Daily Life at Hogwarts Chapter 1261: Be cruel to yourself


Hogwarts gate.

Hagrid was holding his pocket watch, staring at the time.

Not long ago, Hagrid received a letter from Albert, saying that he was coming to Hogwarts and stopped by to visit him.

This fact took Hagrid by surprise, but he was also very happy to come and pick up his old friend.

After hearing the crackling sound of Apparition, Hagrid immediately stretched his neck and looked around, but he still didn’t see Albert.

“Good afternoon Hagrid!”

A gentle voice suddenly sounded from the side, and Hagrid suddenly turned his head, seeing Albert appearing beside him without warning, smiling and waving to greet him.

“You scare people so easily.” Hagrid couldn’t help complaining, but still smiled and gave Albert a hug.

“Sorry, I need to make sure that no one is ambushing me.” Albert explained helplessly, “You should know that the mysterious man and the Death Eaters are trying to get rid of me now, so I have to be careful.”

Although he said so, Albert didn’t actually take this matter seriously, he just kept vigilant subconsciously.

In such a bad environment, it is still necessary to keep yourself vigilant at all times.

“Don’t worry, Hogwarts is safe.”

Hagrid subconsciously wanted to pat his chest for reassurance, but he soon realized something, and changed his words: “At least it’s safe now.”

After the loss of Dumbledore, Hogwarts, like the rest of England, is no longer safe.

“You don’t seem to be having a good time the last few days.”

Albert glanced at the restored iron gate and the winged warthog statues on both sides, and followed Hagrid into the school side by side.

If it was at this point in time before, Hogwarts should still be in class now, and it would never be as desolate as it is now.

“How do you know?” Hagrid asked in surprise.

“We’ve known each other for several years, and you can’t hide your thoughts on your face.” Albert said with a smile.

“Aragog is dead, I buried him in the pumpkin patch.” Speaking of this, Hagrid became very depressed.

“According to the life cycle of the acromantula, Aragog has already lived a very long life.” Albert comforted, “You can’t ask it according to human standards.”

“You’re right.” Hagrid readjusted his mood, turned his head and asked why Albert came to the school, “By the way, why did you think of coming to Hogwarts?”

“I’m here to find Professor McGonagall, and I’ll bring a document for her to keep.” Albert didn’t intend to hide it from Hagrid, and it wasn’t an important matter anyway, at least not to him. “What document.” Hagrid asked curiously.

“Muggle wizard birth records from 1985 to 1997,” said Albert.

“What’s the use of this thing?”

Hagrid was even more confused, not understanding what Albert wanted to do.

“Give those children a hand. If there is no extra backup, after the mysterious man takes control of the Ministry of Magic, these things will definitely be destroyed. By then, it will be very troublesome for Muggle students born during this time to enroll. Because of this, I missed the opportunity to enroll.”

“For those children, missing Hogwarts will be a great regret in life.”

“You-Know-Who controls the Ministry of Magic?” Hagrid couldn’t help raising his voice a bit.

“It’s normal, isn’t it? The Mysterious Man and the Death Eaters have always wanted to do that, but the time has not yet come. However, it’s not far away.” Albert seemed to be talking about a matter of course , the tone was so calm that it was incredible.

“They will succeed in the end. Scrimgeour is not Dumbledore, and it is impossible to stop the mysterious man, not to mention that the entire Ministry of Magic is full of conflicts. It will be a matter of time before it collapses.”

“Speaking of which, it’s been a long time since you attended a meeting of the Order of the Phoenix.” Albert seemed quite sure about this.

“Even in the past, it won’t be of much help. If you really need me, Professor McGonagall will tell me.”

Hagrid stretched out his hand and scratched his head. It really can’t help with many things, so he usually doesn’t go to the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix to add trouble. After all, Hagrid is really easy to track, and he doesn’t know how to counter-track, so it is easy to expose the location of the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix.

“By the way, Hagrid…” Albert said suddenly.

“What is it?”

“It’s almost time for you to accept the facts.” Albert looked at Hagrid with a serious tone.

“Accept what.” Hagrid asked in confusion.

“The problem with the acromantula.” Albert reminded, “After Aragog’s death, those big spiders no longer welcome you, right?”

“After Aragog’s death, the other spiders really refused to let me near their webs.” Hagrid was silent for a moment, feeling very sad about this.

“Hagrid, you made a big mistake yourself.”


