Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 460: Gongfa


Latest website: Bai Yan has been observing Qinglong’s command these days. He found that Qinglong’s command is actually, to put it bluntly, not too much. He has only done two things, one is to understand himself, and the other is to use his own power. It goes without saying that Qinglong’s current method of attacking the Shadow Tribe people is the Babel Vine. Even the magic circle is composed of Babel Vine, so he understands the power of those magic circles, and he also understands the power of the Tongtian Vine. Kaito’s attack method, so he knows himself very well. The military book says that if you know yourself and the enemy, you can fight a hundred battles without danger. If you don’t know the enemy but know yourself, you will win every time. In other words, you don’t know the enemy at all, but you know yourself very well, then you When fighting someone, he has about half a chance of winning, but with Qinglong, he can guarantee that he will not be defeated.

But many people make a mistake. They think that understanding themselves is enough, but they don’t know that just understanding yourself is not enough. You understand yourself, but how do you maximize your own power? This is a problem, and it is something that many people cannot do. Just like an ordinary person, you can punch dozens of kilograms of force with one punch, but do you really only have the strength of these dozens of kilograms? Obviously not, but you don’t know how to use this power, so you can only exert a few dozen kilograms of strength, but some trained people can exert a few hundred kilograms of strength. This is how to use your strength Take it to the extreme.

Baiyan understands the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect well enough, but can he really maximize the power of those disciples? Not necessarily, those disciples are human beings after all, and there may be a little deviation when executing orders. The most important thing is that Bai Yan knows the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect very well, but to say that he has a complete understanding, he really does No, so to sum it up, Bai Yan found that compared to Qinglong, the biggest thing he lacked was meticulousness, extreme meticulousness, and obviously he couldn’t do it at this point.

When Byakugan is fighting, he can issue orders directly to each disciple through the communication circle, but when it comes to the actual battlefield, it is impossible for him to do so. He can now observe the situation of each team. , and then make timely adjustments, which is already very remarkable. If he is asked to command every disciple, he really can’t do it. This may be the gap between him and Qinglong.

Baiyan also understands this, so he is a little impetuous. If he can be more detailed and understand the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect better, then when he faces the enemy in the future, he will Wouldn’t it be better?

Just like when you play chess with others, you at least know your own pieces, right? Commanding a battle is much more troublesome than playing chess. It’s not as simple as playing chess. After thinking about this, Bai Yan felt his energy shaken. The next moment, a huge chessboard suddenly floated on his body. The chessboard is extremely huge. Originally, the chessboard was full of chess pieces, but now it is different. The chess pieces on the chessboard have come to life. They have turned into human beings. Those who have With various weapons, the entire chessboard has become more three-dimensional, and the aura on Baiyan’s body has become deeper.

After a while, the chessboard disappeared. Bai Yan took a long breath and slowly opened his eyes. Then he glanced around, and then a smile appeared on his face. Then he moved his hand, and the next moment A person appeared in front of him. This person could only be regarded as a projection. Fuqiang could see the human shape. This person stood there with a weapon in his hand. Baiyan waved his hand forward. The person immediately moved. He The weapon in his hand also started to dance, and its attack power was actually very extraordinary. This was the new ability of Byakugan.

Byakugan’s strength has been gradually improved. In the past, Byakugan’s training skills were focused on command, and his close combat ability was not good. So when something happened, Byakugan usually stayed behind to give orders, not He will fight the enemy in person because his fighting ability is not good, but it is different now. Now Byakugan can use the ability of his own skills to transform a person. This person’s strength will not be lower than him, but this person is He can fight with the enemy, which means that he now has the ability to fight in close combat.

Many people think that there seems to be no change. In fact, there has been a change. For example, Bai Yan used to be a very strong person, but he is a strong person who practices weightlifting. He He is very powerful, but weightlifting is weightlifting, not fighting, so although his strength is greater than that of ordinary fighting masters, if he fights with that fighting master, he will definitely lose in the end, because although his strength is Big, but unable to fight, so he will fail.

But it’s different now. Now the Byakugan is like a person who can transform his own power into him. And this person is a fighting master. He can bring out the power of the Byakugan. This is very important. It’s rare for a fighting master with such power as ordinary people to be his opponent. The most important thing is that he can not only transform into one person, he can even transform into many people, but he transforms into When alone, this person will fight for a long time. If he transforms into many people, then the fighting time for these people will be very short. For example, if he transforms into one person, this person can fight for an hour. , but if he transforms into ten people, then the time for these ten people to fight will be much shorter, maybe only six minutes, because the total amount of energy in his body will not change, it just depends on how much is released, but Such ability is already amazing.

