Celestial Emperor Han Chapter 2: Bloody sword cuts the top of the sky



After walking through the Naihe Bridge, we came to the side of Huangquan Road.


Jiang Han shook his head lightly. On the banks of the Wangchuan River in the distance, on both sides of Huangquan Road, there are boundless flowers as gorgeous as blood. They are Bianhua flowers. Immortality only blooms on Huangquan Road. It is the only scenery on this Huangquan Road.


“Yellow Spring is like blood, and flowers are like fire, which is indeed the road of fire!” Jiang Han smiled slightly, and strode on the road of Huangquan.


Crossing the River of Forgetfulness and entering the Underworld, this life and the next life will be left on the other shore, and there will be no more troubles and worries after that, stepping on the **** sea of ​​flowers all the way to the gate of reincarnation.


As Jiang Han walked all the way, he felt that the ghosts who had been traveling together had dissipated in all directions, as if there were countless passages traveling at any time. Jiang Han knew that this was a strange scene formed by the overlapping of countless time and space planes.


Another step, time and space change, and there is a huge black stone in front of you, with a faint luster flowing on it.


“The Questioning Stone!” Jiang Han looked at the stone and said to himself.


Ninety thousand years ago, before this black stone, he shook the entire underworld. Today, he came here again.


It’s a pity that, unlike the shocking scene in 90,000 years, the questioning ghost’s various questioning stones were completely unmoved in the face of Jiang Han.


“You don’t want to ask me, I will still give you the same answer!” Jiang Han smiled softly: “I have no regrets in this life, and I will never forget it in my life!”


Immediately, Jiang Han didn’t hesitate any longer, turned around and left, and the mist still shrouded the place.


Walking past the Asking Stone, there is only a gravel path left. The Bianhua flowers on both sides have disappeared, replaced by swords and sword trees, flickering with cold light, looking extremely formidable. Under the narrow soil platform.


This place is called Wangxiang Terrace!


Standing under the stage, Jiang Han could already see many ghosts standing on it, weeping bitterly, unwilling to leave. This is the last moment of this life’s memory. Unfortunately, no matter how reluctant, that invisible force It will still push you to the sixth bridge of reincarnation in the distance.


Here time and space overlap, there is only one Wangxiang Terrace, but it can accommodate the souls of hundreds of millions of living beings, and Jiang Han is just one of them.


“It is said that the heavens can be seen here, and the world can be investigated. It is the number one exploration treasure in the underworld. I wonder if I can see a touch of blue in the endless night sky.” Jiang Han’s voice rippled slightly.


It’s a pity that on the lookout platform, all he saw was endless darkness, and there was not even a tiny bit of light in that darkness.


“I have been in **** for 90,000 years, and my relatives and friends from the past may have been reincarnated for thousands of generations!” Jiang Han stared at the endless darkness, half smiling, half crying: “Alright, in this life, only I am alone!”


Without the slightest nostalgia, without the slightest lingering, Jiang Han turned around and walked not far away.


A river named Wangchuan; a bridge named Naihe; a road named Huangquan; an old man named Po Meng.


“Gold, silver, jade, stone, wood, and black, six bridges of reincarnation!” Jiang Han watched quietly.


Walk across the bridge, step into another world, and start a new cycle!


“I don’t want to drink, I want to go back, I don’t want to drink!”


“I don’t drink either, I have not avenged my revenge, how can I forget?”


Jiang Han looked at countless ghosts, some were sad, some were crying, some were indifferent, some were irritable, some were unwilling, and the various aspects of life were undoubtedly highlighted here.


A life of love and hate, a life of ups and downs, a bowl of Wangchuan river water, after drinking, the next life is just a stranger.


“Drink?” The woman raised the chipped bowl in her hand.


“Of course I drink, but people say that Po Meng is an old woman, but I don’t want to be a young woman.” Jiang Han smiled softly.


The ghost next to them struggled, but the two of them still laughed, and the method of overlapping time and space was extremely mysterious.


“Old woman or young girl is just a form of life after all, I am still me.” The young girl aged rapidly and turned into an old woman again, but she could vaguely see the peerless appearance of the past.


“You are you, I am me.” Jiang Han said softly, “I should give back my things.”


Meng Po smiled: “When a person is alive, under the seven emotions and six desires, there will always be karma, and the power of destiny will converge into a long river, and become this river of forgetfulness. Walk on the bridge of reincarnation, drink After this soup, no matter whether you become a fairy or a saint in the next life, whether you are a man or a demon, the karma of the world of mortals in this life will be cut off. The so-called world of mortals is just like that. , What have you waited for? Are you still unwilling to let go? There is no destiny in this life, so why force it?”


“I said it back then, in this life, I will not regret it, and in this life, I will never forget it!” Jiang Han smiled freely.


Stretching out his hand, he took the bowl of soup, it was still warm, and he raised his head to drink it.


“Actually, the taste is not bad!” Jiang Han smiled as he looked at Granny Meng who had turned into a girl again.


“While you still remember, engrave the name of the person you love the most in this life, and the person you most want to wait for in the next life, and you will be able to see your previous life when you reincarnate again.” Meng Po said softly.


