Celestial Emperor Han Chapter 1: 90,000 years in hell


“He’s not dead yet.” Two bull heads in blood-red battle armor, red helmets, and blood-red battle spears whispered.

“If it were me, I would rather die.” The other shook his head.

From a distance, the two of them could see the crimson mountains that rolled up and down as far as the eye could see. Even though they had lived here for endless years, they still felt a little bit of fear in their hearts.

Because, under the mountain range, there are 18 levels of hell, and the “he” they mentioned has stayed in it for 90,000 years.

If there is only one blood moon in hell, then in the eighteenth floor of hell, there is only blood left.

This is a legend about ‘immortality’.

Before questioning the sin stone, he tortured himself about all kinds of things in his life, in one word: no regrets in life.

The Hall of Ten Kings of the Underworld wanted him to confess, but he vowed not to give in. In the end, he shocked the Nine Capitals of the Underworld and was sent to hell.

“If you enter the eighteenth hell, you will not be able to live forever” is a joke, because, except for the legendary gods, no one has been able to persist in it for 100,000 years.

As for him, it has been 90,000 years. Although he has set foot on the road of cultivation, he is not a mortal, but he has to be regarded as a miracle.

On the seventeenth floor, in the Stone Mill Hell.

The surrounding fog was gray, and the crimson ground beneath his feet, with faint blood oozing out, looked eerie and strange.

Jiang Han stared indifferently at the huge blood-red grinding disc in front of him. There were countless gears rotating on it, and there were even traces of flesh and bones. Beside the grinding disc, a horse-faced man wearing a blood-red battle armor look at him.

“You are familiar with it, come up!” Ma Mian said.

Familiar with the road, Jiang Han didn’t need the ghost soldiers behind him to push him, he stepped out, and lightly stepped on the gears of the millstone.

A **** light flashed across, and in a blink of an eye, Jiang Han felt that his body was heavy, and his spirit body, which was originally scattered, merged into flesh and blood, as if he was reborn from death again.

However, he hadn’t felt this feeling yet, the gears of the pedals turned slightly, directly grinding off a layer of skin on his newly recovered feet.

Jiang Han felt a pain penetrating the depths of his soul sweeping through his mind, and wanted to scream, but an invisible and terrifying force pressed him firmly against the huge blood-red grinding disc .

“Chi Chi Chi!”

Layer by layer, the freshly regenerated flesh and blood were worn away layer by layer by the millstone, starting from the soles of the feet, like bare feet rubbing **** sand and stones, over and over again, never stopping.


The skin and flesh were worn away, the foot bone was gently rubbed by the gear, the bottom layer was turned into powder, and the blood bone was worn away like a small stone.

Surges of uncontrollable pain eroded Jiang Han’s consciousness and mind, almost driving him crazy. The veins in his arms were throbbing, his face was flushed, but he couldn’t make a single roar.

Stone Grinding Hell, as the name suggests, grinds people into meat paste, reshape the human body and grinds them again, and the cycle repeats until eternity or death.

Start with the feet, then the calves, thighs, abdomen, and finally the head.

Opening his eyes wide, Jiang Han stared at the two gears rubbing past his eyeballs, then pressed them down hard, and there was a soft explosion sound, as if something had splashed…

Jiang Han tried his best to keep his sanity clear, because only in this way can he continue to live.

The grindstone grinds the flesh and hurts the heart.

The physical body was annihilated and turned into flesh and blood, but Jiang Han’s spiritual thoughts gathered again to form a spiritual body, but his complexion turned paler, and even cracks appeared on the spiritual body.

There is a kind of pain that does not enter the bone marrow, but goes deep into the marrow of the soul.

“Boy, how long can you hold on? A thousand years? Ten thousand years?” The expressionless Ma Mian said, he said very little, but he was too ‘familiar’ with this ghost, and he was a little curious .

“I will go back alive.” Jiang Han opened his eyes and said coldly.

“An ordinary meditation method allows you to practice the invincible belief scriptures in the world. I hope your fantasies will come true.” Ma Mian didn’t care about his attitude: “The Bodhisattva in the Yinshan Mountain said, ‘Hell is not empty, and I swear it will not be empty. Become a Buddha’, without you, I don’t think this **** will be empty.”

