Deep Sea Embers Chapter 327: Ashore camouflage


Latest URL: Walking out of the flame door was Alice in disguise, Fanna in ordinary clothes, and Morris in a dark gray coat with a cane.

Duncan needs Morris’ knowledge to help him understand the city and find the whereabouts of that “Brown Scott”, and needs Vanna’s professional ability to find the whereabouts of the cultists, and if possible To connect with the local church, Alice is needed…

It’s not really necessary, but Alice wants to come and see – on the other hand, considering that Alice has the face of the Frost Queen, Duncan thought it might be a little fun to bring her here.

The dark green spiritual body flames quickly dissipated and disappeared in the air. Ai turned into a white dove again and landed on a nearby tree right. Morris tightened his thick coat in the frosty wind, Looking up at the brightly lit urban area nearby, Alice was looking around curiously, while Fanna had already noticed the burly figure standing in the darkness.

A frightening body, the posture of returning from the ashes does not seem to be able to stand here alive anyway, but this body is standing so calmly in the darkness, using Looking at this side with calm eyes, the remaining pieces of clothing on the body showed the identity of the body.

An inexplicable “connection” emerged in her heart, and Fan Na was in a daze for a while, and she was sure that the figure she met for the first time was the captain.

“Mr. Duncan,” she came to Duncan, and couldn’t help but look him up and down again. Although she knew that the captain used the “avatar” that was occupied when she moved in the city-state, but when she saw this In the state of incarnation, I still couldn’t help frowning, “Your body…”

“Actually, the state is still wrong—it’s just that the appearance may be a bit scary.” Duncan said in a low voice. The sacrifice I saw, better.”

Fan Na suddenly recalled some not-so-good things, the corners of her eyes seemed to tremble, and her voice was very low: “…I don’t really want to remember.”

Fan Na smiled, looked up at Morris who was still looking around, and beckoned: “Don’t look around, come here to help—do you have everything with you?”

He can’t see what he looks like now, but he can fully imagine it. Fan Na was silent for a while: “…What about the experienced ones?”

“It’s fine to block it once, and I don’t plan to settle down in Frost with this appearance,” Duncan said while cooperating with his movements, “Just don’t invite the sheriff when you walk on the street. If you encounter it, it is really inconvenient to move.” In this case, I need you and Alice to help.”

Duncan ignored the fuss of the puppet, just took the suitcase brought by the other party casually, opened it and inspected the contents: a long black windbreaker suitable for covering the details of the body, with a large stand-up collar that can be turned up Covering the face and neck, a broad-brimmed hat, also black, gloves, shoes, some bandages, some cash and a neatly folded map of the city-state.

Fan Na sighed: “I’m afraid the inexperienced sheriff and guards will stop you for questioning immediately.”

With the exception of the eye and a relatively intact patch of skin near the left eye, his entire face was eventually covered.

While talking, he picked up these bandages, and raised his hand to Fan Na next to him: “Help—do you know how to do it?”

Morris looked at Fanna’s busy work, and seemed a little eager to try: “Can I help?”

Alice just came back to her senses, and hurriedly ran to Fan Na in two or three steps, while raising the small box in her hand: “I’m bringing it with me! Clothes and bandages…wow Captain, your face is so black…”

A woman’s gray waist long windbreaker, black leather boots and trousers on the lower body, the long gray-black hair is still casually scattered behind the head, and she still looks as heroic as usual, but with that Wearing armor and a huge sword, this posture looks a little more benevolent.

Fan Na looked away: “Huh?”

Listening to the old man’s introduction, Fan Na couldn’t help but blinked: “I don’t know these details. I only know the dogmas and related taboos of other Four God Churches.”

“Mr. Tirian helped prepare it.” Before Duncan could ask a question, Morris explained beside him, “He heard that you are going to be active in the city-state, so he asked me to bring these too.” By the way, he also asked me to tell you that the map is up to date, and the one with the red mark on it is the secret contact point of the Sea Fog Fleet, and there is some money… money or something…

A long black windbreaker that covers the whole body, a wide-brimmed hat and collar that hides the face, black leather gloves, and layers of bandages that are faintly visible between the slits of the coat and hat.