In the time and space next to it, a vortex emerged, and there was a stone on it, with four large characters engraved on it, ‘The other shore is like a flower’.


“Is this the legendary Bianshi stone? Can it record the past, present, and afterlife, and can communicate with heaven, earth, people, gods and ghosts?” Jiang Han was quite curious, and smiled lightly: “I look at the Sansheng stone, only in this life, and I look at my hometown Taiwan, no past, do you think I need to write?”


“Even if you believe that you are invincible in the world, the power of the world of fate will eventually erase everything.” Meng Po said nothing.


“I am here, it is the trace, this fate, I am the one who cannot erase it!” Jiang Han smiled, put down the bowl in his hand, and looked up at the sky.


At this time.


The blood moon, which never changes color in the nether world, was in vain split into two halves, without the slightest sound being transmitted. Immediately afterwards, the sky and the sky trembled, and a terrible storm swept across the world. In an instant, It makes the countless ghosts in the overlap of time and space dissipate in an instant, and their souls fly away.


But the golden scroll in Jiang Han’s hand exuded golden light, forming a barrier of light, protecting him to death.


“It seems that I’m lucky, and fate really can’t erase me.” Jiang Han smiled.


The Meng Po in front of him already looked embarrassed, and waved her hand to block the engulfing energy storm: “Damn, who is attacking the underworld, how could the blood moon shatter.”


Since the birth of the underworld, the blood moon has existed forever since ancient times. It is said to be born with the heavens and coexist with the myriad worlds. It is the source of power for the heavens and the underworld. The highest star.


Immediately afterwards, a terrifying blood sword appeared in the sky in vain. Mother-in-law!


A streak of blood rose to the sky, and a fairy **** fell!


“You have 90,000 years of unyielding, so I will give you a good luck. This is a drop of purple blood. I hope you will remember the oath you made in the past!” A soft voice sounded in Jiang Han’s ear.


Holding the golden scroll in his hand, Jiang Han looked at the drop of purple blood essence that appeared in front of his eyes.


No matter how indifferent Jiang Han was, there was still a trace of emotion in his heart.


Before the ghost is reincarnated, the talent level of the next life has been determined. There may be fluctuations, but there will not be too much difference. Essence and blood reincarnation.


There are some magical powers contained in the blood of the immortal god. Through the channel of reincarnation, it is possible to be carried there after reincarnation. Although the possibility is not high, it is also possible to improve one’s aptitude.


Jiang Han knew that if he didn’t accept this drop of purple blood, according to what the Black Armored Warlord said, he would only have eighth-class blood after reincarnation, but if he reincarnated with essence blood, talent would no longer be a problem.


Immortal **** bloodlines are divided into three classes, the lowest is red, the highest is gold, and the peak is purple!


Above all the heavens, only purple is the most honorable, purple, and even the most noble and sacred color.


“Thank you senior for this opportunity. If Jiang Han visits the holy road in the next life, he will pay back a hundredfold!” Jiang Han bowed respectfully.


He knew that the ability to break through the guardians of the two great treasures and kill Meng Po with a single sword, this kind of strength, in the underworld, is probably only possessed by the Supreme Lord of the Palace of Kings and the Bodhisattva of Yinshan Mountain, and he can be regarded as standing among immortals. The most terrifying existence at its peak.


Even though there are countless space-time overlaps in between, Jiang Han can still see it.


In the sky, there are only terrifying war spears whistling, piercing the **** moon in the sky, and there are also **** war swords whistling, every sword light sweeps, causing the world to collapse ~IndoMTL.com~ one after another Cracks appeared, revealing the endless chaotic mist of the outside world.


Obviously, this is two terrifying beings fighting!


Jiang Han didn’t hesitate, grabbed the purple blood and swallowed it. He held the golden scroll in his hand, turned around and walked towards the colorful six bridges of reincarnation in the distance.


The sky is falling, and there is a tall roof. What he wants to do is to reincarnate well, and everything else has nothing to do with him.


The reincarnation bridge has six forks, shining with different lights. It is the six bridges that determine the height of birth after reincarnation, but at this time the six bridges of reincarnation have been destroyed.


“The Golden Bridge and the Silver Bridge were destroyed, but the other bridges are still in good condition.” Jiang Han walked across the jade bridge, the best of the remaining reincarnation bridges, without the slightest hesitation.


He didn’t want to delay, after all, Wangxiangtai Reincarnation Bridge is an important place in the underworld, Meng Po was beheaded, and soon the powerful man from the palace of the king would come, and that senior might not make another move at that time.


Stepping lightly, bursts of brilliance surged, and the endless jasper mist had wrapped him up and disappeared into this dark underworld.



On the top of the vault, above the blood moon.


Dressed in fluttering blue clothes, a blood-colored long sword with restrained brilliance, stepping on the endless blood-colored ocean, oscillating endless time and space, overlooking the vast land, seeing the misty jasper flickering, showing a smile.


“Song Chuyu, what on earth are you going to do!” A towering figure broke through the endless waves, and the sound resounded through the world of the underworld, and resounded through this vast time and space.


“Of course it is killing, killing him will turn the world upside down!” Tsing Yi laughed freely, and waved a blood sword that shattered endless time and space.




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