“Because of Bodhisattva, this **** will definitely be empty, definitely will be.” Jiang Han whispered.

“Let’s go, there is another floor!” The ghost soldier behind said.

In the eighteen floors of hell, every day, Jiang Han has to start from the first floor and go through the eighteen floors without dying, so that he can live another day. If he can’t bear it, he will die.

Jiang Han himself doesn’t know how long he can endure such a day, maybe ten thousand years, maybe he will die tomorrow.

“No matter what, as long as you are alive, you must live well.” Jiang Han raised his head slightly, as if he wanted to penetrate the **** where time and space overlap, and see the ‘beautiful’ blood moon on the ground.


In the dark void mist, ripples and fluctuations came suddenly, and immediately, a space-time vortex formed, and a tall man in black armor stepped out of the vortex, and came to him.

“Jiang Han!” The man in black armor looked at the pale young man in white prison uniform in front of him.

“Meet the general!” The ghost soldiers on the side all said respectfully

“Warrior of the ghost army?” Jiang Han was slightly taken aback, seeing who was coming.

The general of the ghost army is considered a high-level figure in the underworld. Jiang Han has been in the underworld for a long time, how could he not know, and he is so familiar with the person in front of him.

“I don’t know why the general came to the Seventeenth Floor of Hell?” Ghost Bing asked softly. Although his status is average, he belongs to a different palace from this general, and is not under the jurisdiction of the other party, so he is not afraid.

“Take Jiang Han away!” The general of the ghost army stared at him.

“Repetition in hell, please show the decree of the king’s palace.” The ghost soldiers were neither humble nor overbearing.

The general of the ghost army nodded slightly, a golden scroll appeared in his hand, with strange fluctuations on it, he opened the scroll directly.

There is only a very simple line on this golden scroll:

“Sinking into the **** for 90,000 years, once ordered to enter the mortal world. —— Emperor Song.”

A dozen or so simple words seem to have infinite magic, which makes people feel palpitations and trembles when viewed, faintly shaking this time and space, making people surrender involuntarily.

“How?” Ghost Army Warlord put away the scroll.

“The order has arrived, the general please take care of yourself.” The ghost soldier did not hesitate, and with a wave of his hand, the prison clothes that were originally bound to Jiang Han’s body disappeared, and the original fluttering white clothes appeared.

“Jiang Han, come with me!” The general of the ghost army said to Jiang Han, and with a wave of his hand, Jiang Han disappeared from the same place, and the commander of the ghost army left again from the vortex of time and space.

Mingdu, in a pavilion of a manor.

“Meet the general, I am very grateful for the general’s life-saving grace.” Jiang Han bowed.

“Get up.” The black armored general said softly.

“The villain dare not.” Jiang Han’s voice was suppressed.

“Jiang Han, I’ll wake you up.” The black-armored general roared angrily.

Jiang Han’s body trembled slightly, he got up slowly, and stared at the black armored general. The burly man in black armor exuded a terrifying aura, and looked at him with a sad face.

“Ninety thousand years, I didn’t go to save you, do you blame me?” The black-armored general calmed down and spoke slowly.

Jiang Han shook his head lightly, resentment?

After such a long torment in hell, there is no longer any resentment in his heart, and only hatred is left.

“You were originally innocent, but the Palace of the Underworld imposed endless sins on you, but in the 90,000 years of hell, most of the sins on your body have been wiped away, barely reaching the standard of reincarnation.” The black armored general said softly : “I tried my best to win you the reincarnation qualifications of Muqiao, Ba and other talents.”

“Wooden bridge? Eighth-class talent?” Jiang Han felt slightly depressed.

Reincarnated and reincarnated, according to one’s own merits and sins, one walks on six bridges: Golden Bridge, Silver Bridge, Jade Bridge, Stone Bridge, Wooden Bridge, and Black Bridge.