“You take it for granted. Those big spiders didn’t hurt you only because of Aragog’s order!” Albert looked sideways at Hagrid who slowed down, “They didn’t get along with you for fifty years Aragog, there is no relationship between you.”

“But they are children of Aragog.”

“Times have changed for Hagrid, and this is no longer Aragog’s time.” Albert paused, warning, “Unless you know the new leader of the big spiders and form a deep friendship with him , otherwise you will be a big piece of food delivered to those big spiders.”

“I dare say, you definitely don’t know the new leaders of those big spiders, and you don’t even take those big spiders seriously!”

Hagrid opened his mouth, not knowing what to say.

He really didn’t know the new leader of the big spiders.

No, it should be said that Hagrid didn’t know any other spiders except Aragog and his wife.

The descendants of Aragog are simply too many.

“The group of big spiders will soon be attracted by the Death Eaters.” Albert glanced at Hagrid and continued, “They will threaten the lives of Hogwarts students in the future.”

“But they live in the Forbidden Forest,” Hagrid argued dryly.

“Sooner or later we will have a decisive battle with the mysterious man, and those big spiders will be like the giants, and will definitely be drawn into this war by the Death Eaters.” Albert’s tone couldn’t help but a little bit more serious, “Hagrid, I hope you can recognize the reality, if you don’t want to see your good friends die because of those big spiders.”

“No, this, this is impossible.” Hagrid’s face was pale.

“I hope you can understand that wars will kill people, but if people are really going to die, it is better for the enemy to die than our friends, unless you want your friends to die.”

Albert ignored Hagrid, who stood there in a daze, and walked directly through the oak door to Professor McGonagall’s office.

There are some things that Hagrid needs to figure out by himself. If Hagrid can’t figure it out by himself, no matter how much others say, it will be a waste of time.

Professor McGonagall has not moved into the principal’s office, and is still on the second floor of the castle.

Hogwarts trustees are still hesitant to close the school due to the chaos following Dumbledore’s death.

In this bad time, Hogwarts is not safe without Dumbledore’s shelter, and those parents may not take the risk of sending people to Hogwarts.

So, they are not in a hurry to appoint Professor McGonagall as the new principal. Although she is indeed the most suitable candidate at present, this matter still needs to be waited and watched, if the environment in the magic world can improve.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Anderson.”

“Good afternoon, Professor.” Albert smiled warmly at Professor McGonagall.

“Is there anything you want from me? I heard they said you left the UK.”

Professor McGonagall took a step back and invited Albert into his office.

At the beginning, Professor McGonagall was worried about Albert’s situation when he heard that Albert was being hunted down by mysterious people and Death Eaters.

However, now it seems that the initial worries are a bit unnecessary.

“Well, I have something to come back today, and I’ll bring you this by the way.” Albert pulled out his wand and flicked it lightly, summoning a folder out of thin air.

“What is this?”

Professor McGonagall took the folder from Albert, and asked casually while flipping through it. “Records of Muggle wizarding births from 1985 to 1997.”

Albert sat on the sofa opposite Professor McGonagall, waved his wand again, conjured two cups of black tea out of thin air again, and explained to Professor McGonagall who was flipping through the folder, “This is what I asked Scrimgeour for. A copy from here.”

“Why are you giving me this information?”

Professor McGonagall looked up at Albert, a little curious about the other party’s intentions.

“I think with this information, even if Mysterio or Death Eaters take control of the Ministry of Magic and erase the records of Muggle wizards born during this period, those children will not miss the opportunity to step into the magic world. “Albert smiled and explained, “Professor, you will become the headmaster of Hogwarts in the future, and I think it is the best choice to entrust it to you for safekeeping.”

“It seems that this chaos is inevitable.” Professor McGonagall didn’t care about Albert’s statement that he would become the principal, but his face was a little gloomy. According to Albert’s prophecy, after Voldemort would take control of the Ministry of Magic, Snape would become the new Headmaster.

“The hypocritical illusion of peace will be shattered one day, so let him shatter naturally,” Albert put down his teacup and said calmly, “I can understand your thoughts, but even if you force it to maintain it, it won’t do much good. , if it is forced to suppress and let it continue to accumulate, one day it will explode like a bomb, which is of no benefit to anyone, and the result will only be more tragic.”

“But Dumbledore didn’t mean Harry…”

“This is not a problem that Harry can solve.” Albert didn’t seem to want to talk about it, so he changed the subject and asked, “How is Professor Bubaji doing now?”

