Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 690: Method (11)


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After hearing Zhu Can’s words, Wen Yuming’s eyes lit up. He looked at Zhu Can and said, “Elder Zhu, is there any way you can refine the Buddha’s power into the blood of this poisonous spirit? By the way. , and the Netherworld Ghost Fire. It would be even better if the Netherworld Ghost Fire can also be refined into the blood of this poisonous spirit. Can it be done?” After Wen Yuming finished speaking, he stared at Zhu Can, waiting for Zhu Can’s call. answer.

After hearing what Wen Yuming said, Zhu Can was stunned for a moment, and then a look of astonishment appeared on his face. Then he suddenly stood up, slapped his head hard and said: “Yes, I can refine Buddha’s power into the blood of poisonous spirits, as well as ghost fire. Yes, why didn’t I think of that? Hahahaha, great, great.”

Seeing his appearance, Yu Ming was stunned for a moment, and then he immediately said: “Elder Zhu, do you really think my idea is feasible?”

Zhu Canhaha knew: “It is possible, it must be possible. In fact, Poison Spirit Blood is a kind of living thing, but it cannot be completely regarded as a living thing. It is a product between living things and magic weapons. He has a strong room for development, so although the attack power of this kind of magic weapon is not very strong now, it has never been eliminated. We have been thinking of ways to improve the power of Poison Spirit Blood, but before we have been I haven’t thought of a way. Otherwise, this professional matter needs to be done by professional people. If I had told you, Elder Wen, about the poisonous spirit blood, our problem would have been solved long ago. This method Because the instrument is unique to us and can only be used by us, we did not ask you for help. It seems that it is not possible now. If anything happens in the future, I really have to come to you. Elder Wen, your suggestion is very good, but In terms of weapon refining, we are a lot behind, and I need your help with this. Here is the poison spirit blood, you can put it away.” After saying this, Zhu Can took out a blood-red gourd, and then gave the gourd directly to Known by name.

Wen Yuming took the gourd and opened it directly. He could see that the gourd was also a magic weapon. After opening the gourd, the person’s mental power went into the gourd. Sure enough, in this gourd, There was a lot of blood, and the blood was still surging. It really looked like a living creature, but it seemed like a living creature without any consciousness, just acting on instinct.

Wen Yuming re-covered the gourd, and then handed the gourd directly to an elder next to him and said: “Go and test it immediately to see if you can refine the Buddha’s power and ghostly fire into the poisonous spirit’s blood. It’s best to give me the results as soon as possible, go ahead.” The elder took the gourd and said, turned around and left. He did not move after hearing the name, but once again asked Zhu Can to sit down, and then said: “It won’t take long for the results to come out. Elder Zhu, just wait a minute. We happen to have another meeting, and it’s not a confidential matter. If you’re not bothered, just sit here and listen.” Wen Yu Ming is indeed very busy now. He doesn’t have much time to entertain Zhu Can, and Zhu Can’s poison spirit blood is still here. He can’t let Zhu Can leave, so he can only ask Zhu Can to wait for him here. .

Zhu Can said quickly: “Elder Wen is so polite. It is a great honor for me to be able to listen to the meeting of Shenji Hall. I can just sit here and you don’t have to worry about me.” Zhu Can Can is also very curious about how Shenji Hall holds meetings. You must know that Shenji Hall is still very mysterious in the hearts of Blood Killing Sect disciples, because they can come up with some good things, so they appear to be very mysterious.

As soon as Wen Yiming heard what Zhu Can said, he immediately said: “Okay, let’s ask Elder Zhu to sit down for a moment.” After saying that, he turned to look at the other elders, and then said: “Now The blood matter has been solved, but how to make the blood in our armor really flow out of the body is a problem. Everyone is asking, what should we do?”

At this time, an elder said: “Hall Master, I thought of something. I have been observing some battle projections sent from the front line for a while, and I discovered something. Our disciples are putting on battle armor. After that, there is no way to use the intention. No matter it is the sword intention, the sword intention, or the fist intention, there is no way to use it, and there is no way to use the method. This may be related to the battle armor, which will make the combat effectiveness of our battle armor different from that of the battle armor. There is a certain gap in the combat effectiveness of our disciples. I think we can use this opportunity to improve the combat effectiveness of our armor, and at the same time, we can do it perfectly so that the Shadow Tribe people will not doubt us.”

As soon as Wen Yuming heard what he said, he knew that he already had an idea, and he immediately said: “Tell me carefully.”