Those who walk the golden bridge enter the heaven, those who walk the silver bridge enter the noble home of the mortal world, those who walk the jade bridge enter the rich man’s home of the mortal world, those who walk the stone bridge enter the ordinary home of the mortal world, and those who walk the wooden bridge enter the poor and humble world of the mortal world If you take the black bridge, you will go to **** to wash away your sins.

The talent level determines the aptitude after birth, the first level is the best, and the ninth level is the lowest.

Jiang Han, who has practiced on Earth for decades and served as a ghost soldier in the underworld for a hundred years, is naturally very clear about all this.

The wooden bridge represents low birth, eighth-class blood, and low talent. Jiang Han understands that if he is reincarnated with such innate conditions, it will almost cut off the possibility of him practicing in the next life to recover his memory.

But Jiang Han also knew that to achieve this step, the black-armored warrior might have tried his best. After all, he was a repeat offender in the ‘famous’ underworld.

“Jiang Han, your sins are too heavy to be washed away even after entering the 18th floor of hell. Only by reincarnating a few times can you come back again. If you can step out of the holy path in the future, you will naturally regain your past memories “The black-armored general said softly: “When the time comes, you still have a chance.”

“Thank you.” Jiang Han said in a low voice.

Jiang Han knew very well that the black-armored warrior might be encouraging him, but after reincarnation, he lost all his memory and cultivation, added sins to his body, and had eighth talents. How difficult is it to step into the holy path?

But Jiang Han understands that if he does not reincarnate, he will probably stay in the eighteenth level of **** forever, until his soul flies away and he dies.

The black-armored general looked at Jiang Han and sighed in his heart: “Let’s go, I’ll send you to reincarnation!”

Wave lightly.

Jiang Han felt lost in front of his eyes, time and space changed, and he woke up again. He had come to a river, and the water in the river was rolling, flowing to an unpredictable distance.

In the distance, there is a gray stone bridge on which countless ghosts are slowly moving forward in the overlapping of time and space, guarded by a large number of blood armored soldiers from the underworld on both sides.

“Wangchuan River, Naihe Bridge!” With a light sweep, Jiang Han already knew where he was.

“I can only send it here.” The black-armored general pointed to the front: “Cross the Sansheng Stone, take the Naihe Bridge, and go through the normal sequence, and you will be reincarnated.”

“Yeah.” Jiang Han nodded slightly.

“Take this.” The war general said, and the original golden scroll appeared in his palm.

“Okay.” Jiang Han didn’t ask much~IndoMTL.com~ took it, and when he looked up again, the black-armored warrior had quietly disappeared.

Jiang Han glanced slightly, and walked directly into the ghost team, and the blood armor guards did not stop him.

When these ghost soldiers saw the black-armored general, they naturally knew that this white-clothed young man had an unusual status, and they didn’t want to provoke him.

Step by step, following the ghosts in front, Jiang Han came to the bridge, and suddenly felt that time and space changed. The ghosts walking beside him and the guarding soldiers seemed to be creatures in different time and space.

On this day, this place, in front of his eyes, there is only himself and that strange stone.

The stone seemed to have a magical power that attracted him to look over it involuntarily, and then scenes appeared from the stone, with mountains, flowers, and people…

A child is toddling, in front of a smiling couple…

A teenager, lying in the grass with a group of friends, watching the stars, chatting wantonly about the future…

A handsome young man is walking in the mountains and forests, leading a woman who looks like an elf…

Looking at it, the past passed like smoke with the wind, only Sansheng Shi looked at the previous life, Jiang Han suddenly felt tears in front of his eyes…

During the 90,000 years of loneliness, he thought he would no longer shed tears; during the torment of the 18th floor of hell, he thought that only hatred was left in his heart.

Only now did he know that in his heart he still had the softness and persistence that belonged exclusively to him, as well as that untainted promise.

“Sitting on the Sansheng Stone, forget the past and forget the present life?” Jiang Han muttered to himself, his eyes returned to the coldness, and stepped out gently: “Unfortunately, I will never forget the past, present life and future life.” , How could I forget, how dare I forget!”

With a movement of the ripples, it has gone out of the range of the Sansheng Stone and stepped onto the Naihe Bridge.


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