“Are you talking about Professor Bubaji?” Professor McGonagall frowned, recalling Albert’s original warning.

“It seems that she didn’t take my advice seriously!” Albert sighed, shook his head and said, “Forget it, anyway, I have already persuaded her, Professor Bubaji is not a child, I must be able to bear… the result of my own choice.”

After speaking, Albert suddenly looked towards the window.

“Professor Bubbaji just doesn’t know where to go. I will persuade her to leave the UK and live abroad for a few years.” Professor McGonagall has realized that the situation is not good, and is going to talk to Caredy later. Chat and advise her to leave the UK as soon as possible.

At this moment, a ball of silver light directly broke into Professor McGonagall’s office, and a middle-aged man’s voice sounded in the light ball: “Minerva, Bubbaji is missing.”

The office was suddenly eerily quiet.

“Oh, it seems to be too late.” Albert said softly, “That’s right, how could the Mysterious Man and the Death Eaters tolerate the existence of a person who advocates the equality of purebred wizards and Muggle-born wizards? She It will probably be reduced to a sacrifice.”

“Wait, where are you going?”

Professor McGonagall hurriedly stopped Albert who turned to leave.

“Oh, don’t worry, I didn’t intend to save Bubbaji.” Albert knew that Professor McGonagall had misunderstood, and said softly.

Professor McGonagall opened his mouth, a little confused, he didn’t expect to hear such words.

“If I go to save her, the Mysterious Man and the Death Eaters will think it’s my weakness, and I’m afraid more people will be unlucky because of it.” Albert seemed to see through what Professor McGonagall was thinking, Pretending to be quite helpless shrugged: “They will try to catch more people and try to lure me out. You know, they want to kill me.”

“Of course, if you want to save her, I can do divination for you. I should be able to get some useful information, but I’m afraid you will have to pay a price.” Albert didn’t particularly want to save Professor Bubaji, Even if this incident has already triggered the mission.

At the beginning, he was willing to remind the other party because Professor Bubaji has been trying to eliminate racial discrimination between pure-blood wizards and Muggle wizards, and he is a person worthy of respect.

This is why Albert was willing to ask Professor McGonagall just now.

However, after Professor Bubaji did not take Albert’s words seriously and paid the price for it, it would not be an easy task to reverse her fate.

The future has never been so easy to change.

This is also one of the reasons why Albert did not go to rescue Bubaji. If he wanted to forcibly reverse the future, he would probably have to pay a heavy price for it.

Professor Bubbaji is just a stranger to him after all.

At this moment, the door of the office was suddenly knocked open, Hagrid hurried into the office, and put Professor Flitwick on the ground in a big breath, “Something went wrong…”

“Well, we already know that Professor Bubaji was captured by Death Eaters.” Albert withdrew his hand from the crystal ball, turned his head and said to Hagrid.

“What should I do now~IndoMTL.com~ Flitwick frowned and looked at Albert, “She should have followed your advice and left England. “

“Yes, but Professor Bubaji didn’t, so she probably lost her life because of it.” Albert’s tone was very calm, and he turned to Professor McGonagall, “I suggest that you can ask the Ministry of Magic through Kingsley Help, it’s best not to clash with the Death Eaters yourself, after all, you will still need to stay at Hogwarts to protect the students when the time comes.”

“As for whether Professor Bubaji is dead or alive, it depends on her luck.”

“Look at her luck?” Hagrid couldn’t believe Albert would say that.

“I reminded Professor Bubaji to leave the UK for asylum, but she didn’t go and stay to die, what else could I do.” Albert said calmly, “Everyone needs to be responsible for their own choices. “

“You too Hagrid, remember my words, don’t let some stupid things affect your normal judgment.”

Albert did not forget that in the final battle of Hogwarts in the novel, the acromantula also participated in the attack on Hogwarts Castle.

It is not known how many students died as a result.

Maybe it wasn’t all Hagrid’s fault, but he couldn’t get himself out either.

At that time, Hagrid’s performance was simply terrible, and he was so stupid that he was caught by a spider, which was really hard to bear.

Albert hoped that Hagrid would wake up and stop messing with his own people.

Lupine is the most typical case. In the novel, he was killed by Antonin Dolokhov, and Harry had a chance to stop it all, but the savior used his own Experience tells everyone what it means: to be kind to the enemy is to be cruel to yourself.

So, Lupine died.

He might have survived.


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