Deep Sea Embers Chapter 331: City of Infiltration


【Deep sea embers】【】

The paper was crumpled, and many places had been polluted by gray-black “mud”. read status

“Brown Scott” recorded the strange changes that happened to him in the last waking stage of his mind: “… Around four o’clock in the morning, it has been twelve hours since the door was locked, and it has become more and more intense The tinnitus and paroxysmal vertigo seriously affected my actions, and I could only write something when I was in a better state. There seemed to be bleeding under the skin, and I saw inexplicable bruises…

“At half past six, the internal organs seemed to be tumbling, as if the structure of the body had lost its order, and each of them had their own thoughts wandering around in the body. They didn’t feel pain, and even the dizziness was much reduced…the fear began to subside , more and more clear memories appeared in my mind…

“Around seven o’clock, I clearly recalled the details of my death, and I became more and more convinced that my real self had already died. My left leg was inexplicably broken—or maybe a section of bone in the middle suddenly dissolved and disappeared


“At 8:15, the left leg began to dissolve. First, the skin cracked on its own, and then the internal tissues flowed out like some kind of gray-black liquid. Those separated liquid substances seemed to have their own life, lying on the floor Creeping, even climbing up the walls… I once worried whether the wooden boards I nailed to the windows could block these weird and terrifying substances, but later found that they gradually lost their activity soon after leaving the body, and even when they remained active, they It also seems to be consciously avoiding the sun… This may be very important information, and it is hereby recorded…

“…the heart stopped beating, but the consciousness still persisted. I could feel that this body no longer operated according to the physiological mechanism of abnormal human beings. I tried to open a wound. There was no blood in the wound, only gray-black The viscous substance flowed out quickly… What kind of substance is this body made of at this moment?

“The whole upper body began to congeal, and it took some effort to fix myself in one position, and continue to write these words-I can’t feel any pain now, I can’t breathe, my heartbeat has stopped long ago, and I can hear humming The buzzing noise, as if the substance that constitutes itself is resonating… More and more viscous substances leave the body, making a mess of the room…

“…I hope Galoni won’t be frightened when cleaning up the room… Although when I write this name, I can hardly recall what Galoni looks like in my mind.

“At 10:30, the most worrying thing happened. My vision is rapidly weakening, and the environment is rapidly darkening. I have to fumble around the edge of the paper to make the writing on it as clear as possible…

Of course Morris saw this, but he didn’t say anything, just took one last look at the table next to him.

“…how to deal with things here?” The old scholar raised his head and looked at the captain, “the traces in the room, the information left by Brown, and… Galoni on the first floor.”

“Perhaps in the end it is necessary to give the heretics a little ‘Lost Country’ shock.” He said softly, rubbing his fingers at the same time, a small cluster of dark green flames fell from his fingertips, silently It fell to the ground with a sound, and quickly melted into the air and disappeared.

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【Deep sea embers】【】

“…Element,” Duncan raised his head, “the local church in Frost is researching this substance, and they believe that the viscous matter left after the disintegration of this deep-sea replica is very close in nature to what the Annihilation Cultist said The ‘element,.’

Duncan didn’t speak for a while. Listening to the old scholar’s narration, Duncan was silent for a few seconds, then raised his head: “There is a large amount of gushing… from the deep sea?”

“So, there must be a larger cult stronghold, a hidden place where large-scale ceremonies can be held, enough for them to continuously mobilize the power in the deep sea to create duplicates in the city-state, and even invade Dagger Island.” Duncan said slowly. Speaking slowly, he raised his head and looked around the room—the only window in the room was nailed to death by wooden boards, and the roof, walls, and ground were covered with lifeless dry “mud”. A thrilling death and confrontation.

Morris was stunned for a moment, but now he is more or less used to the situation where the captain gets new clues without knowing when and where, so he is not curious to follow up

When asked about the source of this information, he only spoke after a short thought: “…I know the ‘element’, this statement, if you want to study the historical origins of cultists, you can’t get around their nagging things.”

