Deep Sea Embers Chapter 322: Open the blind box again to the old place


Latest URL: Listening to Agatha’s undisguised distaste for the Annihilation Cultist in her tone, the old guard’s expression didn’t change—he focused more on the latest information.

Those “samples” taken from the cemetery… appeared in the laboratory like the description of the cultists

The general properties of the “elements” mentioned above.

No matter how crazy those heretics are, no matter how unethical their fallacies and heresies are, as a member of the Orthodox Church, the old guard must understand the information of those heretics, understand their crazy teachings and extremely polluting However, in the entire set of heresies of the Annihilation Cultists, there is always a core around it: “Holy Lord Youshen, and the various “miracles” created by the Holy Lord Youshen.

The Annihilation Cultists firmly believe that the earthly world favored by the gods is not a “land of peace”, but is actually a “land of exile” that has been severely corrupted and completely distorted. They believe that the brightness and prosperity of the real world are all The illusion woven by gods, the true destination of mortal souls and the “unpolluted real world” are actually

It’s not here at all, but in the deep part of the world – the deep realm.

On this basis, they believe that the Lord of the Deep and the demons represent the purest, original, and unpolluted attitude of the world, and believe that mortals can only “return” to the deep and return to the deep by purifying their dirty bodies. the original place.

However, the world is blocked by the gods, and there is a barrier between the “distorted real world” and the “true real world (that is, the deep sea)”. The flesh and blood of mortals is the concrete manifestation of that barrier. The soul is still trapped in that body and undergoes a lifetime of “pollution” so that it is possible to return to the deep.

Therefore, the Holy Lord of the Deep will send down a miracle called “Aga” – the heretics are convinced that this kind of holy substance is the foundation of all things at the beginning of the birth of the world. When the Holy Lord planned the “real world” All blueprints are hidden in the microscopic scale of “Aga”, and only “Aga” can resist the curse in the flesh and blood of all beings in the world, and let mortals return to the “pure posture at the beginning of birth”.

As for the substance called “Aga”, the Annihilation Cultists described it this way: “…it will exhibit all the characteristics of all things in the world, and will always be in a continuous evolutionary cycle. It represents All the plans and blueprints of the deep Lord when shaping reality, and short-sighted mortals will never be able to measure any of the right and wrong properties…”

Then recalled the brilliant achievements of the Lost Homelander in dragging the eighteen islands of Veseland into the subspace, and the connection between the eighteen islands and the Death Sect that I learned from chatting with Maurice and Fanna earlier .

His lips squirmed slightly, but his voice came directly into the mind of the old guard: “Is this visitor…so approachable?”

Footsteps sounded from the side, and the old guard cautiously came to the side of the coffin. He glanced at the dark coffin slowly from the corner of his eye, and quickly retracted it in the next second.

“Oh, I understand. People often have brain problems while talking to me. Frankly speaking, it’s quite troublesome,” Yuan Su said with a smile in his tone, “They know how to protect themselves, which is good. “

A special corpse was once parked here.

“But his special degree is still beyond everyone’s expectations,” the old guard turned his head and looked at the young gatekeeper. “We found the real person who fell into the well the next day, so the corpse obviously It’s just a ‘replica’ of the real dead,…a replica made of ‘Aga, no wonder it attracts these annihilation

Heretical note. “

The cemetery fell into silence for a while, and the unspeakable treachery and noise shrouded between the path and the platform, soaked in the night wind wrapped in snowflakes.

I have dealt with a lot of extraordinary beings, some of whom are vicious or chaotic, but it is the first time that I chat with myself like this…

The fine snow has gradually grown larger after nightfall, and snowflakes are constantly falling from the dark night sky. Canes stand in the dark cemetery, and the lanterns on the top of the canes reflect the scattered surroundings

Snowflakes seem to add a hazy texture to everything.

“…Yes, an indescribable visitor,” Duncan’s always calm expression finally changed,

The tone also became cautious, “Now they don’t know what the purpose is.”

The black-clothed guards gathered around the coffin immediately spread their footsteps slightly to prevent this overly cautious response from being regarded as some kind of provocation by the “visitor” who descended on the dead body.

Although this time he did not lose control of his spiritual vision due to the influence of the incense, and even quoted the anti-spiritual pollution potion in advance, the psychological shadow brought about by the last “contact” was really strong, even if he had a lot of experience. The war veterans also seemed extremely cautious at the moment.