The elder responded, and then said: “That’s what I think. Our armor is now very perfect, but there are still some areas that can be improved. For example, let’s make our armor more consistent with The bloodlines of our disciples are even more similar. We can arrange a bloodline array in the armor. This bloodline array is the same as the bloodline array of the exercises our disciples practice. Then we can put the poisonous spirit into it. Blood, regarded as a kind of energy, is added to this magic circle, allowing the poisonous spirit blood to flow in this magic circle. In this way, our battle armor is equivalent to having a training system. With this training system, the battle armor can Not only will the power of armor be greater, but it can also keep the armor warm and nourished. When we fight against the Shadow Tribe people, if we are injured and bleed, then the poisonous spirits in the magic circle in this armor will The blood will be reduced, and the combat effectiveness of the armor will be weakened. If the Shadow Tribe people see this, they will definitely think that it is because our disciples are injured that the combat effectiveness is reduced, which will make them even more unsafe. If they doubt our armor, our armor can really become a trump card. What do you think, Hall Master?”

After Zhu Can listened to the elder’s words, he was stunned on the spot. He really didn’t expect that these people in Shenji Hall would have such big ideas. They actually wanted to In War Armor, a set of meridians have been created, which is really surprising. Although meridians and blood vessels are different, meridians transport energy, and you should not regard the poisonous spirit blood as a If you grow blood and treat it as a kind of energy, there will be no problem. So even he felt that this plan seemed feasible, but this was what surprised him, because such an idea, He couldn’t figure it out for the life of him.

After hearing the elder’s words, Wen Yuming nodded and said: “Yes, but it requires an inner space. After all, if the poison spirit blood really runs according to the meridians, it will generate energy, because it will draw energy from the outside world. Absorb energy, so that the energy of Poison Spirit Blood will become stronger and stronger, and the energy of Poison Spirit Blood needs a place to be stored, so adding an inner space to allow the energy of Poison Spirit Blood to be stored inside is the best solution. Good choice, do you have any other opinions?” Wen Yuming said and looked at everyone.

Everyone shook their heads, Wen Yuming said: “If not, then let’s divide the work. Some people will do modeling calculations, and some people will make this three-dimensional meridian array. After it is done, we will come here Find me in my office.” Everyone responded, and then they all stood up, saluted Wen Yuming, and then turned around and left.

After Wen Yuming waited for them to leave, he turned to Zhu Can and said: “Elder Zhu, let’s go to my office as well, drink tea there, and wait for their results. I believe there will be results soon. As a result.” Zhu Can responded quickly, and then followed Wen Yuming to his office. After the two sat down, Wen Yuming made Zhu Can a cup of tea with his own hands. While making the tea, he said: ” If I usually have time to rest, I will make myself a cup of tea to relax, but I don’t know if you are used to it.”

Zhu Can said with a smile: “I also like drinking tea. Today I will try the elder’s tea-making skills.” Wen Yuming smiled slightly, and then he gave the brewed tea to Zhu Can, who thanked him. After that, he picked up the tea cup and took a sip. The tea tasted good. Zhu Can put down the tea cup and said: “Good cup, is this Hanquan Yunmeng tea? I also like this tea. It tastes good and can refresh my mind.” Xingnao, but when I make tea, I always control the heat poorly. Compared with the tea you brewed by Elder Wen, it is a little less chilly, and this chill is the most rare thing in this tea, but it is Don’t you know if you have any special skills, Elder Wen?” After Zhu Can finished speaking, he looked at Wen Yuming with bright eyes.

When Wen Yuming heard what he said, his eyes lit up. When he heard Zhu Can say this, he knew that Zhu Can knew tea, and the coldness in the Hanquan Yunmeng tea also It is indeed not that easy to preserve. He also tried many methods to preserve this trace of chill. It can be said that this is his most proud point. Now that someone asked him about it, he was naturally very excited. Happy, so he laughed and said: “I didn’t expect Elder Zhu to understand tea so well. I have given my tea to many people, and they didn’t notice any difference. Elder Zhu actually drank it in one sip. Okay, great, hahahaha, I really have some skills in making this tea. It is not easy to preserve the coldness you mentioned. First of all, you have to remove the fire in the tea. , then remove the fire in the water, and finally remove a trace of fire in the fire. This way, it is very simple to deal with the fire in the tea. You freeze the tea. It is best to keep it frozen. When to drink, what Take it out when the time comes, so that the heat in the tea will be completely gone. The longer it is frozen, the better the taste of the tea will be, and the heat in the water will be easier to remove. First of all, you have to choose a high-quality mountain spring. It is best to use cold spring water. After the water is brought back, freeze it directly, but do not freeze it all the time. It is best to freeze it for three days and then melt it. It should melt it naturally. Do not use magic to melt it and then freeze it. , after melting and repeating three times, you can save the water and use it to make tea. As for the fire in the fire, this is actually easy to deal with. You need to use the best ice fruit trees. To make carbon, after the carbon is made, freeze the carbon directly. When you want to boil water, take out the carbon and use it. The trace of fire in the carbon will disappear. Do not use this method. It’s not possible to add water directly into the array. The tea you brew will definitely have a hint of coldness. I only came to this conclusion after many experiments. This can be regarded as a kind of leisure for me. Well, as you know, if you are busy working all the time, you are actually very tired, and you need to relax sometimes. This is my way of relaxing.”

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