Of course, this is just an ability. Bai Yan feels that his technique has other abilities, but he has not fully developed them yet. He feels that he must understand them carefully. Thinking of this, he immediately wrote to Ding Chunming. He told Ding Chunming that he was going to retreat for a few days, and Ding Chunming watched him for these few days. Of course, Ding Chunming agreed immediately, and then Baiyan began to retreat. He retreated One is to allow himself to better understand his own skills, and the other is to stabilize his state. Otherwise, his mentality will still be affected, so Ding Chunming must retreat for a period of time.

In the following days, there were still people standing in the Tongtian Vine area. There was no movement from the Blood Killing Sect, and the Shadow Clan people did not make any changes. The two sides were in a stalemate, and Murong Ling also waited for the Shadow Emperor’s reply. , the Shadow Emperor told Murong Ling, asking them not to act rashly, as long as they can prevent the blood-killing clan, he will send people to check the situation, Murong Ling has no objection to this, he is now waiting for the Shadow Emperor to send out When people arrived, he also wanted to see how the people sent by the Shadow Emperor would deal with the Blood Killing Sect.

The Blood Killing Sect has now begun to experiment with new battle formations. Sheng Si personally handled the matter. He personally went to the real illusion and took a look at the Babel Vine in the real illusion. After making some adjustments to the attack power data of the spell, he returned to the world of divine beasts. As soon as he returned to the world of divine beasts, Sheng Si began to think with Zhang Hongliang about how to use the formation with the Yantian Sphere. There is actually no problem with using formations on the Heavenly Sphere. It can be done easily. The only problem is that if you use the formation with the Heavenly Sphere, the Heavenly Sphere will turn into a spear and produce a very long spear. It would be very inconvenient to take out the gun barrel and then release the spell at the tip of the gun. What they have to do now is how to do it so that Yan Tianqiu can still use the formation without this gun barrel. Here is There is a big problem. After all, the Yantian Sphere is not energy. It is an entity. When Sheng Si uses the array, there will be stars shining above his head. Every bit of starlight is a magic circle, but because those are all made of energy It is composed, so it only looks very beautiful and has no entity. However, the Yantian Sphere has an entity. When he uses the magic circle, it must also have an entity. This will be more troublesome. This is why the Yantian Sphere uses an array. When forming a group, there will be a long pole because that and the pole are all arranged in arrays. After the formation is finally formed, it becomes a long pole, but this is inconvenient and not good-looking. , so the two wanted to improve this long pole.

But Ding Chunming and the others have been training to get the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect and the energy beasts to cooperate with the Tongtian Vine in fighting. Finally, they discovered that the Tongtian Vine is not slow in releasing spells. , within a certain range, the speed and lethality of Babel Vine’s spells are still very high, so they can use Babel Vine as a fixed turret, but the attack range of this turret may be very wide. When the disciples of the Killing Sect are fighting with the enemy, Tongtian Vine can support the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect from other angles. Of course, the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect must also leave a large enough shooting area for the Tongtian Vine so that they can The cooperation between each other will be better, so they must be well trained. Moreover, the Tongtian Vine is now all fixed on the ground. If the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect want to If the distance is still far away, then Nengtian Vine can’t help much, so they have to make Tongtian Vine move. When he thought of this, Ding Chunming immediately told Hu Wei this idea and asked Hu Wei to come Think about it, this kind of thing must be left to professionals, and Hu Wei is a professional.

After listening to Ding Chunming’s words, Hu Wei just smiled slightly. For her, this kind of thing is really too simple. She only needs to add a natural energy array to the Babel Vine. , even if there is no natural energy array in the Babel Vine, as long as the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect make a natural energy array, they can activate the Babel Vine, and the seeds of this new Babel Vine have long been in the real world. The illusion has been placed there. The disciples of the Blood Killing Sect only need to exchange it. It is not a problem at all.

After listening to Hu Wei’s words, Ding Chunming and the others felt more at ease. Then Ding Chunming and the others started training. They had to study this kind of tactics faster, so Ding Chunming and the others now also All are busy.

A few days later, Sheng Si and the others made a breakthrough. They found a way to allow Yantian Sphere to use an array without the long pole. This method is actually very simple. It is the method of using the heavenly net magic weapon to make some magic array beads appear next to the Yan Tian Sphere. Arrange these beads to form an array.


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