of fluctuation.


The source of the fluctuation is very far away. At this time, it is impossible to ride the puppet battleship, and the space shuttle can easily distort the puppet battleship.


Three days later, everyone finally came to the vicinity of the source of fluctuation.


“Just ahead, don’t be careless.”


Emperor Xuekong reminded The closer the distance to the source of the fluctuations, the more people there are, there are enemies and allies, but at this time everyone is not planning to kill each other, of course, neither between the enemy and the other. Dare to get too close, at least millions of miles away.


Finally, everyone found the source of the fluctuation.


“This is?”


Everyone gasped.


In the line of sight, a vast group of temples appears in the bottom of the eyes. The main color of the temple group is white, which looks solemn and sacred. The sky above the temple group is a black hole, and the edge of the black hole is white. Obviously, the temple group is coming out of the black hole. Yes, otherwise I didn’t find it before.


The temple complex is very huge. The gate of a temple is tens of thousands of miles high. The white pillars on both sides can be called sky-penetrating pillars.


The entire temple complex exudes a white sacred light. Under the illumination of the sacred light, the ruins are constantly fluctuating like a tide. Fortunately, although these fluctuations are frequent, they are not lethal. Travel through the void, otherwise you won’t know how to die.


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