Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 1043: Ye Chen’s plan



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The two newly forged swords, one purple gold and one blue gold, are called Zihun, and the blue and gold sword is called Tianyi, which is the highest grade.



The Purple Soul Sword contains metal.



The Tianyi Sword contains the compound properties of gold and water, just like the Leng Yuejian.



Strictly speaking, “he is a Heavenly King-level swordsman in metal and water-type swordsmanship.” With other attributes, he cannot guarantee a 100% success rate. Of course, with the improvement of swordsmanship, other Although the best swords of the attributes have not yet been cast, the success rate will definitely rise, and the same goes for sword casting.



There was a row of seven swords with different colors. Ye Chen nodded with satisfaction. He is very short of primeval stones. The reason why he is short of primeval stones is because of the small Tianwang-class battleship and this weapon shop.



The speed of the small Tianwang-class battleship is three times that of the small king-class battleship, and the speed of consuming primeval stones is ten times that of the former. It is close to a million light-years, and the primeval stone alone will cost thousands of yuan. In the cosmic starry sky, there is an industry called the ride industry. Most of the kings of life and death who cannot afford puppet battleships have to go far away. Go aboard the puppet battleship.



Under normal circumstances, taking a king-class battleship for a distance of 10,000 light years requires paying 10,000 top-grade spirit stones, which is equivalent to one-fifth of a primeval stone, while aboard a king-class battleship’s 10,000 light-year journey is two primeval stones. , It doesn’t look like much, but for this industry, it’s huge profits. After all, they can’t only carry one guest, a large warship can carry 5,000 people up and down. The gross profit of earning one thousand primeval stones or ten thousand primeval stones is 100,000 light years, and the primeval stones consumed by warships are less than 1% of that. .



Ye Chen bought the small Tianwang-class battleship for convenience, and it was impossible to go out to carry people. Therefore, all the consumption ‘needed to be borne by him alone. For every one million light-years traveled, thousands of primeval stones were consumed’. Since buying this small Tianwang-class battleship, Ye Chen’s primeval stones have left over a hundred thousand, and use a little less “in order not to worry about lack of primeval stones in the future” Ye Chen can only earn as many primeval stones as possible in the early stage. .



As for this weapon shop, Ye Chen rented it. The original owner rented the weapon shop to Ye Chen at the price of 3,000 yuan a year because the business of the weapon shop was not good. One hundred thousand years, it is impossible to rent for only one year or a few years, or not rent, if you want to rent, you must rent for more than 50 years at once, and the primeval stone on Ye Chen’s body is worth 150,000.



After renting a weapon shop, Ye Chen’s wealth was almost “looted”, and now, he can only earn primeval stones by selling swords.



It’s not an easy thing for a weapon shop to run.



To this end, Ye Chen took a shortcut.



He bought hundreds of semi-superior swords from the market in one go and put them on the first floor ‘as a facade’ and set the price very high, two or three times that of other weapons stores, because he had no plans to sell them. Go, it is purely a facade’ to impress the guests who come in, remember Luohua Jiange.



Most of the fake swords on the second floor were bought, only a dozen of them were forged by him, and the price was also very high.



His purpose is the third floor. He knows very well that no matter how well a semi-superior sword sells, it won’t actually make much money. Besides, he doesn’t have much time to forge semi-superior swords. For him, only super-superior swords can earn money. A lot of primeval stones, but a few top-quality swords can’t last for a long time. It’s not good for fame.



So ‘he thought of a way’ not to sell top-quality swords first, and put them there for others to see, let others know that there are many top-quality swords here, each of which is extraordinary, and there are many other top-quality swords that are not for sale for the time being It’s naturally going to cause quite a stir.



By that time, the fame of Luohua Sword Pavilion has been established. Even if Ye Chen raises the price very high, as long as it is not outrageous, there will still be people rushing to buy it. After all, the best swordsmiths are not everyone like Ye Chen. , himself a swordsman in the realm of life and death, with the two swords of destruction and immortality. It is no exaggeration to say that most of the best swordsmiths are only in the spiritual sea realm.



And the truly powerful swordsman has little time to waste on making swords.



Of course, for other swordsmen, forging swords may be a waste of time, but for Ye Chen, this is the time to strengthen the foundation. “A person’s speed of digesting knowledge is limited, why some people, thousands of years or even The accumulation of tens of thousands of years is not as good as that of geniuses, because the speed of absorbing knowledge and digesting knowledge is far lower than that of geniuses, but even geniuses cannot be foolproof and make use of all useful knowledge.



In the process of Ye Chen’s sword casting, he was also in the process of digesting knowledge. In the past, those neglected details were missed, and they would slowly appear in Ye Chen’s mind when he was casting the sword, and then pass through. After a thousand trials and tribulations, Ye Chen’s background became his foundation.



Not to mention other things, since he came to Fire Bird Star and successfully forged seven superb swords, Ye Chen felt that his kendo realm had improved a lot. In the past, he had only initially reached the realm of no sword in his hand and no sword in his heart. Now It has reached the middle stage of this realm When the sword is out, there is no mental fluctuation, and because of the relationship between the mind and the distraction, the sword is faster and more focused.



The improvement of the realm of kendo’ is also of great help to the exertion of power. Although Ye Chen stepped into the palace of power control very early, and made great strides along the way, he has reached a point where he can’t even figure out the limit. Well, it also needs the cooperation of kendo, because Ye Chen is first and foremost a swordsman.



In other words, “power control is the foundation of the foundation, and kendo is 100% or even 200% of this foundation in the form of kendo”. Advantage.



In addition, Ye Chen found out that sword making can also hone sword intent. He has two sword intents of destruction and immortality. Immortal sword intent broke through to the seventh rank during the battle with the Troll Emperor. The Sword Intent of Destruction has been staying at the peak of the sixth-order ‘under normal circumstances, it will take at least several years or even decades to upgrade the Sword Intent of Destruction to the seventh order. Sword Intent is much harder to improve.



But now he has the feeling that ‘continue to forge more high-quality swords, the sword will of destruction will be upgraded to the seventh rank faster’. When the sword will of destruction and the sword of immortality are both of the seventh rank, there will be resonance. Both of them moved forward quickly. It must be known that the seventh-order immortal sword intent has given Ye Chen the ability to protect his body with sword intent. The seventh-order destroying sword intent will definitely have a huge breakthrough in offensiveness. (To be continued) [].



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