Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 1042: Tianwang class swordsmith



It has been a month since the fire city auction ended. During this month, Ye Chen’s deeds were spread on Fire Bird Star, and everyone was guessing which life star this young man came from. Chen is from Huo Niao Xing, otherwise, why have I never heard of such a genius in the past so many years.


But since that day, Ye Chen suddenly disappeared without a trace, just like he suddenly appeared in everyone’s sight.




The world of true spirits, the Forbidden Land of the Kings.


“I didn’t expect a super-earthquake in Honghuangling. The entire center of Honghuangling completely collapsed. It should be dozens of miles deep, but the savageness below is so strong, there must be savage rocks.”


Although the alien catastrophe has been over for nearly two years, everyone has not let up. They are very clear that if their own strength is not good, the overall strength of the true spirit world is not good, and they will still be invaded by demons and evil spirits. Only by constantly improving their own strength can they protect the True Spirit World and the hundreds of millions of beings in the True Spirit World, and the Wild Wild Stone, the key to the Wild Star, is undoubtedly the easiest thing for them to improve their strength.


At this time, there are many kings of life and death who are looking for wild rocks in Honghuangling. They did not go to explore immediately, but quickly left Honghuangling and passed the news to others.


The catastrophe of the alien race made them extremely united and abandoned their old grudges and selfishness.


One week later.


“Haha, I got a wild rock.”


“I got a piece too.”


“There are a lot of wild rocks, don’t worry about not enough, everyone can get a piece.”


The wild rocks under the Honghuang Mountains are beyond everyone’s imagination.


“Finally found the Wild Stone.”


Murong Qingcheng held a complete barren rock in his hand with a smile on his face.


Not far away, Xu Jing also held a piece in her hand.


Shhh! Swish!


Two figures flashed by, Dugujue and Xuejianwang each landed on a strange rock, each holding a wild rock in their hands.


Obtaining the Wild Stones means that they are one step closer to Ye Chen, one day. They will enter the cosmic starry sky and embark on their own journey.




This is a weapons store on West Street of Lihuocheng. This weapon store has only three floors, compared to those on the fourth and fifth floors. The area is much smaller. The storefront is also slightly ‘shabby’. The plaque is new, with four large golden characters written on it – Luochen Jiange, and there is a sword and a leaf in the lower right corner.


There is a shopkeeper in the shop. Dozens of shop assistants.


“Treasurer, what kind of person do you think our owner is? In the weapons store, the first floor usually puts down high-quality treasures, and the second floor is for middle-grade treasures. Weapons, although our weapons store is an ordinary weapon store with only three floors, there is no way to store semi-superior treasures on the first floor.”


One of the clerks on the first floor was puzzled.


The shopkeeper explained: “Maybe the owner is trying to attract customers!”


“Attracting customers? I don’t think so.” The clerk shook his head, “Although my eyesight is not as good as yours, I can see that the semi-superior swords on the first floor are no better than the semi-superior swords in other homes. Where to go. But the price is twice or even three times their price, I don’t think the owner has any plans to sell these semi-superior swords.”


The shopkeeper is an elegant-looking old man who strokes his beard. Mysterious and unpredictable: “You only see the appearance, not the essence. Our semi-superior swords on the first floor are twice or even three times that of other houses, but the pseudo-superior swords on the second floor are twice or twice that of other houses. And on the third floor, the top-quality sword. The owner only released it, and did not mark the price, saying that it would not be sold for the time being. Although I don’t know what the owner’s purpose is, he must have his own plans.”


“Listening to the shopkeeper, it really makes sense. No wonder the owner invited you to be the shopkeeper.” The clerk admired the shopkeeper very much, and was curious about the owner.


“Okay, it’s not good for you to ask too much, so clean the first floor again.”


As he spoke, the shopkeeper sighed softly. For so many days, there were quite a few customers coming and going, but unfortunately none of the swords were sold. To be honest, he couldn’t understand the owner’s plan. .


At this moment, two guests entered the door.


“Guest officer, please come in.”


The shopkeeper personally greeted him.


“Hey, the first floor is full of semi-superior swords. Your weapons store seems to be different from other homes.” One of the guests looked around, and the first floor of Nuoda was covered with colorful swords. At first glance, there are hundreds of swords. Although these swords are not unsheathed, they still give people a cold and fierce feeling.


Another guest nodded, but soon, he touched his chin and said, “It’s not right, the semi-superior sword here is very expensive, more than twice as expensive as other homes.”


“Treasurer, what’s going on here, isn’t it just a random price tag?”


The shopkeeper smiled wryly: “Two guest officers, this is the price that our owner bids, and I don’t know what his intention is, but I promise Zhang Fengyi that these semi-superior swords are genuine and innocent. As for the second floor, there are others. Fake top-quality swords, some of which are fake top-quality swords, are several times better than others.”


