Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 689: Method (10)


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The alien clan has returned to the front line, but only three days have passed since they officially became disciples of the Blood Killing Sect. After they received the benefits of the sect, they also tried them all, and they adapted to those things. The time is very fast, which is beyond everyone’s expectation, so the aliens have now returned to the front line, because they have completely adapted to those things, then of course they have to return to the front line, the aliens But as a pure fighting race, no one can match their talent in fighting, so they must return to the front line and participate in the battle.

All the aliens understand that they are a fighting race, and only fighting can reflect their meaning. If there is no fighting, then they will lose their opinions, so after these aliens learn to use those things, they will return directly. Arrived at the front line.

Ding Chunming also came to see the alien clan. The current alien clan all use battle armor, and their battle armors all look like aliens. They all look very energetic. Ding Chunming looked at these aliens and couldn’t help but smile on his face, and then said: “Yes, they all look energetic, and they all use battle armor. Very good. You can join the battle tomorrow. I will take a look then.” Remember, don’t put any pressure on your performance. Moreover, once your armor is broken, you must withdraw from the battle immediately. Do you understand?” All the alien clan responded.

Ding Chunming glanced at them, and then said: “But now there is a problem. If ordinary disciples of our sect are injured but do not bleed, it can be said that they are wearing armor. Their The blood was blocked by the armor, so there was no bleeding, but you are not wearing armor. If you are injured but there is no bleeding, this is abnormal. The Shadow Clan people will be suspicious when they see it. It seems that some preparations must be made. , you guys wait here for a moment while I go get ready.” After saying that, Ding Chunming turned around and left.

He also just thought of this problem. He really didn’t think of this problem before. The disciples of the Blood Killing Sect fought with the Shadow Tribe for so long. Although he saw the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect killed or injured in the battle, But they have not been seen bleeding. If this goes on for a long time, the people of the Shadow Clan will definitely become suspicious. Even if they say that it is because the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect wear armor, they may arouse the suspicion of interested people. Therefore, this problem must be solved. Thinking of this, Ding Chunming hurriedly returned to the command hall, and then he directly called Gongsun Yulong and the others over. When they all arrived, Ding Chunming said: “I just went to see the alien clan. When I was there, I discovered a problem. The aliens don’t have armor. When they fight with the Shadow Tribe, they will definitely be injured. But they are now in battle armor, and there is no blood in the battle armor. Once they are injured, But there is no blood flowing out, which will definitely arouse the suspicion of the Shadow Clan, and not just them, our disciples, we have only seen them injured these days, and we have not seen them bleeding. Sooner or later, they will be suspected by the Shadow Clan, so we must find a way to solve it. What do you think about this matter?”

When they heard what he said, Gongsun Yulong and the others were all stunned. Then Gongsun Yulong’s face changed slightly, and he said in a deep voice: “It is indeed possible, but the matter of blood is not easy to solve. You What to do?”

Ding Chunming thought for a while, then said: “I will write to Lao Wen immediately and tell him about this matter. Let’s see what Lao Wen says. We will also think of a solution. I am the only one now. The only way we can think of is to use the blood in the blood pool to make some blood bags, and let our disciples carry them with them. Once they find that their armor is injured, we will send out the blood bags to make the enemy think we are It’s bleeding, so I can hold on for a while, what do you think?” After saying this, Ding Chunming looked at everyone.

When everyone heard what Ding Chunming said, they couldn’t help but be startled, and then they nodded. This was the only way they could do it now. When Ding Chunming saw that no one objected, he immediately took out the communication array, He directly sent this matter to Wen Yuming, and at the same time he notified Cheng Wanchun, asking Cheng Wanchun to tell Wen Wenhai to prepare more blood bags for temporary use until Wen Yuming and the others figured it out. The solution is that they don’t use blood bags. In any case, they have to perform a full set of acting.

Wen Yuming also quickly saw Ding Chunming’s letter. When he saw the content of Ding Chunming’s letter, he couldn’t help but be stunned for a moment. You must know that when their armor was designed, they did not think about it. I had to use it like this before, so of course I wouldn’t think of bleeding or anything. Now when I saw the idea proposed by Ding Chunming, Wen Yuming really didn’t know what to do for a while.

After hearing the name, he immediately called some elders from Shenji Hall to the conference room. Then he took out Ding Chunming’s letter and showed it to everyone. After everyone read the letter, they also looked at each other in confusion, and for a moment they also looked at each other. I really didn’t know what to do. At this moment, an elder suddenly said: “Hall Master, should we invite the blood cultivators to discuss it together? When it comes to understanding blood, those blood cultivators should understand it.” The deepest, let’s listen to their opinions, what do you think?” After the elder said that, he looked at Wen Yuming, waiting for him to make a decision, and the blood cultivator he mentioned was also a disciple of the Blood Killing Sect, but they The training method is rather special.