It’s a little fuzzy and uneven there, the boundary between paper and mud seems to disappear, and it even shows a state of partial fusion.

I don’t know if the recorder’s consciousness has finally reached the end, or he couldn’t write the correct words on the paper because he lost most of his perception-in the end, the dead man left the world with only one sudden death. And stop punctuation.

“Maybe another hour later,”

“…Even for a powerful city-state, it is not a trivial matter to build a submersible that can go to and from the deep sea of ​​a thousand meters. At the very least, this cannot be something that a group of cultists can master,” Morris was thinking “But they can guide the power of the deep sea through some indirect ritual, or communicate with the… some existence of the deep sea.”

“Galoni’s cognitive interference is obviously not over yet. After the replicas in this building disappeared, she still has no signs of regaining consciousness, and she even firmly believes that her teacher is resting in the room. Explain that the source of the disturbance is not her teacher, but something that is still active and hidden in the depths of the city-state. If that source is not eliminated, she will not really recover.”

Morris froze: “You mean…”

Duncan paused.

The text ends here.

Morris noticed Duncan’s behavior: “Did you find anything?”

“And… I’m not sure how many ‘Brown Scott’s, and how many ‘Galonia’ are outside this city-state.

Duncan didn’t answer right away, but just leaned closer to the solidified and stagnant “mud”, observing their edges thoughtfully, and then picked up the last record left by Brown Scott, The self-study looked at the place where the edge of the paper had been completely soaked in mud.

Speaking of this, she frowned slightly, as if she had thought of more.

That was the place where Brown Scott “worked” for the last time—maybe it was just a short-lived copy, but when this body that was constantly collapsing and disintegrating was writing at the desk, it still had a noble soul.

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【Deep sea embers】【】

“No, I mourned for him once,” Morris shook his head lightly, “I just didn’t expect to see his academic records again three years later…these materials are very useful, right? ?”

“Can’t confirm the current time, it’s about eleven o’clock to twelve o’clock, I heard a sharp and weird sound, the sound lasted for about two minutes, and then all the discomfort began to subside, and the perception of the rest of the body also disappeared. Weakened rapidly. Can vaguely feel the part below the chest is falling…

He paused, as if he was sorting out the information in his mind, and continued after a while: “Just as the Sun Cultists firmly believe that the ancient real sun will save the world sooner or later, the Annihilation Cultists also have a similar ‘salvation They preach that one day in the future, the Lord Youshen will wake up from his deep sleep, and in his fury will destroy the present world, which has been twisted and deceived by the gods. Re-becoming a paradise for mortals to live in peace, and after this day comes, there will first be ‘elements, a large number of gushing out, the elements are the cornerstone of the world, the blueprint of all things, they will cover all things, and restore the world to its true appearance …”

Maurice was silent for a long time without making any sound. After a long time, he said softly to himself: “Ah, it is indeed my handwriting.”

“We have got enough clues, let’s leave the rest to the Frost people,” Duncan said lightly, “Leave the room as it is, leave this letter in a conspicuous place on the table, and prepare another report letter , as for Galoni…”

“Do you need to be alone for a while?”

Duncan looked at the old gentleman calmly, “I can wait for you outside.”

In his perception, the Lost Country is sailing, heading towards Dagger Island and Frost Island.

“There are rumors of the return of the dead in the city, but at the same time there are diametrically opposite news reaching Tirian,” Duncan glanced at Morris

,”This city-state is probably being infiltrated into a sieve by clones and cognitive interference.”

“I’m more and more interested in these Annihilation Cultists now, but compared to their so-called ‘Salvation Prophecy,’ I’m more curious about how they established a ‘connection with a place a thousand meters deep under the frost, ” Duncan shook his head, “The replicas come from the deep sea, both the Obsidian and the submersible on Dagger Island, but a group of oblivion cultists who are talking about gods and gods…how do you think they came into contact with the thousand-meter-deep water? Power?”


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