However, in the face of such an answer, the old guard’s expression did not change at all, he just quietly looked into the gatekeeper’s eyes: “Do you think that is ‘Aga, do you?”

The old guard turned into a pale shadow almost instantly, and appeared beside the mortuary table as if teleporting, staring at the coffin that made the sound. After taking two deep breaths, he made his voice as loud as possible. Say it calmly: “Are you a visitor from the day before yesterday?”

“Can we know which existence you are…?” After a moment of firmness, he finally mustered up the courage to ask.

Duncan frowned.

“These samples… used to be a person, at least they used to look like a person,” the old guard said as if talking to himself, “You personally led the team to bring him here, you should still remember. “

A murky and deep voice came from a coffin in the distance: the two priests of the church briefly completed the exchange, and then the old guard waved his hands gently to the surroundings.

“Why don’t you continue talking?”

The old guard replied without hesitation: “It’s just the nonsense of these heretics, this is probably just some new substance that cannot be explained by our current knowledge system, and its property change may be some kind of natural phenomenon , or it may be some kind of extraordinary power——but it cannot be some kind of ‘miracle’ descended by the Lord Youshen.”

Everyone was waiting—for an unnamed visitor, for a peaceful sunrise.

Duncan raised his head suddenly and stared into the eyes of the old guard: “…do you think this is ‘Aga, do you?”

I don’t know how long this noise lasted. Just when the gatekeeper was about to persuade the old guard to go back to the hut to rest, a light knocking sound suddenly sounded in the night.

Faced with the second questioning, the old guard finally fell silent for a short time. After two or three seconds, he exhaled softly: “But I have to deny that, at least in nature… the collected samples are consistent with those of the group. A description of heresy.”

The old guard looked up at the sky, and after a moment of silence he said, “It’s getting late at night.”

Such a sound suddenly came from the quiet cemetery, even the well-trained church guards could not avoid a moment of horror and astonishment, the old guard even felt that even the snowflakes falling in the lights seemed to be still for two seconds The bell—the next second, all the guards quickly came to the coffin that made the sound, and the sound of boots stepping on the snow sounded.

The gatekeeper raised his head and looked at the old guard with a surprised expression.

“I’m taking the liberty to come here, I hope I didn’t scare you,” Duncan in the coffin thought for a while, and greeted casually, “I did come here once two days ago, but there were cultists making trouble at that time. The contact of the guards was not smooth.”

“It’s just a traveler, so don’t be curious about my name-it will be good for you.”

“When they started discussing this ‘Aga,'” Duncan’s voice came from the coffin, “I felt that I heard very interesting information-but they suddenly stopped talking.”

“Perhaps it didn’t attract their attention, but the whole thing was their handiwork,” the old guard shook his head, “We believe that the fall into the well was caused by the cultists, and the purpose was to kill people deep in the mine. They used victims to create ‘replicas’, similar to some kind of sacrificial ceremony, but obviously, something went wrong with their plan, which resulted in the replicas being discovered by accident, and even sent to your cemetery by us in.”

“…you just arrived?”

After calming down for a while, the old guard finally broke the silence.

“Of course I remember,” said the gatekeeper softly Few corpses need to be delivered personally, gatekeeper, and this one fell in

The deepest part of the mine, this is the deepest place in the entire city-state, and the dead brought out from there are very…. “

“…We didn’t intend to offend you,” the old guard immediately responded cautiously. I can’t confirm the origin of this “visitor” for the time being, but at least the other party did not show initial hostility. Then facing a higher-ranking non-hostile “God-like” exists, and showing enough politeness is the first step in communication, “The arrangement here is only to protect our own sanity.”

The old guard shrugged: “It also attracted the attention of an indescribable ‘visitor.’

And his gaze passed through these scattered snowflakes and lights, and landed on an empty mortuary table.

The old guard raised his head and looked at the morgue not far away.

Duncan had already sensed the atmosphere around him in the coffin. He had been lying there for more than a few minutes. He had been very patient since the old guard and the young woman started talking about “Aga”. He listened curiously, and felt the surrounding atmosphere spread out at this moment, so he smiled and said casually: “There are a lot of people here tonight.”


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