Fortunately, this body is very burly, and the sizes are almost the same as my own body, so these things are very suitable for wearing.

Then looked down at his current body which should be more than one meter.

Afterwards, he put on the black windbreaker with a high stand-up collar, shoes, gloves and this wide-brimmed top hat.

It’s just that with a height of 1.8 meters, his attire may not attract interrogation, but it is still possible to keep a low profile.

Alice laughed: “It involves the specific customs and habits of each city-state, and it is difficult to understand without research.”

Fan Na tidied her clothes for the last time, and carefully buttoned the long windbreaker to the last button.

Fan Na raised her eyebrows—things are more comprehensive than expected.

In order to adapt to this new body, he put most of his consciousness here, and didn’t pay much attention to the situation on board. When he asked the goat’s head to send a message to Alice, he only said to prepare clothes and bandages. As for other things including cash… It seems that Morris’s head can’t take the initiative to think of it.

Morris was silent for a while, and sighed softly: “Yes——Brown Scott is a very good folklorist. He has traveled in many central and northern city-states throughout his life, especially Frost and Cold Harbor. He wrote me many letters to introduce the strange customs and beliefs here.”

Duncan turned his head slightly to glance at the 1.8 meter doll, and then at the 1.4 meter Alice in front of him.

Duncan looked at the old scholar: “Is this something you, an ‘old friend, have communicated with you?’

Morris immediately agreed: “Remember!”

“Forget it, raise your head up and then drop it,” he agreed with the puppet, and at the same time asked, “Don’t forget that this is a city-state, and it’s a frost city-state, pay attention to camouflage, not only Don’t fall off the wig and head, and don’t take off the veil on your face, remember? Your face here is easy to scare the middle-aged and elderly people over 30 years old.”

To start operations in Frost, which is unfamiliar to her, of course she can no longer wear the eye-catching outfit of armor + giant sword. In order to facilitate her activities in the city, she has now changed into ordinary clothes.

While thinking about it, the bandage wrapped around his face, and wrapped layer by layer on the unrecognizable head.

Their main belief is the **** of death. The customs and symbols related to death are the characteristics here. Devout believers even deliberately add decorations such as bandages to their clothes. This element is also found in the daily clothing of priests. , ” Morris said while thinking, “you are most likely to be regarded as a more avant-garde death believer.”

Fanna: “…”

Vanna nodded slightly: “It will come in handy, Tirian has put his heart into it.”

“Well, it’s actually not that serious.” Fan Na smiled suddenly and shook her head, “The above-mentioned situation is limited to the core urban area with a high enough security level—there is sufficient defense force there. If it is an ordinary urban area, You shouldn’t be in trouble. This is my judgment based on Prand’s situation, but it should be similar in Frost. The only thing you need to worry about is probably your bandage…”

When Fanna saw the contents of the box, she thought of Duncan’s intentions. She took the bandage, but before wrapping it around the captain, she still asked with some uncertainty: “Is this really avant-garde? I feel It’s still too eye-catching…”

Fan Na nodded Then her eyes fell on Duncan again.

On the front line against heresy and evil, dealing with wounds is as normal and inevitable as breathing.

“Okay.” Fanna nodded, and at the same time began to wrap the bandage around Duncan’s body with her hands and feet deftly.

Cooked, apparently doing something similar more than once.

“Bandages should be a better camouflage.” Before Fanna finished speaking, Morris next to her suddenly said, “These bandages may just be able to avoid a lot of trouble.”

“The informant is a living member of the Sea Mist Fleet,” Tirian said casually, with some emotion in his tone, “He said that he would never set foot on the frosty land again…his eyes never stopped I have left this city before, and this is just a step away from setting foot in person.”

“Oh yes, informant,” Morris nodded repeatedly, and then asked while looking at the contents of the box, “Are these things useful?”

He thought for a while, then turned to look at the young judge standing quietly beside him: “Fan Na, tell the truth…”


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