Blood cultivation is a type of demonic cultivation. There are more than 100 billion disciples in the Blood Killing Sect. Among these disciples, there are all kinds of martial arts suitable for practicing. Some disciples are suitable for practicing demonic cultivation. Among demonic cultivators, ghost cultivators and blood cultivators are more famous. Needless to say, ghost cultivators are famous for refining and controlling ghosts, while blood cultivators are famous for manipulating blood. Therefore, blood cultivators are famous for demon cultivators. Among the cultivators, they are also relatively well-known, but the disciples of the blood cultivator are at a disadvantage in the battle with the Shadow Clan people, because almost all the people of the Blood Slaughter Clan have no blood, but this does not mean that, Their fighting power is weak. In fact, the fighting power of blood cultivators is still very strong. There are several large blood pools in the Blood Killing Sect. These blood pools are used for their training. The blood in these blood pools is The blood of divine beasts, coupled with the blessing of the magic circle, can stay fresh in the blood pool. Therefore, when practicing blood cultivation, you never worry about running out of materials. Therefore, the number of blood cultivation disciples in the Blood Killing Sect There are quite a few, and there are some elders who are also blood cultivators.

After hearing what the elder said, Yu Ming nodded and said, “Okay, I’ll call someone.” After saying that, he directly contacted the blood cultivator elder Zhu Can, who was a member of the Blood Killing Sect. An elder with good strength, but because he is a blood cultivator, he has many methods that he cannot use when facing the clansmen, so he still suffers a lot when fighting the shadow clansmen.

He was resting. As soon as he received the letter from Wen Yuming, he immediately came to Shenjitang. Shenjitang had a very high status in the Blood Killing Sect. Now that he was named, how could he do it? Dare not come, so he came right away.

As soon as he arrived at Shenji Hall, he directly invited the disciples of Shenji Hall to the conference room. As soon as he saw him coming in, he stood up after hearing his name, saluted him and said, “Elder Zhu , I’m really sorry to trouble you to come over this time.”

Zhu Can quickly said: “Elder Wen is very polite. If anything happens, just ask me.” Zhu Can also knew that Wen Yuming must have something wrong with him at this time, so he said this. He knew very well that Wen Yuming was very busy now and had no time to be polite, so he said it directly. He knew that Wen Yuming’s time was very precious, so he said this.

When Wen Yuming heard what Zhu Can said, he was not polite, but stretched out his hand, and then said: “Please sit down, let’s sit down and talk.” Zhu Can celebrated, and then Wen Yuming continued: ” It’s like this. Now all the disciples of the sect have battle armors, and when fighting the Shadow Clan, the effect is pretty good. But now we can’t let the Shadow Clan know the existence of the battle armor, so it’s always been the case that some disciples are injured. , just quit the battle, but now the alien clan has become our disciples, they have also received benefits, and have also gone to the front line. Our disciples all wear armor when fighting the Shadow Tribe. Therefore, even if they are injured and protected by armor, the Shadow Clan may not suspect them. However, the Alien Clan always does not wear armor when fighting. If they suddenly wear armor this time, then It’s a bit weird. If they wear armor, they will inevitably be injured, and they will definitely bleed. If they don’t bleed, the Shadow Clan people will be suspicious, and our disciples, if they fight with the Shadow Clan people like this After a long time, no blood has flowed out, which will also arouse the suspicion of the Shadow Clan people, so Elder Ding just wants me to think of a way to make the armor bleed, and you are an expert in the study of blood. , so I want to hear your opinion. This blood must be available, and it cannot affect the combat effectiveness of our armor. It would be best if it could improve the combat effectiveness of our armor. Moreover, this blood must be It must always remain active, just like fresh blood, so do you think this kind of blood exists? If so, how should we use this blood? Please help us.”

When Zhu Can heard what Yu Ming said, he couldn’t help but be stunned, and then he smiled and said: “So it’s this, this is very simple, we do have this kind of blood now, this kind of blood is what we call Poison spirit blood is actually a kind of magical weapon in our blood cultivation. It is poisonous. Once someone is stained with this kind of blood, his whole body will boil and die. After his death, his blood will His blood flows out of his body and is added to this magical weapon, which will make this magical weapon more and more powerful. However, the attack power of this blood is actually not very strong. If it is protected by something like a shield, If it is blocked, then this kind of blood will have no effect, so now few people will use this kind of blood, but this kind of blood can remain active for a long time, just like fresh blood, and this kind of blood We have a lot of living blood. If we put this blood into the armor, it will flow out when the armor is injured, just like real blood. When our disciples fall to the ground, we can put this blood The seed blood is being collected, so there won’t be any problems, so I think this kind of blood should be the most suitable to use in the armor.”

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