“Oh, really?”


“Let’s go and have a look.”


The two came to the second floor under the leadership of the shopkeeper.


The number of swords on the second floor is 70% less than that on the first floor, with only 70 or 80 handles. As the shopkeeper said, the second floor is full of fake top-quality swords. Below the Spirit Sea Realm, it is simply unbearable. Therefore, the most basic requirement for recruiting a clerk in a weapon shop is to cultivate in the Spirit Sea Realm.


“Other fake top-quality swords are ordinary. These dozen or so fake top-quality swords are definitely top-notch, but the price seems to be twice as expensive. It costs more than 100 yuan of stone, and spends more than 100 yuan to buy a fake top-quality sword. , I might as well add a bit of primeval stone to buy a top-quality low-grade sword, shopkeeper, who the **** is your boss, wouldn’t he be making fun of customers?”


To be honest, the two of them are very fond of these dozen swords. The sword intent contained on them is actually an attribute sword intent. Some of them are not worth it. After all, ordinary fake top-quality swords are only a dozen primeval stones, and the best ones are no more than fifty primeval stones, and the top ones are ten or eight more expensive at most.


The shopkeeper remembered what the owner had said, and told him to take customers to the third floor no matter what, he smiled and said, “It’s a bit expensive, I think the price will be reduced in the future, two, the third floor. There is also the best sword, although it is not for sale, but the two of you can go and have a look, and when it is sold in the future, you can also buy it one step ahead of others.”


“Okay! I’ve served your boss. Take us to the third floor to have a look. I want to see. There are some superb swords on the third floor.” The sword is out, if it weren’t for the attractiveness of the superb sword, they wouldn’t even plan to go to the third floor.


On the third floor there are only five high-quality swords.


“Zhan Xing, the best and the lowest!”


“Cross flow, extremely low class!”


“The sea, the best is medium!”


“Cracked gold, excellent medium!”


“Cold moon, high quality!”


“I rub it, I even have a top-grade high-grade sword, and the sword intent contained on it has actually reached the sixth-order strength.” The two were stunned for a while.


Their cultivation base is not low, they are in the realm of life and death, and they are lacking a top-quality sword. They have visited so many weapons stores. Most of the weapons stores do not have top-quality swords. The ordinary kind, so they planned to get a fake top-quality sword first, and then buy it when they came across their favorite top-quality sword.


“What I have learned is the profound meaning of gold and the profound meaning of wind. Both metal swords are suitable for me. The Lengyue sword with composite properties of gold and water is better.”


“What I comprehend is the profound meaning of water and the profound meaning of wood. The cross-flow sword and the sea sword are also suitable for me. The Lengyue sword is good, but with my financial resources, I can’t afford to go bankrupt.”


Achieving the realm of life and death, usually majoring in two profound meanings, and the weapon attributes only need to match one of them. Of course, some people spend a lot of money to ask top-quality blacksmiths to build weapons for them in order to match their own profound meanings. These weapons , usually a composite attribute weapon, that is, containing more than two attributes.


“Two, my boss said that every other week or so, there will be an extra sword of the highest quality here, and he will only start selling it at a price when the number of high-quality swords reaches a certain level.”


The shopkeeper repeated the owner’s words.


“It’s a pity, it doesn’t sell it now, anyway, I remember this weapon shop, Luochen Jiange, right!” The two of them stared at the five superb swords, wishing to grab them immediately, of course , I just thought so in my heart. Any weapon store has countless formations and restrictions. Once these restrictions are touched, not only will you be trapped, but also the city guards from Lihuo City will be attracted. Walk.


A week later, a young man in blue came out of the back yard of the weapons store.


“The owner!”




The shopkeeper and the clerk bent towards Ye Chen.


“Thank you for your hard Ye Chen nodded and walked to the third floor.


The third floor.


“Now my success rate in forging swords below the Heavenly King level has reached 100%. After three months, it should be able to open.” He took out two superb swords from the storage spirit ring, and Ye Chen hung them on the wall .


If anyone is here, they will be stunned. With a 100% success rate, this is already a Heavenly King-level swordsmith. Only when a Heavenly King-level swordsman casts swords below the Heavenly King level can one achieve 100% success. rate, and those Heavenly King-level swordsmiths, who did not live for thousands of years, or even tens of thousands of years.


However, in comparison, Ye Chen’s speed of casting the best sword is even more terrifying. A week ago, the shopkeeper said that every other week, there would be an extra high-quality sword on the third floor, but this week, Ye Chen actually took out two high-quality swords. Sword, this is simply appalling.


Even for a Heavenly King-level swordsmith, when casting a sword below the Heavenly King level, it would take about a month to forge a single sword, or even two months if it was too slow. , two swords a week, this speed is more than eight times that of other Heavenly King-level swordsmiths.


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